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Aarti Sequeira

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Aarti Sequeira is a celebrity chef and foodie. She is best known for winning Food Network Star. Her prize was her own cooking show the network. Aarti successfully combines these passions in her entertaining blog and online cooking-variety show, Aarti Paarti." Now she takes her food knowledge, love for cooking, and enthusiasm for sharing information to the masses in her... read full bio

Adrianne Calvo

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Filled with the love for food at a young age, Chef Adrianne Calvo focused her efforts on her one true aspiration, gourmet cuisine. Adrianne has enjoyed an incredible number of accolades during her remarkable journey in becoming a recognized chef. Coining the catch phrase, "Maximum Flavor", Adrianne has managed to exceed to the "maximum" degree. From graduating top of her... read full bio

Aida Mollenkamp

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With a diverse culinary background and a passion for sharing her knowledge with food enthusiasts, cooking expert Aida Mollenkamp will prepare delicious dishes while providing answers to questions submitted by Food Network viewers in her new interactive cooking show, Ask Aida. From recipe and ingredient issues to advice on kitchen machinery and tools, Aida can even offer guidance for impromptu... read full bio

Alex Guarnaschelli

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Alex Guarnaschelli is an American Chef best known for her guest judging role on Iron Chef. She is also the executive chef for two distinguished New York restaurants, Butter and The Derby. She has competed in the Iron Chef and hosted her cooking show on the Food Network. Guarnaschelli has been a judge on Food Network's competition show Food Network... read full bio

Alex MacKay

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Alex McKay is a chef from New Zealand. His culinary journey began in France and continued all over the world. When he left New Zealand he bought a one-way ticket to France, knowing that what he wanted to learn was not in New Zealand. Whilst working in the kitchens of two and three star Michelin restaurants in Burgundy, Tours... read full bio

Alice Waters

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Alice Waters is an American Chef and author. She is best known for being an advocate for preparing organic food. Waters opened her restaurant in 1971. It was constantly classified among the World's 50 Best Restaurants.[ She is currently one of the most visible supporters of the organic food movement, and has been a proponent of organics for over 40... read full bio

Alli Joseph

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Alli Joseph has been telling stories since she invented Hooper, the narcoleptic diaper truck-driving dog who saved lives and was a prize-winning baker, when she was five. Today, Alli is a TV host, a producer of television shows, documentary films, and a published author. A Native New Yorker, Alli loves a good six-speed transmission and has been to racing school... read full bio

Alton Brown

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Alton Brown is an American celebrity chef and author. He is best known for the Food Network show Good Eats; an outlet for his culinary insight and cinematographer style of filming. Alton tapped all of his training to create Good Eats, a smart and entertaining program that blends wit with wisdom, history with pop culture, and science with common cooking... read full bio

Ana Fabiano

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As a founding executive of Wines from Spain, a division of the Embassy of Spain in New York, Ana Fabiano inaugurated many promotional programs, developed key relationships with trade professionals, wine writers, and a variety of artisan producers in leading many trade missions back to Spain. In 1990, she created SANA Associates, a company dedicated exclusively to the education and... read full bio

Andrew Knowlton

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Andrew Knowlton is an American culinary writer. He is also the Restaurant Editor of Bon Appétit magazine, where he writes features and monthly columns including The Hot 10 and The Dish. He has appeared as a very opinionated judge on The Food Network's The Next Iron Chef America" and "Iron Chef America." He has also done some work as a... read full bio

Andrew Zimmern

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Andrew Zimmern is a celebrity chef, producer and host. Best known for the popular series Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel. He travels the world, decoding cultures and countries one meal at a time. Zimmern knows that one man's weird is another man's wonderful, and isn't afraid to poke a little fun at the local fare or himself. This energetic... read full bio

Andy LoRusso

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Mix a dollop of Dean Martin, a pinch of Pavarotti, and a splash of Emeril Live and who do you have Andy LoRusso, The Singing Chef. This guy can truly Sing & Cook"- Entertainer Extraordinaire! For over ten years now this best selling cookbook author and recording artist has been stirring up the country with his own unique blend of... read full bio

Ann Cooper

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Chef Ann Cooper is not only a chef but also an advocate for all children. The United States is a nation where children are born with shorter estimated life expectancies than their parents because of diet-related illness. Ann is trying to change how we feed our children both at home and at school. Ann is a relentless voice... read full bio

Anne Burrell

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Anne Burrell is an American chef. She is best known for her appearance on Iron Chef on the Food Network. She is also known for her blonde spiky hair. Anne eradicates the pressure of restaurant dishes and reveals concise, easy-to-master techniques for the at-home cook on her Food Network series, Secrets of a Restaurant Chef. Anne also co-hosts Worst... read full bio

Anthony Bourdain

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Anthony Bourdain is best known for his show on CNN, Parts Unknown and the show No Reservations on The Travel Channel. He is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, and was a successful chef before he was known as a television personality. Bourdain is also a well-known author. He gained immediate popularity from his New York Times bestselling... read full bio

Art Smith

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Art Smith is an American chef. With high-profile clients such as, former Florida governor Bob Graham and Oprah Winfrey, Smith is truly a chef's chef. Smith's expertise is Southern cuisine. While attending Florida State University, he completed culinary internships with The Greenbrier and the Walt Disney Magic Kingdom College Program. Art Smith has published two cookbooks, "Back to the Table"... read full bio

B. Smith

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B. Smith hosted the lifestyle television show B. Smith with Style, that aired on NBC stations in the U.S. and some other countries. She has made appearances on programs such as Good Morning America, The Today Show and The View. On radio, the twice weekly vignettes B. Smart Tips for a Better Life air in New York on WBLS-FM, the... read full bio

Bethenny Frankel

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To call Bethenny Frankel "busy" would be an understatement. Between her careers as a New York Times best-selling author, natural foods chef, running a successful line of Skinnygirl products and a jam-packed social calendar, Frankel is always on the go. As a chef to best-selling author and reality TV star to self-made businesswoman and mom, Frankel's wit, wisdom and humor... read full bio

Bobby and Jamie Deen

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Bobby and Jamie, sons of famous chef Paula Deen, have extended their reach to include healthier versions of the their mother's recipes. Bobby and Jamie are quickly becoming household names in their own right. The brothers are taking the Deen name and its growing list of products and partners to an ever-growing younger audience and are looking to expand their... read full bio

Bobby Flay

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Bobby Flay's culinary versatility is evident in the multiple talents he brings to the field: as a critically acclaimed chef/restaurateur, award-winning cookbook author, and television personality. Bobby Flay discovered his culinary identity at the age of 17 and this eventually led him to study at The French Culinary Institute, where he earned the first "Outstanding Graduate Award." He now serves... read full bio

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