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Electric Mantis

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"Wyatt Pearson, otherwise known as Electric Mantis, is an electronic music producer from Los Angeles, California. At a young age, Pearson developed an interest in music. Inspired by his father’s participation in a local band, Pearson pursued music for his entire life. In elementary school, Pearson taught himself a variety of instruments as well as the basic technological producing platform,... read full bio

Electric Western

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Electric Western spins a hand-selected mix of the most danceable popular and obscure 50s and 60s Rock and Roll, Soul, Girl Groups and Garage Rock. From Stax, Motown, Sun, Chess records and more, it’s a high-energy modern dance party with classic appeal. GQ called Electric Western “The most stylish party in America.” Reno Bo and Jacob Jones band together to... read full bio


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"Daniel Kuhnen and Leo Piovezani make up the electronic music duo Elekfantz. Hailing from South America, the duo performs the new wave of Brazilian electronic music. Both began their music careers as solo artists. By the time Piovezani was fifteen years old, he had mastered singing, the drums, and composing music. Kuhnen started off his electronic music career as a... read full bio

Elena Anaya

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Elana Anaya is known for her performance in the film The Skin I Live IN, which earned her a Goya award for Best Actress. Other well known roles include her performance in Habitacian en Roman (or Room in Rome) along with her portrayal of Isabel Maru or Doctor Poison in the film Wonder Woman. Her breakout role early on in... read full bio

Elena Corchero

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Elena Corchero is the Director of Emerging Technology at NewsCorp and is an awarded Product Designer of her own company. She has been the founder and CEO of Room One – which is a Design & Technology Lab that merges AI, IoT, and VR. Corchero started her career as a fashion designer at Rena Lange before changing her career to... read full bio

Elena Garcia

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Born in Spain but based in London since 1992, Elena Garcia originally trained as a linguist, specializing in Public Services Interpreting. Her interpreters job has led her to work with many local groups and has made her aware of the problems faced by migrant communities and people in penitentiary institutions. Following her passion for design, in 2001 Elena Garcia decided... read full bio

Elena Pinderhughes

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Elena Pinderhughes is a highly talented jazz vocalist and flutist who’s been performing since the age of seven. When she was only eight, she joined YMP and within a year, she already recorded an album of her own called “Catch 22”. When she was eleven, she made an appearance on the HBO special called The Music in Me”. Elena went... read full bio

Elephant Revival

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Having formed in Nederland, Colorado, the folk music group Elephant Revival has been captivating audience members with their transcendental sounds. The band comprises of Bonnie Paine on vocals, washboard, djembe, and musical saw; Sage Cook on electric banjo, acoustic guitar, mandolin, vocals, and viola; Dango Rose on double-bass, mandolin, banjo, and vocals; Daniel Rodriguez on acoustic guitar, electric banjo, and... read full bio

Elephant Stone

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Elephant Stone is a Canadian indie rock band, formed by Rishi Dhir, Gab Lambert and Miles Dupire. Their sound is a mixture of classical Indian music including the sitar, table and dilruba with Western psychedelic rock. Elephant Stone’s debut album, The Seven Seas, was a longlisted nominee for the Polaris Music Prize. They released their self-titled album next, via... read full bio


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Tim Wu, better known as Elephante, is an American DJ, musician, and producer from Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is best known for remixing songs from artists such as Clean Bandit and Lorde. Wu had a passion for music since a young age and he taught himself how to play guitar and was trained to play classical piano. He graduated from... read full bio

Eleventh Dream Day

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Eleventh Dream Day is an American alternative rock band from Chicago, Illinois, that consists of members Rick Rizzo, Janet Beveridge Bean, Doug McCombs, Mark Greenberg, and Jim Elkington. The band was formed by Rizzo and Bean where they were both performing in different bands. From there, the duo moved to Chicago where they added in other members of the band... read full bio

Eli And Fur

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The London-based DJ duo Eli and Fur have been tightly knit friends since age sixteen, and they began making music together in their college days. They loved creating melodies and writing simple yet powerful lyrics that expressed their unique personalities and life experiences. Eli and Furs sound is full of bewitching beats and enchanting, heartfelt vocals. The honest,... read full bio

Eli Brown

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Eli Brown is an up-and-coming actor. He is best known for his debut television role, playing Dylan Walker in the Freeform series “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists”. Apart from his role in The Perfectionists, Brown has also been in the short film “Cupid’s Paradise” where he was a club partygoer. Upcoming projects for Brown include playing Brett Blackmore in the... read full bio

Eli Castro

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Eli Castro is a comedian, actor, writer and attorney who combines his Puerto Rican heritage with American culture to create a unique comedy routine for his shows. Outlets such as The Chicago Sun-Times, TimeOut, and the Orlando Sentinel have reviewed him. Castro has also been featured on Telemundo, Univision, The View, FOX, and WGN-TV. Castro has performed at colleges and... read full bio

Eli Goree

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Eli Goree is a Canadian actor best known for his guest roles on series like Quincy Carter on HBO series “Ballers” alongside Dwayne Johnson, Mad Dog on “Riverdale”, Joel Goodson on “Dead of Summer”, and Wells Jaha on “The 100”. Goree’s debut television role was on the series “North/South”. From there he has been seen on “Soul”, “’Da Kink in... read full bio

Eli Roth

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Eli Roth is a film actor, director, producer, and writer. He is best known for his role as Donny The Bear Jew Donowitz in Quentin Tarantinos film Inglourious Basterds. The film won a SAG Award for Best Ensemble and a BFCA Critics Choice Award for Best Acting Ensemble. Eli is part of a group dubbed the Splat Pack- filmmakers... read full bio

Eli Young Band

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The Eli Young Band is more than a band. With three No. 1 hits under their belt, as well as a Grammy nomination and an Academy of Country Music Award for Song of the Year for their hit Crazy Girl, the Eli Young Band approached their second Republic Nashville album, 10,000 Towns, with a sense of confidence and purpose. Crazy... read full bio

Eli "Paperboy" Reed

Book Eli

Eli Paperboy Reed, a Boston-via-Delta South soul singer who conquered both street corners and punk clubs with a mix of grooved-out rave-ups and slow-burning ballads. Sounds like your favorite Motown and Stax Records livened up for the Winehouse era. On his major label debut, Come and Get It, Reed proves to be the life of a soulful, sweaty party in... read full bio

Eliana Girard

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Eliana Girard is the female winner on season 9 of So You Think You Can Dance. Her genre is contemporary ballet. Eliana grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida. She first started dancing at the age of 3 and a half. She left Dreyfoos High School of the Arts to dance at Joffrey Ballet School, and went the following year... read full bio

Eliana Johnson

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Eliana Johnson is an American conservative journalist who has worked for National Review magazine. She had since been promoted from media editor to Washington Editor for National Review. Most recently, Johnson has become National Political Reporter at Politico where she is a White House Correspondent. Since becoming a White House Correspondent, Johnson has been first to break news several times.... read full bio

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