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10,000 Maniacs

Alternative $20,000-$30,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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Since the early 1980s, 10,000 Maniacs have crafted clever songs with shimmering melodies and moving lyrics. Over the course of an EP, six studio albums and a live collection, guitarist Robert Buck, keyboardist Dennis Drew, bassist Steven Gustafson, drummer Jerome Augustyniak and vocalist Natalie Merchant fused funk and folk, edgy guitar and atmospheric keyboards. The band achieved a gentle yet... read full bio

1964-The Tribute (Tribute To The Beatles)

Tribute Show $20,000-$30,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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1964...The Tribute takes their audiences on a musical journey to an era in rock history that will live in all of our hearts forever. 1964_The Tribute are hailed by critics and fans alike as the most authentic and endearing Beatles tribute in the world. Choosing songs from the pre-Sgt. Pepper era, 1964_The Tribute recreates an early 60's live Beatles concert,... read full bio

3 Faces Of The King

Tribute Show $20,000-$30,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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Decades after his death, Elvis Presley lives on as one of America's biggest musical legends. Now, 3 Faces Of The King shows you what it would be like if Presley himself returned to the stage to perform a show of all his career highlights. Performers include The Million Dollar Quartet's Cody Slaughter as Early Elvis, Rick Alviti, voted Europe and... read full bio

3 Redneck Tenors Show

Comedian $20,000-$30,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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In the melodic wake of the three operatic tenors comes a new breed of tenors from more humble origins...3 Redneck Tenors - A New Musical Adventure. The musical comedy featuring classically trained veteran artists from Broadway and world opera stages is like Greater Tuna meets Das Barbecu - down home laughs with big city music! Written by opera-veteran Matthew Lord... read full bio

4 Wunnerful Women

Theatrical $20,000-$30,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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From the small screen to the live stage - it's part of the musical family you grew up with - from the Lawrence Welk Show - it's 4 Wunnerful Women. Starring Gail Farrell, Ava Barber, Ralna English and Mary Lou Metzger - stars of the Lawrence Welk Show. The Lawrence Welk Show is one of the highest rated, longest running... read full bio

A Really Big Shew (Tribute To Ed Sullivan)

Tribute Show $20,000-$30,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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Recreating the #1 Variety Show of all time, A Really Big Shew includes all the exciting, high energy elements of Ed Sullivan's show. Comedy, Music, Magic, Ventriloquism, unique specialty acts, audience participation, retro TV commercials and everyone's favorite little Italian mouse, Topo Gigio appear in this unique production. ... read full bio

A.J. Foyt

Race Car Driver $20,000-$30,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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Texas native, A. J. Foyt is a retired American automobile racing driver. He raced in numerous genres of motor sports. His open wheel racing includes USAC Champ cars and midget cars. He raced stock cars in NASCAR and USAC. He won several major sports car racing events. He holds the all-time USAC career wins record with 159 victories, and the... read full bio

Adam Grant

Author $20,000-$30,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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Adam Grant is the youngest tenured professor at Wharton, and he has been named one of the world's 40 best business professors under 40 and one of BusinessWeek's favorite professors. He is a leading expert in management and psychology, and the author of Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success. Grant received his B.A. from Harvard University, magna cum... read full bio

Adam West

$20,000-$30,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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Adam West is a true American icon. From his humble beginning on a wheat ranch in Walla Walla, Washington, Adam skyrocketed to fame in Hollywood, pursuing an extraordinary career in entertainment that has spanned half a century. His role as Batman in the classic television series and feature of the same name continues to be seen throughout the world more... read full bio

Adrian Gostick & Chester Elton - The Carrot Guys

Business $20,000-$30,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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Oh sure, they have real names; but they are best known as The Carrot Guys." And their message on employee engagement will change the way you do business. Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton, are the highly sought-after speakers and authors of the critically acclaimed, best-selling business books The Carrot Principle, The 24-Carrot Manager, A Carrot A Day (a Wall Street... read full bio

Ahmed Best

Entertainment $20,000-$30,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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Ahmed Best is the multi-talented artist who provided the voice and real world reference for the computer generated character, Jar Jar Binks. Best is incredible at physical comedy, having honed his body as part of the lively musical theater group Stomp and by having studied a variety of martial arts. He has done commercial and some television work, though Jar... read full bio

Aida Rodriguez

Comedian $20,000-$30,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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Aida Rodriguez is a fast rising star in the world of Comedy. She is a unique voice in comedy representing the point of view of single and teen age mothers and the long lost group of women that suffer from destructive eating disorders. A veteran on the mic, Aida has hosted several television pilots for networks. Aida is currently taking... read full bio

Al Unser Sr.

Race Car Driver $20,000-$30,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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Al Unser Sr., a legend in the world of auto racing, is one of only three drivers to have won the Indianapolis 500 four times. Unser, a member of the second of three generations of Unsers to race cars, also shares the distinction of having won races on paved ovals, road courses, and dirt tracks in a single season with... read full bio

Alan Bean

Astronauts $20,000-$30,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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As an astronaut and the fourth person to walk on the moon, Alan Bean is dedicated to inspiring people to be the best they can be, so their family can be the best it can be, and their company can be the best it can be. Captain Bean is the author of several books, including Apollo : An Eyewitness Account... read full bio

Alexandra Cousteau

Social Issues $20,000-$30,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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Co-Founder, EarthEcho International; Granddaughter of Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Energetic and inspiring, Alexandra Cousteau is part of the third generation of Cousteau dedicated to advocating the importance of conservation and sustainable management of water resources for a healthy planet and productive societies. Her work as an environmental advocate extends across continents and finds her equally at home on oceanic expeditions, developing... read full bio

Alfred Molina

$20,000-$30,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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Alfred Molina first came to public attention in the UK for his supporting role in the 1987 film Prick Up Your Ears. He is well known for his roles in Raiders of the Lost Ark, Spider-Man 2, Species, Not Without My Daughter, Chocolat, Frida, Steamboy, The Hoax, The Prince of Persia:The Sands of Time, The Da Vinci Code, Little Traitor,... read full bio

Allison Crowe

Rock $20,000-$30,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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Allison Crowe is a Canadian singer, songwriter, guitarist, and pianist. She began performing professionally in 1996 at age 15, doing regular sets in the coffee houses and bars of Vancouver Island. Crowe grew up surrounded by jazz, classical and rock music, and discovered additional influences on her own. Her most mentioned characteristics are her remarkable live performance ability and... read full bio

Amanda Gore

Motivational-Leadership $20,000-$30,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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Animated and engaging, Amanda Gore uses her Australian wit to offer strategies for reducing stress, improving attitudes and increasing energy, creativity and productivity both at home and work. She inspires, cajoles, encourages and involves her audiences with humorous life lessons and fun-filled strategies that will put them on the road to a more rewarding life. Audiences leave energized with new... read full bio

Amiri Baraka

Social Issues $20,000-$30,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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Amiri Baraka is an award winning author and poet and is an activist for the Civil Rights Movement. Baraka has been a professor of Africana Studies at the State University of New York in Stony Brook since 1985. Amiri Baraka has won much acclaim and numerous literary awards throughout his career, including a Guggenheim Foundation fellowship, a fellowship from the... read full bio

Amos Lee

Blues $20,000-$30,000 Min. Fee Save to Talent Cart
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Amos Lee is an American singer-songwriter whose musical style encompasses folk, rock and soul. His self-titled debut album is full of folk and soul, with a jazz twist. The Flower Songfacts album, debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 with 40,000 copies sold in its first week. At the age of only 27, Amos Lee has enjoyed notable success with... read full bio

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