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Alvin Law

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The life of Alvin Law could easily have become a tragic story, but it didn't turn out that way. Born without arms, and given up by his birth family, Alvin, today, is a successful professional speaker, living proof that out of nothing, and with the right combination of Attitude, Learning, Value of self, Imagination and Never giving up, the impossible... read full bio

Bill Demby

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Bill Demby serves as proof that a major disability doesn't mean the end of the line in athletics. Demby lost both his legs from the knee down when the truck he was driving in Vietnam was hit by a rocket. An avid competitor before his injury, he found that participation in sports gave him the self confidence he needed to... read full bio

Brett Leake

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Brett Leake is a dynamic performer of observational material. His lively desire to learn and to know lead him from the kitchen to the car to the classroom to the stage. Behind a persona that is appears sometimes confused, sometimes frustrated, Brett wonders about the little things the automobile battery light, people who draw a line through the number... read full bio

Chris Burke

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Chris Burke has become best known for his character Charles Corky" Thatcher on the television series Life Goes On. Burke has Down Syndrome, and his parents were told to institutionalize him when he was born, but they decided to raise him at home and nurture his talents. He was encouraged to follow his career objectives no matter how untraditional they... read full bio

Chris Fonseca

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Chris Fonseca has done stand-up on the tube, The Late Show with David Letterman, Arsenio, SHOWTIMEs Latino Laugh Festival, among other shows. Despite being born with Cerebral Palsy, Fonseca has no chip on his shoulder. He sees himself as did the Montreal Gazzette, as a comedian who happens to have Cerebral Palsy. Among various charitable efforts, in 1998 Chris established... read full bio

Howie Seago

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Howie Seago manages the Shared Reading Video Outreach Project (SRVOP) which uses videoconferencing technology to encourage deaf and hard of hearing children to become interested in reading and to train their parents and teachers in how to read storybooks in sign language. Howie has a B.A. in Psychology and has acted/taught/directed in the performing arts for over 24 years. He... read full bio

Laura Lawless

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When most people meet a scholarship pageant representative, they expect to be greeted by smiles, waves, and an unflappable good mood. As Miss Arizona 2002, that was the image most people expected when they met Laura Lawless. She was the face of Arizona in that year's Miss America pageant; she was also the face of mental illness. Diagnosed with clinical... read full bio

Michael Hingson

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As was the case with many Americans, Michael Hingson's life changed dramatically on September 11th. He and his Guide Dog Roselle were the lucky ones, however, in that they escaped the World Trade Center attack. As a WTC survivor and as a Guide Dog user, Michael was thrust into the international limelight. Michael and Roselle have appeared on Larry King... read full bio

Robert Acosta

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Helping Hands for the Blind was founded by Robert J. Acosta. Both he and his wife, Ruth Ann, were born blind, but have not only overcome their own handicaps in this area, but have dedicated a major portion of their lives to helping and working with the blind. Robert has spent 33 years in the teaching profession, and was employed... read full bio

Temple Grandin

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Temple Grandin, Ph.D., is the most accomplished and well-known adult with autism in the world. Now her fascinating life, with all its challenges and successes has been brought to the screen with the HBO produced, full-length film Temple Grandin. Among numerous other recognitions by media, Bravo Cable did a half-hour show on her life, and she was featured in the... read full bio

Tony Dow

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Tony Dow is best remembered for playing Wally Cleaver, the clean-cut and much wiser older brother of Beaver on the classic family sitcom Leave It to Beaver. Since the show's demise, he has appeared sporadically in a couple feature films and in a few television movies. He reprised the role of Wally in the 1980s in the made-for-TV reunion film... read full bio

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