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3 Wunnerful Women-from The Lawrence Welk Show

Book 3 Wunnerful Women-from The Lawrence Welk Show for your next event.

From the small screen to the live stage - it's part of the musical family you grew up with - from the Lawrence Welk Show - it's 4 Wunnerful Women. Starring Gail Farrell, Ava Barber, Ralna English and Mary Lou Metzger - stars of the Lawrence Welk Show. * The Lawrence Welk Show is one of the highest rated, longest... read full bio

4 Wunnerful Women

Book 4 Wunnerful Women for your next event.

From the small screen to the live stage - it's part of the musical family you grew up with - from the Lawrence Welk Show - it's 4 Wunnerful Women. Starring Gail Farrell, Ava Barber, Ralna English and Mary Lou Metzger - stars of the Lawrence Welk Show. The Lawrence Welk Show is one of the highest rated, longest running... read full bio

Abaca String Band

Book Abaca String Band for your next event.

The Abaca String Band was founded by guitarist Andrew Schulman in 1991. This unique group, consisting of 8-string Guitar, Mandolin, Violin, Viola, and Double Bass, began by performing for membership events at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. They have appeared as featured artists on the Carnegie Hall Neighborhood Concert Series since 1995. The Abaca String Band frequently... read full bio

Abdullah Ibrahim

Book Abdullah Ibrahim for your next event.

Perhaps the most gifted African musician working within the fused ancestral streams of African+American music, Abdullah Ibrahim, formerly known as Dollar Brand, is a pianist, composer, arranger, band leader and teacher. His performing career has taken him to Africa, Japan, Australia, the Caribbean, Europe, North America, and India, where he has worked as soloist, and in duo, trio, ensemble and... read full bio

Acoustic Alchemy

Book Acoustic Alchemy for your next event.

Acoustic Alchemy is the acoustic group that consists of Guitarists Greg Carmichael and Miles Gilderdale. The group has been performing for two decades. The songs Red Dust and Spanish Lace established the British ensemble as an ever evolving powerhouse force in contemporary jazz. The road to instrumental stardom began when Webb and Carmichael provided the one-off-in-flight entertainment for a... read full bio

Adrian Belew

Book Adrian Belew for your next event.

Adrian Belew is simply one of the most innovative electric guitarists of all time. His guitar sound is actually his own, instantly recognizable as only he can play it. He is one of the true creators of the palette of electric guitar sounds that define and continue to inspire two generations of guitar players. Spending time in bands with Frank... read full bio

Ahmad Jamal

Book Ahmad Jamal for your next event.

No musician has had a more profound effect on the orchestral approach to small group jazz configurations than the celebrated pianist-composer Ahmad Jamal. While a tremendously wide listening audience continues to be drawn to his irresistibly appealing sound, it is fellow musicians that seem to hold Mr. Jamal in highest regard. Perhaps his status as a major exponent of jazz... read full bio

Airto Moreira & Flora Purim

Book Airto Moreira & Flora Purim for your next event.

Airto and Flora have two touring bands. One is an acoustic Brazilian jazz band and the other a high intensity Brazilian band. Airto is a professor at the Ethnomusicology department of UCLA and he is breaking new grounds in musical concepts and creative energy. He divides his time between recording studios, creating new projects including DVD Surround Sound, researching new... read full bio

Al Di Meola

Book Al Di Meola for your next event.

Al Di Meola holds the most prestigious guitar awards (of any guitarist in the world) from the highest rated guitar poll in the world, Guitar Player Magazine. He has been known throughout the world for the past two and a half decades as one of the most prominent virtuosos in the contemporary instrumental jazz field.... read full bio

Al Jarreau

Book Al Jarreau for your next event.

Al Jarreau has one of the world's most unique vocal style. Al's breakthrough came when he garnered his first Grammy for Best Jazz Vocal Performance for his 1977 album, Look to the Rainbow. He followed this Grammy with seven more over the past 25 years. He is highly respected and loved not only by his multitude of fans around the... read full bio

Allison Crowe

Book Allison Crowe for your next event.

