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Matt Long

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Matt Long was cycling to work in New York City on an early December morning when he was struck by and sucked under a 20-ton bus making an illegal turn. The injuries he sustained pushed him to within inches of his life. After five months in the hospital and more than 40 operations later, Matt was able to start his... read full bio

Matt McFadyen

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Very few people have the ability to combine the adventure world and the business world quite like Matt McFadyen. For over a decade Matt has worked with organizations all over the world to align leaders, energize culture and build winning teams. Matts presentations not only inspire and motivate the audience, but more importantly challenge them to think and act differently,... read full bio

Matt Weinstein

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Matt Weinstein helps Americas companies energize their workforce, reduce stress on the job, and build an enthusiastic team. Weinstein will motivate and inspire employees to be more productive and will teach them how to create a corporate culture of support and celebration at work. And most importantly, Matt will show your people that work can be fun! Matts PBS special... read full bio

Matthew Schrier

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After seven months of being held captive in Syria, Matthew Schrier escaped. Upon his arrival home Matthews story of survival was documented by worldwide media, including on the front page of the New York Times, 60 Minutes, CNN, the Jerusalem Post, CBC, Fox News, as well as dozens of other outlets. His speaking program is insightful, thought provoking, and authentic.... read full bio

Mel Robbins

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Award-winning CNN commentator and SUCCESS Magazine Contributing Editor, Mel Robbins is an expert on leadership and overcoming doubt. Also a best-selling author, she wrote a book on brain and productivity, titled Stop Saying You're Fine, which is a business bestseller and has been translated into four languages. Mel is among the most in demand motivational speakers, trusted by international brands... read full bio

Michael C. Anthony

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Michael C. Anthony is a best selling author, body language expert and corporate speaker. He has been seen on CBS, ABC, NBC & Fox. As a speaker, Michael educates and trains sales teams how to effectively use their bodies to communicate more effectively and to know what the other side is truly thinking. Michael says, Lead with your body, not... read full bio

Michael Chang

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Michael Chang is an American tennis player who is known for being one of the best defensive baselines in the history of Tennis. He is the first player to introduced the jumping two-handed backhand and is the youngest male player to win a Grand Slam singles title, which he accomplished at the French Open in 1989 when he was just... read full bio

Michael Hyatt

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Hyatt is a social media leader and innovator. His New York Times bestseller, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, has become required reading for business leaders. Hyatt is unique in the social media sphere as a former CEO of a major publisher - Thomas Nelson Publishers. Hyatt spent most of his career publishing other peoples books. As a student,... read full bio

Michelle Callahan

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A renowned developmental psychologist, Dr. Michelle R. Callahan has conducted extensive research on the effects of violence in relationships on the mental health and coping skills of children, adolescents and adults. She has also researched the risk factors for teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and AIDS, and was a National Institute of Mental Health Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Yale... read full bio

Mike Abrashoff

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At the age of 36, the Navy selected Mike Abrashoff to become Commander of the USS Benfold, at the time, the most junior commanding officer in the Pacific Fleet. The challenges that faced him on this underperforming naval war ship were staggering: exceptionally low morale, high turnover and unacceptably low performance evaluations. In many ways, the USS Benfold was actually... read full bio

Mike Staver

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Mike Staver, CEO of The Staver Group, is an authority on leadership, communication, resolving conflict, and improving customer service. He specializes in teaching how to cut through the noise of endless distractions, procrastination, and fear to take speedy action and drive results. His high energy, humor, and ability to sift through and simplify complex issues place him apart. Mike has... read full bio

Milo Shapiro

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Milo Shapiro left fifteen years in Information Technology to pursue his then-ten-year passion: applying improvisation to business practices and personal development. His self-created training program, TEAMprovising, has created a team connectedness, improved communication, and boosted innovation for I.T. engineers at Sempra Energy, processing clerks at Computer Science Corporation, and nurses at HealthSouth. As a member of the esteemed National Speakers... read full bio

Morris Dees

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Devoted to the teaching of tolerance, the value of understanding, and the beauty in acceptance, Dees has done much to promote diversity. His efforts have resulted in many achievements, including the Civil Rights Memorial, lawsuits that bankrupted the KKK, the Aryan Nation and imprisoned perpetrators of hate crimes. He is chief trial counsel for The Southern Poverty Law Center, a... read full bio

Naomi Judd

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Naomi Judd is an American icon; she came from humble beginnings as a single mom in a small town in Kentucky to rising to her success as a county artist. Her life journey is inspiring to most because of the obstacles and odds that Naomi overcame. She was first known for her part in the musical group, The Judds.... read full bio

Natalie Stavas

Book Natalie Stavas for your next event.

Dr. Natalie Stavas is a physician at Boston Childrens Hospital. She specializes in work with teenage mothers, improving the health of vulnerable children and decreasing youth violence. Described as a healer, educator and Boston community leader, she was honored with the Change Maker award from The Boston Foundation. On April 15, 2013 Dr. Stavas approached the finish line of... read full bio

Nate Boyer

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Former active-duty Green Beret Nate Boyer is also a world traveler, philanthropist and former pro football player with the Seattle Seahawks. He served as the No. 1 snapper with the Texas Longhorns, playing in 39 career games. Boyer was honored with the Disney Spirit Award at the ESPN College Football Awards, which is given to the most inspirational figure in... read full bio

Neal Petersen

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Neal Petersen is a South African-born motivational speaker, author and round-the-world yachtsman. He is also one of the founding partners of the investment bank Sequence Holdings, and founder of the No Barriers Education Foundation. He has published two books: No Barriers was published in 1994. His second book Journey of a Hope Merchant: From Apartheid to the Elite World of... read full bio

Neale Donald Walsch

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Having a successful career as radio talk show host and PR/communications specialist, Neale Donald Walsch was in complete shock when a crippling car accident changed his whole life. Walsch was angry and began to speak to God and received an answer to what he should do with his life. The result was the phenomenally successful Conversations with God trilogy. Walsch... read full bio

Nik Wallenda

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On June 15th, 2012 Nik Wallenda made history by being the first person to walk across Niagara Falls on a highwire. The walk set television rating history in both the United States and Canada, aired on live television all over the world, and was in virtually every newspaper worldwide, being seen by hundreds of millions of people. His inspirational message... read full bio

Noel M. Tichy

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Noel M. Tichy is an American management consultant, author and educator. He has co-authored, edited or contributed to over 30 books and was the director of global development at GE's Crotonville. He has been named one of the top Management Gurus" He is an advocate of leaders being teachers as well as managers. He is the co-author along with Warren... read full bio

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