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Geena Rocero

Book Geena Rocero for your next event.

Geena Rocero is a Filipino-American supermodel, transgender advocate, TED speaker, and organizational founder of Gender Proud. She was born in the Philippines and while living there would compete in beauty pageants before moving to the United States. Rocero started pursuing modeling in New York City and was shortly after signed to NEXT, where she posed for swimsuit and beauty editorials.... read full bio


Book Geese for your next event.

Geese is a Brooklyn-based band that was founded as a basement home studio construction project amongst friends. Their shared goal of creating music through any methods required gives birth to each of their tracks. They started recording together in the afternoon after a school day, using sneakers as mic stands and blankets to cover the amps, until they started to... read full bio


Book Geezer for your next event.

GEEZER est. 1910 ""The world's greatest coverband."" -San Diego City Beat Geezer gives you rock & roll numbers the way that they were meant to be done: by senior citizens. The band combines all of the excitement of the 1890's with the nostalgia of the long-forgotten era of the 1990's, as done by musicians in their nineties. Jaws drop and... read full bio

Gem and Tauri

Book Gem and Tauri for your next event.

Under the alias Gem & Tauri, Courtney Simmons and Emma Montalvo, lovers of all house music, have been active in the electronic dance music scene for over ten years, participating in events, supporting artists for Ophelia Showcases at Echostage, Avant Gardner, Mezzanine SF and Miami Music Week, as well as playing underground events. Each week, the two started performing via live broadcast from... read full bio

Gemini Club

Book Gemini Club for your next event.

Gemini Club is Dan Brunelle, Tom Gavin and Gordon Bramli, a three-piece indie-electronic dance band from Chicago, Illinois. Their unique live shows have been tearing up the scene for the last two years. Far from the conventional live performance, Gemini Club have a specially designed rig that allows for on-the-fly remixing of their own songs meaning each Gemini Club show... read full bio

Gemini Strings

Book Gemini Strings for your next event.

Gemini Strings got their beginnings as the OC String Ensemble. Each member of the string quarter is focused on providing high quality music to a variety of audiences. Some of the members have worked and performed for companies like Disney, Universal, and Nickelodeon. They have played with artists like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Pentatonix, and more.... read full bio

Gemma Baker

Book Gemma Baker for your next event.

Gemma Baker’s plan was to be a comedian on Saturday Night Live. After pursuing an acting career in New York City and in Los Angeles, Baker realized her true talents lied in writing. Working day in and day out to balance her family life and job, Baker had initially found it hard to sustain her writing career. She was given... read full bio

Gemma Chan

Book Gemma Chan for your next event.

Gemma Chan is a British Chinese actress and former fashion model. She is best known for her roles as Charlotte in television series “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”, Ruth in “Fresh Meat”, Kiera in “Bedlam”, Miss Pemberton in “Brotherhood”, and as Mia/Anita in “Humans”. Chan started her career modeling and was seen working for Nokia, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and the... read full bio

Gemma Jones

Book Gemma Jones for your next event.

Gemma Jones is an English character actress who is best known for her roles on stage and on screen. She is best known for playing Mrs. Dashwood in the film “Sense and Sensibility”, Bridget’s Mum in the “Bridget Jones” film, and Madam Pomfrey in the “Harry Potter” films. Jones studied at the Royal Academy of Drama Art, where she won... read full bio

Gemma Whelan

Book Gemma Whelan for your next event.

Gemma Whelan is an English actress and comedian who is best known for playing Yara Greyjoy in the HBO series “Game of Thrones”. She was born in Leeds, England and grew up studying acting, comedy, and dancing. She is a professional dancer who specializes in tap and jazz and is a member of the dance troupe, the Beaux Belles. She’s... read full bio

Gemma-Leah Devereux

Book Gemma-Leah Devereux for your next event.

Gemma-Leah Devereux is a Irish actress who is best known for playing Lady FitzGerald in the television series “The Tudors”. She was born in Dublin, Ireland, and she left school at 16 years old to move to London to study drama. She trained at the Arts Educational Schools in London for three years and made her acting debut on stage... read full bio

Gena Lee Nolin

Book Gena Lee Nolin for your next event.

Gena Lee Nolin became one of Barker's Beauties on the game show, The Price Is Right. Soon afterward, Nolin appeared in the soap opera The Young and the Restless, as a model named Sandy. She starred in her biggest role as Neely Capshaw in the television series Baywatch for four years. Following Baywatch, she started her own show, Sheena. Nolin... read full bio

Gene Chizik

Book Gene Chizik for your next event.

Former college football coach Gene Chizik was most recently the defensive coordinator at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he completed turned around the Tar Heels team. He coached North Carolina to a 19-8 record in two years, improving its defense in yards per play allowed both seasons and leading them to victory in the ACC Coastal... read full bio

Gene Hackman

Book Gene Hackman for your next event.

The office for Gene Hackman has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.

Gene Moore

Book Gene Moore for your next event.

Gene Moore is an American gospel singer based out of Houston, Texas. While growing up, Moore was a son of two pastors and was often at his local church surrounded by gospel music. He started singing with the Southeast Inspirational Choir as a teenager and although he originally pursued broadcasting as a career, he found himself going back to his... read full bio

Gene Simmons

Book Gene Simmons for your next event.

Gene Simmons is a real entrepreneur best known for his electric stage presence as The Demon in the renowned hard rock band KISS. He has captivated audiences worldwide with his legendary figure and extravagant performances that include fire breathing, blood spitting, smoking guitars, levitating drum kits, pyrotechnics, and more. KISS has sold over 40 million albums in the United States... read full bio

Gene Stallings

Book Gene Stallings for your next event.

A successful NFL coach and accomplished college football athlete, Gene Stallings is also a distinguished author and well-known advocator for the developmentally disabled. His diverse background in professional football certifies him to be one of the most informed and educated coaches of his time. Stallings success has earned him numerous awards and has been inducted into the College Football Hall... read full bio

Gene Washington

Book Gene Washington for your next event.

Professional football player turned high-profile business executive, business leader and motivational speaker, Gene Washingtons philosophy is simple, with education comes success and wealth. Since retiring from the San Francisco 49ers as a wide receiver, he has since taken over as the director of football operations for the NFL. Washington took advantage of California Stanford Universitys pledge to incorporate minorities into... read full bio

Gene Watson

Book Gene Watson for your next event.

This masterful country stylist from Houston, Texas has been thrilling audiences for more than 50 years. Gene Watsons tally of 75 charted titles, 23 top-10 hits and 6 number-one records has led to membership in the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame. Radio listeners are still transfixed whenever classics like Farewell Party, Fourteen Carat Mind or Love in the Hot... read full bio

Gene Wojciechowski

Book Gene Wojciechowski for your next event.

Gene Wojciechowski is an American sports writer who is best known for his work with ESPN. Wojciechowski was born in Salina, Kansas, and he has earned his bachelor’s degree in communications and journalism from the University of Tennessee. After earning his degree, he began working as a sports writer for college football and basketball where he wrote for companies such... read full bio

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