Allison Crowe is a Canadian singer, songwriter, guitarist, and pianist. She began performing professionally in 1996 at age 15, doing regular sets in the coffee houses and bars of Vancouver Island. Crowe grew up surrounded by jazz, classical and rock music, and discovered additional influences on her own. Her most mentioned characteristics are her remarkable live performance ability and... read full bio

Amanda Martinez

Book Amanda Martinez for your next event.

Amanda grew up in a house that loved music.. Her life began a new direction when she walked into a local Toronto jazz club and asked if she could audition. The owner gave her a chance to sing with the house band and she landed her first weekly gig - Martinez Martini Mondays. She started getting referrals through word of... read full bio

Andreas Vollenweider

Book Andreas Vollenweider for your next event.

In the 20-year span of his recording career, Andreas Vollenweider has sold over eight million albums worldwide with his trademark sound. He invented the electro-acoustic harp in 1975 and helped launch an entire musical genre. Since the first album from Andreas Vollenweider & Friends Behind the Gardens, Behind the Wall, Under the Tree caused an international sensation in 1981, Vollenweider's... read full bio

Andy Narell

Book Andy Narell for your next event.

Andy Narell - world's pre-eminent steel pan player. Along with Paquito d'Rivera and Dave Samuels, founded Caribbean Jazz Project. His upbeat, beautiful compositions explore the connection between jazz and Afro-Caribbean music. Andy has become a fixture on both the American jazz and world music scene as well as in Trinidad, birthplace of the steel band. With his green card band"... read full bio

Andy Summers

Book Andy Summers for your next event.

The Andy Summers Band is led by the dynamic guitarist of the legendary and iconic rock group The Police. A five-time winner of the Guitar Player Hall Of Fame Award, Andy is also the recipient of five Grammys, (with multiple other Grammy nominations), and has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. With the Andy... read full bio

Angela Bofill

Book Angela Bofill for your next event.

R&B diva Angela Bofill peaked in the late '70s and early '80s with six albums, including Angel of the Night" and "Too Tough." She continues to release R&B albums with "Love in Slow Motion," released in 1996. The Angela Bofill Experience narrated by Miss Angela Bofill and performed by Maysa, Dave Valentin & The Original Angela Bofill band. A narrative... read full bio

Angelique Kidjo

Book Angelique Kidjo for your next event.

Angélique Kidjo is a renowned artist. She was named Africa's premier diva", by Time Magazine. She is a Grammy Award-winning Beninoise singer-songwriter. She is known for her diverse musical inspirations and unique music videos, as well as her philanthropic work. She was described as "The undisputed queen of African music" during the 2012 Olympic Games River Of Music Festival.... read full bio

Ann Jillian

Book Ann Jillian for your next event.

A three-time Emmy Nominee and Golden Globe award winning actress, singer and motivational speaker, Ann is an accomplished performer in all areas of show business. She has starred in motion pictures, television, nightclubs and the Broadway stage. Ann Jillian has been a part of show business for almost all her life. Ann has starred in over twenty-five television movies... read full bio

Ariadna Castellanos

Book Ariadna Castellanos for your next event.

Spanish pianist and composer, Ariadna Castellanos, is one of the emerging talents of the Flamenco and Jazz scene. Born in Madrid, she started playing piano when she was six and won full schoolarship at 17 with Guidhall School of Music for classical piano. Flamenco was always her passion and back in Spain she worked with many of the main flamenco... read full bio

Artie Shaw Orchestra

Book Artie Shaw Orchestra for your next event.

Clarinetist-saxophonist-composer-band leader Artie Shaw began his sojourn into the musical world by playing the ukulele. His hit "Begin the Beguine" helped make his big band popular. In the Navy during World War II, Artie entertained troops in the Pacific. Throughout the years, Artie has had many different bands, even leading his own string orchestra at one point. He has also... read full bio

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