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DJ Adam 12

Book DJ Adam 12 for your next event.

Adam XII has the exclusive title of being President Barack Obama's DJ. Adam has travelled the globe performing in front of millions of adoring fans as being one of the band's two members. He has been one of the most influential artists within the DJ scene. He has since garnered critical acclaim by performing and producing with some of the... read full bio

DJ Berrie

Book DJ Berrie for your next event.

Just two years removed from deejaying in his mother's basement, the twenty-two year-old DJ Berrie has established himself as a favorite of the entertainment industry's elite. Called upon by the likes of Kanye West, 50 Cent, Giselle Bundchen, and Shaquille O'Neal to play music at their exclusive bashes, the New Yorker has been spotted giving deejay pointers to aspiring deejays... read full bio

DJ Cassidy (Cassidy Podell)

Book DJ Cassidy (Cassidy Podell) for your next event.

What separates DJ Cassidy from others is this unique versatility, a rare uncompromising approach to his craft, and his relentless determination to stay true to himself and his audience. Described as a walking cultural movement" by former Vibe Magazine Editor-In-Chief Emil Wilbekin, Cassidy continues to surprise audiences with his uncanny ability to connect musically to everyone within his reach. His... read full bio

DJ DouggPound

Book DJ DouggPound for your next event.

DJ DouggPound is a DJ, video editor and comedian, known for his unique, irreverent video editing style. Some of his popular work has been on the G.I. Joe PSAs, Tim and Eric, the Eric Andre Show, and Portlandia. DJ DouggPound often tells jokes to lead musical numbers. Like his video editing, his audio mixes are also irreverent, such as remixing... read full bio

DJ Earworm

Book DJ Earworm for your next event.

DJ Earworm is a mashup artist who has achieved recognition for his technically sophisticated, songwriting oriented music. His annual United State of Pop mashup, features the top 25 songs of the year according to Billboard's Year-End Hot 100 chart in one mix. DJ Earworms unique mashup style gradually layers song samples over each other, which add texture and builds momentum... read full bio

DJ Escape

Book DJ Escape for your next event.

In the studio, DJ Escape has released eight mix CDs: Ultimate Afterhours Volume I, Ultimate Afterhours Volume II, Party Time 2000, Party Time 2001, Party Time 2002, Party Time 2003, Circuit Party Volume 8 and now, Party Time 2004. In addition, Escape has produced original tracks including club anthems Everybody Get Up", "People Get Down", "Wer*ship", "Music Take Me Higher",... read full bio

DJ Hish

Book DJ Hish for your next event.

HISH has brought new lift to country music with his refreshing beats and mixes, successfully and expertly combing two genres that couldnt be farther from each other of the spectrum: Country and EDM. Nashville Lifestyle featured him on their Best of Nashville DJs editorial and he was suddenly booking slots at Country Musics biggest and brightest festivals; were talking Stagecoach... read full bio

DJ JayCeeOh

Book DJ JayCeeOh for your next event.

JayCeeOh has elevated his brand from premier DJ to one of the most influential DJs in music. He is a rare breed of artist who combines top notch selecting, turntablism, and stage presence to move crowds sized from intimate gatherings to mega-clubs and festivals. His talents have taken him across the United States as well as 32 different countries around... read full bio

DJ Kiss

Book DJ Kiss for your next event.

DJ, personality, and blogger, JaKissa Taylor-Semple, is better known to fans as DJ KISS. DJ Kiss stands firmly at the intersection of music and fashion and is a global influencer in both. Her personality, skill, and extensive musical knowledge have made DJ Kiss one of the most in demand DJs in the country. Kiss regularly performs at high-profile fashion, music,... read full bio

DJ Marc Thrasher

Book DJ Marc Thrasher for your next event.

