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Wally Amos is most famous for his role as father of the gourmet chocolate chip cookie industry. As founder of Famous Amos Cookies, his name became a household word. His aunt heavily influenced his famous chocolate chip cookie recipe, which we all know and love today. In March 1975, the first Famous Amos cookie store opened up in Los Angeles. The business began to bloom with the help of a $25,000 loan from friends Marvin Gaye and Helen Reddy. The cookie brand began to expand rapidly and eventually could be found on supermarket shelves across the country. From the success of the cookie company, Wally Amos was able to become author of nine self-helps books including, The Path to Success is Paved with Positive Thinking and Man With No Name: Turn Lemons into Lemonade. Due to financial issues, Wally had to sell the Famous Amos brand, but soon began a new cookie business The Uncle Nonames Cookie Company. Wally Amos than teamed up with distributor Lou Avignone to begin their venture towards nutritious and fat-free Uncle Noname Gourmet Muffins. .

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Wally Famous Amos" Amos" Booking Agent Information
For information on booking Wally Famous Amos" Amos" for a speaking engagement, corporate event, personal appearance, corporate entertainment, endorsement, private party or to hire Wally Famous Amos" Amos" for projects, print advertising campaigns, media events or fundraisers, please contact us. CTI will directly contact the agent, representative, or manager for Wally Famous Amos" Amos"'s booking fee and current availability. CTI is your booking agency for Wally Famous Amos" Amos" to hire at corporate events, conventions, trade shows, or on television and radio commercials. Wally Famous Amos" Amos" may be available for spokesperson campaigns, speaches, concerts, and endorsement projects. CTI agency will help confirm Wally Famous Amos" Amos" if the buyer has the budget and if Wally Famous Amos" Amos" is interested in the event. CTI can assist on the production requirements for Wally Famous Amos" Amos" when needed.

CTI is a major performer, speaker and pro athlete booking agency, representing organizations seeking to hire major acts for concerts, corporate events, corporate entertainment, endorsements, personal appearances, spokesperson campaigns and speaking engagements. Our agency has been in business for 25 years, and it is our high quality service and consideration to our clients, and the acts they hire, that sets us apart from other booking agencies.

As an experienced booking agency, we represent the buyer and are a booking entertainment agent for corporate functions, corporate entertainment, private events, celebrity oriented projects and speaking engagements. CTI uses its industry knowledge and experience as an agency and helps the buyer of major acts and does not claim or represent itself as the exclusive agent, representative, manager or management for Wally Famous Amos" Amos", or any artist on this website. CTI works for what is best for its clients and is not hired as an offical agent for Wally Famous Amos" Amos" to get bookings and projects to represent them on their behalf.

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