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Harry Belafonte

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Harold George Harry" Belafonte, Jr. is an American singer, songwriter, actor, social activist, and Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Governors Awards honoree. One of the most successful Caribbean American pop stars in history, he was dubbed the "King of Calypso" for popularizing the Caribbean musical style with an international audience in the 1950s. His breakthrough album Calypso is... read full bio

Harry Wu

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Harry Wu is a Chinese human rights activist. Wu spent 19 years in Chinese labor camps, and is now a resident and citizen of the United States. In 1992, he founded the Laogai Research Foundation. Harry Wu was born in China and is the founder and Executive Director of the Laogai Research Foundation. He is a well-known and respected human... read full bio

Heidi Fleiss

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Heidi Fleiss is an American columnist and television personality regularly featured in the 1990s in American media. She is often referred to as the Hollywood Madam. At the age of 22 Heidi Fleiss began managing a prostitution ring under Madam Alex after meeting the famous Madam 90210 in 1987. Heidi Fleiss eventually parted with Alex and began her own prostitute... read full bio

Helen Hunt

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Helen Hunt is an American Oscar-wining actress, film director, and screenwriter. Helen is best known for her role in the award-winning television sitcom, Mad About You. The series lasted for seven seasons, earning Helen many nominations and awards, including four Golden Globe Awards for Best Performance by an Actress and four Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a... read full bio

Helen Prejean, CSJ

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Sister Helen Prejean is an American Roman Catholic nun from the Congregation of Saint Joseph. Helen began a prison ministry and dedicated her life to the poor of New Orleans. She was first introduced to the Louisiana execution process after becoming pen pals with convicted killer, Patrick Sonnier, who was sentenced to death in Lousianas Angola State Prison. Helen often... read full bio

Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

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Pr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is a prolific writer, professor, and Emmy-award winning filmmaker. He has authored seventeen books and directed fourteen documentaries about African Americans and his views on their progression through the ages. He is currently an English and Literature professor and African American researcher at Harvard University. He is the recipient of over 50 honorary degrees.... read full bio

Hilary Swank

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From high-school dropout to two-time Academy Award-winner by the age of 30, Hilary Swank is a shining example of spectacular triumph against incredible odds. Her story of gritty perseverance in pursuit of a dream, as fabulous as any to appear on the silver screen, has dazzled and inspired audiences worldwide. It is a story she draws on to motivate people... read full bio

Hugh Downs

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Television legend Hugh Downs co-anchored 20/20 from its inception in 1978 until his retirement in 1999. The amiable reporter is no stranger to covering stories on medicine, science, family, adventure, aging in America, space, and the arts. He has won numerous Emmy awards, and has been recognized extensively for his work. Among his other awards are the American Psychiatric Assocation's... read full bio

Hugh Evans

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Hugh Evans' belief is that every individual can take meaningful action towards ending poverty within a generation. His work involves creating opportunities for individuals to take action that will have monumental impact. Evans' journey began in India and South Africa, working with those living in extreme poverty for three years. Upon returning to Australia he founded the Oaktree Foundation, which... read full bio

Hunter Tylo

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Hunter Tylo, a supermodel in the seventies and eighties, has graced the covers of over 200 magazines worldwide. In addition to her ongoing roles in the soap operas All My Children and The Bold and The Beautiful she has had roles on numerous other TV programs. Ms. Tylo was also the Pantene Girl, Cover Girl, and Lux Girl during her... read full bio

Ilene Chaiken

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Chaiken created the groundbreaking hit series, The L Word which is about lesbian life in Los Angeles and airs on Showtime. The show follows a group of friends, both gay and straight, through stories of career, family, inner struggle, friendship and romantic relationships. Chaiken made her directorial debut in Season 2 of The L Word with the season... read full bio

Ina Jaffe

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Ina Jaffe is a correspondent based at NPR West in Culver City, Calif. She has reported on nearly all of the major news events, elections, and natural disasters in the region, covering California and the West. Ina Jaffe currently covers aging related issues, and she also reports on regional and national politics, contributing election coverage in 2008, 2010, and 2012.... read full bio

Ingrid Betancourt

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Ingrid Betancourt is a Columbian politician recognized as a global symbol of freedom and human resistance. Ingrid was a former senator as well as an anti-corruption activist. She was the longest female hostage held in captivity. Ingrid was kidnapped by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia and held captive for over six years. The Colombian security forces later rescued Ingrid... read full bio

Ira Byock, Md

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Ira Byock, MD is Director of Palliative Medicine at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire and a Professor at Dartmouth Medical School. He has been involved in hospice and palliative care since 1978. At that time he helped found a hospice home care program for the indigent population served by the university hospital and county clinics of Fresno, California.... read full bio

Iris Krasnow

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Iris Krasnow was born and raised in Oak Park, Illinois. A graduate of Stanford University, she became the fashion writer for the Dallas Times Herald, then moved to the United Press International in Washington, D.C. to become the national feature writer. In her several years at UPI, Krasnow specialized in celebrity profiles. Krasnow is the author of Surrendering to Motherhood,... read full bio

Ishmael Beah

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Ishmael Beah is a critically acclaimed author from Sierra Leone. Ishmael is also a human rights activist best know for his memoir, A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier. Ishmael was living in Sierra Leone while a brutal civil war overtook the country. Ishmael was forced to flee his hometown when rebels invaded it. He was separated from... read full bio

Israel Meir Lau

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A forward-thinking and worldly communal leader, and charismatic speaker, Rabbi Israel Meir Lau was chosen chief rabbi on the belief that he could bridge the gap between religious and secular Jews in Israel. In a well-known interview broadcast on Israeli television, Rabbi Laus famous words have been repeated again and again during the intifada, Lets sit down together, and lets... read full bio

Ivana Trump

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Ivana Trump is a former Olympic athlete, a fashion model and well known for her previous marriage to business entrepreneur Donald Trump. In her early years, Ivana was a member of the Olympic Ski Team for Czechoslovakia and even obtained a Masters Degree from Charles University of Prague in physical education. After her divorce from Donald Trump, Ivana developed lines... read full bio

Jack Calhoun

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A passionate advocate for bettering the lives of children, youth and families, John (Jack) Calhoun founded the National Crime Prevention Council at a time when citizens believed that crime was only a police problem. By creating one of the most successful public/private partnerships in government history, Jack re-wrote the book on crime and helped Americans realize that they could Take... read full bio

Jackson Katz

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Jackson Katz is one of America's leading anti-sexist male activists. An educator, author and filmmaker, he is internationally recognized for his groundbreaking work in the field of gender violence prevention education with men and boys, particularly in the sports culture and the military. He has lectured on hundreds of college and high school campuses and has conducted hundreds of professional... read full bio

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