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Daniel Pinkwater

Business $7,500-$10,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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Daniel Pinkwater is an author of mostly children's books and is an occasional commentator on National Public Radio. He attended Bard College. Well-known books include Lizard Music, The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death, Fat Men from Space, Borgel, and the picture book The Big Orange Splot. His collections of NPR essays (most notably Fish Whistle) explain that many... read full bio

Danny And The Juniors

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Danny & The Juniors, individually Frank Maffei, Danny Rapp, Joe Terranova and Dave White, began singing together in the early 1950's at ages 13 and 14 in Philadelphia where they were fans of the local rhythm and blues radio stations. It was there they heard the first stirrings of a new music soon to become known as Rock 'n Roll.... read full bio

Danny Wuerffel

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Danny Wuerffel is a former college and professional football player who won the 1996 Heisman Trophy and 1996 national football championship while playing quarterback at the University of Florida. After graduating from Florida, he played for several National Football League (NFL) teams, and retired from professional football in 2002. Since then, Wuerffel has led a non-profit organization engaged in Christian... read full bio

Darren Carter

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Darren Carter continues to amaze and amuse standing room only audiences with his blend of unique and multi-cultural comedy. Using the stage as his playground, the free-spirited Carter likes to make people feel good about themselves, and about society. Adopted into a foster family in Fresno, CA, his parents are Caucasian, and his two sisters are Native-American... read full bio

Daryl Johnson

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Daryl Johnson is a former American football defensive back who played in the American Football League, the National Football League, and the World Football League. Johnson was selected 1968 Common Draft in the 8th round. He would play for the American Football League's Boston Patriots (1968-1969), the National Football League's Boston Patriots (1970). Johnson became a starter in his rookie... read full bio

Daryle Singletary

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Daryle Singletary is a country music singer. His most famous songs came from his first, self-titled, album. They were "I Let Her Lie" and the rabble-rousing anthem "Too Much Fun." Singletary grew up singing gospel alongside his cousins and brother., While attending high school enrolled in a variety of vocal classes; after graduation, he worked at a tractor dealership before... read full bio

Dave Somerville Of The Diamonds

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Dave Somerville, a.k.a. "Diamond" Dave Somerville (born October 2, 1933), in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Best known as co-founder, and original lead singer, of The Diamonds, one of the most popular vocal groups of the 1950s. Somerville performed eight years with The Diamonds and had great success singing lead on all 16 of their Billboard hits, peaking with the song,... read full bio

David Ackerman

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David Akerman has performed in a variety of settings, both as a soloist and in an ensemble, including the Indiana Convention Center, the Kennedy Center, Cambridge University, Indianapolis Civic Theatre and the Cristel DeHaan Fine Arts Center. Additionally, he has performed at an array of events including the 70th Birthday Celebration for Leonard Bernstein, the Third Armored Division Veterans 58th... read full bio

David Bennett

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David Bennett is co-owner and co-editor of Ancient and Future Catholics, ChurchYear.Net, and Life in Your Years (a site related to wellness), and a member-manager of Saint Hilary Communications. He is a member of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars. Currently, his day job" is the religion department chair at a Catholic High School. David has written and spoken on a... read full bio

David L. Smith

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David L. Smith is a noted historian of the Early Modern period of British history, particularly political, constitutional, legal and religious history in the Stuart period. He is the author or co-author of eight books, and the editor or co-editor of four others. In 1991 he won the Royal Historical Society's Alexander Prize, and Cambridge University's Thirlwall Prize for historical... read full bio

David Maldonado

Hispanic $7,500-$10,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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Raised in a family where playing music was as natural as breathing, David Maldonado's early influences encompassed a broad range of music, most notably Classical and Flamenco. By the age of eight, David was already an accomplished violinist, immersed in the Classic world of Bach and Mozart. When he was ten, David's father gave him his first and only guitar... read full bio

David Rosengarten

Chefs $7,500-$10,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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David Rosengarten is a culinary writer. He has recently ventured into TV and co-anchoring on the Food Network. He also was a host of Taste which was nominated in 1996 by the James Beard Foundation as Best National TV Cooking Show, and the New York Times recently praised Taste, noting that Mr. Rosengarten has reconceived the idea of what a... read full bio

David Ryan Harris

Rock $7,500-$10,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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David Ryan Harris is on a quest that has an almost mythological dimension to it. Armed with a voice that falls somewhere between Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway, songwriting that combines beautiful haunting melodies with sharp storytelling and guitar playing that is blues influenced and rock sharpened, David has been searching for the truth in music. And it is that... read full bio

Dawn Riley

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CEO and Captain of America True and one of the world's Top sailors, Dawn Riley has extensive and harrowing international experience including leading two Whitbread Round The World Race Sailing Teams and the French America's Cup team, AREVA bringing her total to 4 America's Cups. She was the first America to race in three America's Cup and two Whitbread Round... read full bio

Dead Or Alive

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Dead or Alive is a British New Wave band from Liverpool, England. The band rose to fame in the 1980s, and are most well known for their number one hit You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)". The band, which has variously included Pete Burns (vocalist), Wayne Hussey (guitarist and songwriter), Mike Percy (bass guitarist), Steve Coy (drummer), Timothy Lever... read full bio

Dean Obeidallah

Comedian $7,500-$10,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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Dean Obeidallah is an Arab-American/Italian-American comedian, who was born in Lodi, New Jersey, and grew up in nearby Paramus. His father was born in Battir, Palestine- a small village near Bethlehem; his mother's parents were born in Sicily. He is part of a small but growing number of Middle Eastern-American comedians who have increasingly received media attention in the past... read full bio

Deborah Morosini, Md

Medical Issues $7,500-$10,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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Sister of the late Dana Reeve and board member of the Lung Cancer Alliance. After her sister Dana Reeve died of lung cancer, days before her 45th birthday, Deborah Morosini took up her sister's legacy of strength. In just a little more than a year, her crusade has led to unforgettable lessons of hope, frustration and a maze of... read full bio

Debra DiGiovanni

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Debra DiGiovanni has just been awarded the 2011 Canadian Comedy Award for best comic (female) for the third time in 5 years. Shes been called the Best Comedian to see after a Messy Break Up and for two years running-she was named her hometown Torontos favorite comedian. Debras comedy has a sharp edge while maintaining a playful, happy air. And... read full bio

DeeJay Silver

Country $7,500-$10,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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DeeJay Silver has been a top touring dj/remixer/producer for over 10 years, having played in premier venues in virtually every major market in the US, Mexico and Canada. Currently touring with Jason Aldean, Eric Church and the JaneDear girls on the Top 10 "My Kinda" Party Tour," and next with Rascal Flatts, DeeJay Silver has entertained millions of listeners with... read full bio

Deena Cortese

Actor $7,500-$10,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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Deena Cortese is an American reality television personality most famous for her role in Jersey Shore. She was born in New Egypt and graduated from New Egypt High School. She originally was rejected to be in Jersey Shore but she was approached a second time when Angelina Pivarnick left the show and was suggested by Snooki. She has also appeared... read full bio

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