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By signing up for our "Rising Stars" program you will benefit in many ways over other booking and listing sites.

All Rising Star Talent will be on a site that has major Internet presence in the US and internationally. Your profile and information will be placed next to major celebrities, not a site just for club work, weddings, smaller private parties, but a site who lists and books major talent and has for over 20 years for major corporate events, conventions, major fundraisers, top level private events and fairs and festivals. With the top level performers, actors, speakers and athletes in the world listed on the same site you will be listed on, you will have major exposure to higher end buyers. Only with a site like CTI will you get this level of exposure and optimization on the internet.

Our Traffic will be your traffic.
Our site averages 41,000 unique site visitors per month with over 4000+ documented prospects contacting CTI each year and filling out our request form, for all types and styles of talent from the US and around the world. Not everyone will be looking for your exact type of group of course, but interested visitors will find you easily on site and be able to send you a request sheet from our site. If one of our Rising Stars wants additional promotion on the site in banners and our feature pages the odds go up on being selected. Once on our site visitors can search by performers in their budget, the size of group, styles they play, what visuals the group has, if they will customize their show, and book performers local to the event. Most booking sites do not have the traffic and social media presence that CTI has or do they post YouTube and Vimeo videos and assist the performer on moving to the next level in their career.

Your NEW Searchable and also "Findable" Profile
Your group must be found by buyer internet searches and it will be much easier, if it is put on the CTI site. We have highlighted our site for the most common search words and have years of established SEO and we do ongoing optimization on our site for all the talent profiles. Our SEO will allow people to find you on the web much easier than even your own website. Your CTI profile will quickly receive higher positions on web searches than performers not listed with CTI. This will vary from performer to performer and what options and marketing enhancements you want on our site. Also the quality of the visitor who can find you on our site should be stronger than a Thumbtack or Gig Masters referral.

International exposure Performers can often saturate their market in the area they are located, and understandably do not want travel "on the road" unless they are paid much higher fees. As our name states, we are an international site for talent and CTI's runs is one of the most popular international performer websites in the world, so we receive a large amount of inquiries from buyers from other countries. For international bookings a performer can review the request and charge the appropriate fee and for the right booking, enjoy international exposure and travel.

An enhanced image.
Listing on an established celebrity website gives a group a stronger professional image. Your profile will be listed on a major site that has the top names in your field and performance type. Managers and agents who visit our site have the ability to see your profile and video when they search by your style of performance. Also you will be able to refer a buyer to a major agency like CTI for a recommendation to help close a booking when needed and know that we know the industry well, unlike many other booking sources who do not hire talent industry staff.

Exposure to higher paying corporate events and fundraisers
CTI books hundreds of corporate events and has an established and ongoing program working with destination management companies(DMC's), meeting planners, corporations and fundraising talent buyers. CTI's site is optimized for these types of buyers to find our site and download profiles for their buyers. By listing on our site you will be exposed for all of these corporate meeting and convention planners and also major fundraisers. CTI has hundreds of buyers who need to book talent in budgets that are less than what headliner fees are, but not such low budgets like Craigslist type booking sites offer. Our site gives you exposure to fundraisers, major club bookings, corporate buyers, managers, agents, festival buyers, college talent buyers, private parties including higher end weddings and international events. You can be reviewed for opening concert spots for major tours that visit CTI's site looking for headliners and opening acts. Since we have an excellent reputation of listing the finest talent, we get a great deal of traffic from domestic and international talent buyers.

Inclusion in our on going marketing.
CTI sends marketing emails to thousands of buyers and potential buyers on Constant Contact and other e-mailings and mailings. CTI uses established professional rules of email marketing which Google and other search allow, so our marketing emails gets though or we know when it gets caught in spam filters. CTI also is a member of Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, Association for Fundraising Professionals and Black Tie Magazine and markets to these members on a regular basis.

A Wide Reach to Trade Associations
We are active members of Events in America, International Destination Management Association, International Event Buyers Association and several other groups that we market our talent to.

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American Cancer Society booked Dwight Yoakam

All was GREAT!! (We) got to spend some time with Dwight in his bus and he was really great to talk to and very generous. He wanted to know if there was anything he could donate to the event and he donated some signs and autographed them. He couldn't have been nicer during the photo op...

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