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Innovative rapper unleashes his most universal album to date Grit and Grind" -E40's brand new album proves that the often-imitated, slang spitting, emcee who has been dropping rap classics since '89, both solo and with his family crew The Click, is as innovative and entertaining as ever. In addition to "Grit and Grind" E40 has been busy on several... read full bio


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E-V exploded onto the music scene as a DJ with a unique style of merging hip hop and Electronic Dance Music. He has collaborated with artists such as Mike Posner and Machine Gun Kelly. He has been nationally recognized and featured on BET and MTV for his mixtape called Dat Kid From Cleveland. He has also received the award for... read full bio

E.J. Dionne

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Washington Post columnist and NPR commentator E.J. DIONNE Jr. is one our best known political analysts. He will be a timely speaker on Election 2012, and provides the perfect liberal counterpart for election season debates. His forthcoming book, Our Divided Political Heart: Barack Obama, the Tea Party, and the Battle for the American Idea", addresses what is tearing us apart,... read full bio

E.O. Wilson

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Edward O. Wilson, the legendary biologist, is widely considered the father of the modern environmental movement. Named one of America's 25 Most Influential People by TIME magazine, and a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, he has made a giant contribution to our understanding of the rich spectrum of Earth's biodiversity. In his lectures, he makes a persuasive, eloquent plea to government,... read full bio

Eagles Of Death Metal

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Eagles of Death Metal are a rock band which formed in Palm Desert, California, United States in 1998. The band consists of Jesse Hughes (vocals, guitar) and Josh Homme (drums), who are also the only constant members of the band. The current touring lineup consists of Hughes, Dave Catching (guitar), Brian OConnor (bass, vocals) and Claude Coleman (drums). Homme rarely... read full bio

Earl Boykins

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Earl Boykins is a professional basketball player. Standing at 5 feet, 5 inches in height, he is the second shortest player in NBA history. Boykins played college basketball at Eastern Michigan University. He earned All-Mid-American Conference first-team honors in his junior and senior year. Boykins was second in the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship in scoring, with an average... read full bio

Earl Campbell

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Earl Campbell is a former NFL running back. He is one of the only Heisman Trophy winners to have also been first overall National Football League draft picks, and members of both the Pro Football Hall of Fame and College Football Hall of Fame. Campbell is widely acknowledged as one of the best power backs in NFL history. He was... read full bio

Earl Klugh

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Earl Klugh is an American smooth jazz guitarist and composer. His sound is a blend of jazz, pop and rhythm and blues influences, forming a potpourri of sweet contemporary music original to only him. His career rapidly progressed to working with the likes of George Benson, George Shearing, Chick Corea, and many others. For their album one on... read full bio

Earl Sweatshirt

Book Earl Sweatshirt for your next event.

Earl Sweatshirt, is an American rapper and member of the Los Angeles based hip hop collective Odd Future. He was widely recognized and critically praised for his debut mixtape, Earl. On August 20, 2013, Earl Sweatshirt released his debut studio album, Doris. He is a member of the Los Angeles hip hop collective OFWGKTA.... read full bio

Earl The Pearl Monroe

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Earl The Pearl" Monroe is a former hall of fame professional basketball player known for his flamboyant dribbling, passing, and play making. Outside of basketball Earl Monroe is a successful businessman and has launched a new candy company. Earl Monroe now owns and operates his own record label, Reverse Spin Records in New York, doing pop, dance, hip-hop and R&B... read full bio

Earl Thomas Conley

Book Earl Thomas Conley for your next event.

Earl Thomas Conley is a country music singer. He has recorded ten albums. Conley has had more than thirty singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. Earl Thomas Conley perfectly marries the past and the present of a country music. Earl Thomas Conley recorded the Blue Pearl" album. One of the album's tracks, "Fire & Smoke," the song was... read full bio


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Born and raised in New Orleans, EarPhunk has toured all across the U.S., including festivals such as Electric Forest, Bear Creek Music and Art, and Wakarusa. The quintet consists of Paul Provosty (lead guitar), Mark Hempe (vocals, guitar), Michael Matthews (drums), Michael Comeaux (bass) and Christian Galle (keyboards, organ). Their most recent album, Sweet Nasty, was recorded on breaks in... read full bio

Earth, Wind and Fire

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Earth, Wind and Fire are a large and visually resplendent ensemble. The group released what would become its breakthrough album, Thats the Way of the World, which yielded Shining Star, a Grammy Award-winning Number One hit on both the pop and R&B charts. Earth, Wind and Fire is without question one of the hardest-working bands in show business. Over the... read full bio


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Johnny Venus and Doctor Dot make up Earthgang, and hip-hop duo formed out of Atlanta in 2010. They have four full length releases under their belt - Mad Men and Good News, Shallow Graves For Toys and their latest Torba. Shallow Graves peaked at no. 11 on the Billboard Emerging Artists chart and received positives reviews, including one of the... read full bio


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Nathaniel Martin Stroman, best known as Earthquake", he is one of todays best African-American comedians, actors, and voice artists he is really talented. Naturally just gifted. Earthquake has been described as upfront, straight to the point, and without limitations his persona shines brightly in a crowd. After many years of success at city comedy venues, Earthquake broke into the... read full bio

Earvin Magic Johnson

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As one of the most highly recognized people in the world, Earvin Magic Johnsons popularity world wide has put him in the top 10% percentile of all of Athletes and is probably more popular now than when he was playing basketball. The key attributes driving his incredible popularity are most definitely linked to his Appeal, Sincerity and Trustworthiness key... read full bio

Easton Corbin

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Easton Corbin is a country music singer. He released his debut single, A Little More Country Than That", shortly before the single entered Top 40 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Corbin's self-titled debut album was released. "A Little More Country Than That" peaked at Number One on the country making Corbin the first solo male country artist to... read full bio

Easy Lantana

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Lantana hit the ground running and dropped the mixtape LANTANA ON THE WAY" with the lead single "ALL HUSTLE NO LUCK". "... read full bio

EC Twins

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The EC Twins began their career out of the up and coming House Music scene years ago. They quickly evolved in order to create Londons most successful club: Eye Candy. The Twins excelled, continually packing Eye Candy beyond capacity, eventually becoming big successes in the club world. The initials of the infamous nightclub stuck, as the brothers are still known... read full bio

Echo & the Bunnymen

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Echo & the Bunnymen are a British post-punk band formed in Liverpool. Their debut album, Crocodiles, met with critical acclaim and emerged on the UK Top 20. Their next album, the Heaven Up Here, was an even bigger success, as it reached the Top Ten, along with Porcupine and Ocean Rain. The band performed at the first WOMAD festival, followed... read full bio

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