DJ Marc Thrasher has created the first true Video DJ experience for audiences of all kinds. He doesnt just play videos on a screen while he spins music; he mixes multiple videos together into one moving image. His work is innovative and exciting and engages crowds in ways that traditional DJs can never achieve. Simultaneously mixing video footage of the... read full bio

DJ Moe Choi

Book DJ Moe Choi for your next event.

DJ Mo Choi spends hours with his clients, teasing out their musical tastes and meticulously tailoring playlists. He considers the relationship to be sacred; rare are the clients that do not become his friends. Born in South Korea, Choi moved to New York City at the age of six. Hes fond of high fashion, Woody Allen and Haribo gummies. If... read full bio

DJ Ravi Drums

Book DJ Ravi Drums for your next event.

DJ RAVIDRUMS has burst onto the public and private events scene through his ground-breaking techniques in both digital mixing and live drumming. Surrounded by an expansive percussion kit, DJ RAVIDRUMS spins tracks while simultaneously playing drums, creating an exciting, audience-engaging environment that is upbeat and completely unparalleled. Co-host of Howie Mandels hit network show Howie Do It, and having performed... read full bio

DJ Sam House

Book DJ Sam House for your next event.

Los Angeles DJ Sam House, founder of House Entertainment, is an Experienced Professional Los Angeles DJ and Emcee performing all over Southern California since 1998. Sam's years of experience as a Los Angeles DJ have given him the ability to read the crowd" and beat-mix various genres of music. Los Angeles DJ Sam House never fails to bring fun and... read full bio

DJ Shadow

Book DJ Shadow for your next event.

DJ Shadow is widely credited as a key figure in developing the experimental instrumental hip-hop style of EDM. Shadow continues to move into the future with a new sound and look. His early singles for the label, including In/Flux and Lost and Found (S.F.L.), were genre-bending works of art merging elements of funk, rock, hip-hop, ambient, jazz, soul, and used-bin... read full bio

DJ Snake

Book DJ Snake for your next event.

Grammy-nominated DJ Snake rose to international status with his singles Bird Machine and Turn Down for What, featuring Lil Jon. Shortly after, he was invited by Diplo to do a live mix on his radio show Diplo and Friends, on BBC Radio 1. Snake released a collaboration with MO and Major Lazer, titled Lean On. The song received critical acclaim,... read full bio

DJ Stonerokk

Book DJ Stonerokk for your next event.

DJ StoneRokk has developed a style of mixing and matching songs from varying directions, from hip hop to rock to house to funk, creating a potpourri of related sounds, disregarding genre. And the fickle tastes of the nightlife industry has finally caught up with him. Though a cadre of new jack DJs have appeared in the recent past, all claiming... read full bio

DJ Suga Ray

Book DJ Suga Ray for your next event.

Originally from Miami, by way of Jamaica DJ Suga Ray or Raymond Chambers as his parents know him, is famous for being the DJ for all types of events and gatherings. From The Bloomberg Picnic to Matt Damons resident b-day DJ to the dive bar in the trendiest parts of any city, DJSR is known for his ability to play... read full bio


Book DJ THC ELECTRA for your next event.

Mike Bocek, aka DJ THC Electra, has been DJing professionally since 2004. DJ THC Electra has always prided himself on his vast musical collection, which allows him to comfortably spin diverse and eclectic music to fit any mood or party. DJ THC Electra accepts bookings for weddings, club dates, and private parties primarily in the greater Los Angeles area and... read full bio


Book DJ VH1 for your next event.

One day he was standing on the corner of Ludlow and Rivington in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. He was in the middle of telling a story when the singer of Death of Fashion walked by and said, Dont believe a word he says. Hes a story teller--thats why we call him VH1. Thoreau said, Our only true names... read full bio


Book Dollface for your next event.

Not only is Dollface the hottest girl band in the industry, They are also one of Las Vegass top party bands. Comprised of a unique group of talented young musicians, their diverse show caters to any crowd and is guaranteed to get you up and moving! Fronted by Tiffany Martin, the group combines excellent musicianship with a high energy stage... read full bio

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