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Yossi Ghinsberg

Book Yossi Ghinsberg for your next event.

A philosopher of life, Yossi Ghinsberg is a man of passion, fixed resolve and a connector of people. He believes that nothing promotes growth more than an unexpected experience and unconventional thinking. In these times of great challenge and change, his Power to Survive message is timely. Yossi, a survivor, author and resident dreamer, captured many fans after the release... read full bio

Wintley Phipps

Book Wintley Phipps for your next event.

Wintley Phipps is an inspiring motivational speaker who specializes on the messages of hope, faith, and possibility. Wintley is a Grammy Award nominee gospel singer, minister, CEO and founder of various organizations. Wintley Phipps has been traveling the world spreading his messages for over 28 years. He is most famous for his performance of Amazing Grace that had viral success... read full bio

Wilma Mankiller

Book Wilma Mankiller for your next event.

As the powerful, visionary first woman Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, Wilma Mankiller led a nation of 137,000 people and managed a $100 million budget. She was the first female in modern history to lead a major Native American tribe and successfully fought to improve the social, political, and financial lives of her citizens. Mankiller holds the distinction of... read full bio

Willie Lanier

Book Willie Lanier for your next event.

Willie Lanier is an American gridiron football player who was a preeminent linebacker of his time. Willies football career began at the small-college, Morgan State University. At the university, he was chosen as the Most Valuable Player of the Tangerine Bowl. Willie was drafted into the NFL in the second round as the 50th pick. He was chosen to play... read full bio

Wally Famous Amos" Amos"

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Please be advised that CTI does not exclusively represent Wally Famous Amos" Amos" and the office for this celebrity has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.

Waldo Waldman

Book Waldo Waldman for your next event.

Waldo Waldman is a motivational speaker, an author, a leadership consultant, and he is the founder of The Wingman Foundation. He is a retired fighter pilot who is very well decorated and has flown 65 combat missions as an Air Force Lt. Col. and combat veteran. He has written a book called Never Fly Solo which was a Wall Street... read full bio

W. Mitchell

Book W. Mitchell for your next event.

W. Mitchell is an award-winning keynote speaker who inspires audiences around the country. W. Mitchell uses his own life experiences to help guide audiences to empower lifes inevitable changes. He is a former United States Marine, small-town mayor, a burn victim, and a paraplegic. When his first incident happened, Mitchell was riding his motorcycle when a laundry truck turned in... read full bio

Vince Lombardi Jr.

Book Vince Lombardi Jr. for your next event.

Vince Lombardi, Jr., has a clear and inspiring message to share about the qualities and commitment found in high-performance people. It is a message which stems from a lifetime of experience and observation. As the son of the late Vincent T. Lombardi- remembered as one of the greatest football coaches in history- Vince's early years were spent in the atmosphere... read full bio

Vijay Amritraj

Book Vijay Amritraj for your next event.

Vijay Amritraj is a former Indian tennis player, sports commentator and actor. Vijay was born in Chennai, India to Maggie Dhairyam and Robert Amritraj. He and his brothers, Anand Amritraj and Ashok Amritraj, were the successors of Ramanathan Krishnan in top-flight international tour tennis. They did their schooling in Don Bosco Egmore, Chennai, and later graduated from Loyola College, Chennai.... read full bio

Vicki Hitzges

Book Vicki Hitzges for your next event.

Television personality, public relations expert, and professional speaker Vicki Hitzges delivers a solid business message with style, humor, and personal warmth. A success in the competitive world of television, she has co-hosted news and talk shows including Special Edition, the Dallas Cowboys' popular T.V. magazine. As a speaker, for over five years she trained Zig Ziglar Corporation's client's nationwide. Combining... read full bio

Vernice Armour

Book Vernice Armour for your next event.

FlyGirl firmly believes that there is no such thing as a dream out of reach. Integrating concepts like preparation, strategy, courage, legacy, and the importance of high spirits and enthusiasm. She is the author of the book Zero To Breakthrough which helps readers create a sustainable inner force and conviction that result in accomplishing significant goals and becoming an extraordinary... read full bio

Vanessa Van Edwards

Book Vanessa Van Edwards for your next event.

Vanessa Van Edwards is a published author and behavioral investigator. Her innovative work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and the Today Show. She writes columns for the Huffington Post, CNN, Fast Company, and Forbes. Vanessa explores the latest neuroscience, behavioral economics and psychology research of leadership. Most importantly, Vanessa will turn the science into practical... read full bio

Uwe E. Reinhardt

Book Uwe E. Reinhardt for your next event.

Uwe E. Reinhardt, a native of Germany, has taught at Princeton University since 1968, rising through the ranks from assistant professor of economics to his current positions, teaching courses in both micro- and macro-economic theory and policy, accounting for commercial, private non-profit and governmental enterprises, financial management for commercial and non-profit enterprises, and health economics and policy. Recognized as one... read full bio

Tony Hawk

Book Tony Hawk for your next event.

Tony Hawk was nine years old when his brother changed his life by giving him his first skateboard. By 12, Tony Hawk had national sponsors, by 14 he had turned pro, and by age 16 Tony Hawk was the best skateboarder in the world. Hawk went on to win over 80 competitions. Tony has appeared in commercials and campaigns for... read full bio

Tony Campolo, Ph.d.

Book Tony Campolo, Ph.d. for your next event.


Tommy Caldwell & Kevin Jorgeson

Book Tommy Caldwell & Kevin Jorgeson for your next event.

Record-breaking mountain climbers Kevin Jorgeson and Tommy Caldwell spent three years attempting to free climb The Dawn Wall on El Capitan in Yosemite, CA. It ultimately took them 19 days to complete. With 7 pitches of 5.14-5.14+ and countless pitches of 5.13, it is considered the most difficult climb in the world. They were the first daredevils to climb the... read full bio

Tommy Caldwell

Book Tommy Caldwell for your next event.

Tommy Caldwell is an American rock climber. He is accomplished in several types of climbing, including sport climbing, hard traditional climbing, big-wall speed climbing, and big-wall free climbing. Caldwell was held hostage by rebels in Kyrgyzstan in 2000. He ended up pushing a lone captor off a cliff, which led to their escape to government soldiers. A book about the... read full bio

Tom Crea

Book Tom Crea for your next event.

A retired Army officer and former Blackhawk helicopter pilot, Tom Crea shares frontline experiences with managers who want to set the example and lead their teams more effectively. Tom served in high-level leadership positions in aviation, information technology, and higher education environments, including four years as an IT project manager and two years in IT program management. He is the author... read full bio

Tom Brady

Book Tom Brady for your next event.

Tom Brady is a star quarterback for the New England Patriots. He has played in four Super Bowls, winning three of them. He has also won two Super Bowl MVP awards, has been selected to five Pro Bowls, and holds the NFL record for most touchdown passes in a single regular season. Brady has the sixth-highest career passer rating of... read full bio

Toby Martini

Book Toby Martini for your next event.

With his rare combination of "outside the box" Improv comedy and practical Fortune 500 business experience, Toby is uniquely qualified to teach business professionals how to connect better, how to communicate more effectively, and how to have more fun while significantly improving their business performance. Fully embracing the two worlds of business and entertainment, Toby brings a unique perspective that is... read full bio

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