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 Talent Budget Ranges 

Important, please read: CTI lists the minimum fee range that the talent and their managers will normally request for a live appearance. We do not list the fees for virtual events, which can be much lower at times. Your full event details need to be provided to each talent to get a virtual video fee for you.

We do not contact talent if your budget is much lower than the minimum fee we list, even if the booking is for a charity event, a benefit for a "great cause", or personal requests by fans. Normally, celebrities only discount for close friends, family, or personal causes, if at all.

All international live events for US talent that are not in the area of your event will charge a higher fee for additional time needed, logistics and traveling costs.

We always contact our talent for you if your offer is close to what is the minimum listed. Remember, talent or their managers may quote a higher or even lower fee than what we list on our site after we submit the details on your event.

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