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Aleyda Solis

Book Aleyda Solis for your next event.

Aleyda Solis is an SEO consultant, author, and speaker. She works with her company, Orainti, to be an award-winning International SEO Consultant and she is author of the book, “SEO. Las Claves Esenciales”. As a speaker, Solis has traveled over the world to give speeches in English and Spanish. As an SEO Consultant, Solis has worked with companies such as... read full bio

Alfie Kohn

Book Alfie Kohn for your next event.

Alfie Kohn is an author, lecturer, speaker, and expert on topics including education, human behavior, and parenting; he is a staunch advocate for progressive education. He offers commentary on much of traditional society’s way of parenting and educating, and he works as an avid social science researcher. Kohn earned his B.A. from Brown University in Rhode Island and he acquired... read full bio

Alfonso Arau

Book Alfonso Arau for your next event.

Alfonso Arau is a master of film and acting. His career took him both in front of and behind the camera, and he is known as one of the best filmmakers in the Latino community. Arau began his acting career as a student of Seki Sano, and later traveled the world as a one-man show titled Pantomime Happy Madness. Arau... read full bio

Alfonso Cuar?_n

Book Alfonso Cuar?_n for your next event.

Alfonso Cuaron is a Mexican film director, screenwriter, producer, and editor. Some of his best known films include: A Little Princess, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Children of Men, and Gravity. His work on Gravity earned him an Oscar for Best Directing, making him the first Mexican director to win that award. Hes received... read full bio

Alfred Broaddus

Book Alfred Broaddus for your next event.

Alfred Broaddus is a finance and economics expert, and former sixth President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. Broaddus was born in Richmond, Virginia, and he has earned his B.A. in political science from Washington and Lee University and went on to earn his DEA from the University of Strasbourg and his M.A. and Ph.D. in economics from Indiana... read full bio

Alfred Edmond Jr.

Book Alfred Edmond Jr. for your next event.

Alfred A. Edmond Jr. is a business and financial journalist, entrepreneurship expert, executive, and public speaker and event moderator. Alfred is currently the SVP and Executive Editor-at-Large at Black Enterprise. Through his role, Alfred is responsible for brand, marketing, and content leadership. With Black Enterprise, Alfred began working as an associate editor working his way up to Senior VP/Editor-in-Chief and... read full bio

Ali Babul

Book Ali Babul for your next event.

Ali Babul is an experienced e-commerce professional and the co-founder and CEO of Trellis, a company that specializes in helping businesses increase their profits on Amazon. With over 10 years of experience in e-commerce, Ali has a deep understanding of the strategies and tactics necessary to succeed on one of the world's largest online marketplaces. Ali's expertise in e-commerce comes from... read full bio

Ali Barone

Book Ali Barone for your next event.

Ali Barone is currently a head event designer, owner, and creative director for her business Ali Barone Events. Prior to Barone owning her own company, she was a designer for networks like VH1, TLC, Comedy Central, and more. This work led her to become a cast member on the TLC television series While You Were Out. Barone went on to... read full bio

Ali Fedotowsky

Book Ali Fedotowsky for your next event.

Ali Fedotowsky began her career as a cast member on ABCs The Bachelor series. Later, Fedotowsky starred in The Bachelorette and got engaged with Roberto Martinez in the finale. Now, Fedowtosky is a weekly morning show correspondent for a local San Diego Fox news station. She has also taken part on the live judging panel for Miss USA and hosted... read full bio

Ali Krieger

Book Ali Krieger for your next event.

Ali Krieger is a FIFA Women's World Cup champion soccer player and motivational speaker. As a defender and as part of the United States women's national soccer team, she plays with Orlando Pride of the National Women's Soccer League the highest division of women's soccer in the United States. In 2008, Ali got her start playing for the U.S. national... read full bio

Ali Landry

Book Ali Landry for your next event.

Ali Landry was the first former Miss Teen USA delegate to win the Miss USA crown, as well as the first to compete at Miss Universe. Her most recognized moment in her modeling career was her three year run as the Doritos Girl in the Super Bowl commercial. Also an actress, Landry portrayed the character Rita Lefleur on the UPN... read full bio

Ali Schaffer

Book Ali Schaffer for your next event.

Ali Schaffer, the manager of Patient and Family Center Care at the Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center (or VICC), oversaw the management of the Patient and Family Resource Center, as well as The Hope Connection, pet therapy, music therapy, and clinic volunteers. Ali has collaborated with all kinds of medical professionals, national organizations, and local organizations in order to create new... read full bio

Alice Diop

Book Alice Diop for your next event.

Alice Diop is a highly acclaimed French filmmaker whose work sheds light on contemporary French society. Born in Aulnay-sous-Bois in 1979, to Senegalese parents, Diop was raised in the Cité des 3000 housing project near Paris. After studying history at university, she pursued a DESS degree in sociology in Évry. In 2005, Diop made her directorial debut with the documentary La... read full bio

Alice Domar, Phd.

Book Alice Domar, Phd. for your next event.

Dr. Alice Domar is the founder and executive director for the Domar Center for Mind and Body help, a senior psychologist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and Associate Professor at Harvard for Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Biology. As one of the top women's health experts throughout the world, she focuses on the relationship between stress and the different aspects... read full bio

Alice Marie Johnson

Book Alice Marie Johnson for your next event.

American criminal justice reformer and former federal prisoner Alice Marie Johnson was given a life sentence after being found guilty in 1996 of being a part of a Memphis cocaine trafficking conspiracy. She was released from the Federal Correctional Institution, Aliceville, in June 2018 after serving 21 years in jail after the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump,... read full bio

Alice Merryweather

Book Alice Merryweather for your next event.

In one of the toughest and riskiest sports in the world, Alice Merryweather is a top-ranked American downhill skier, a World Cup competitor and an Olympian. Growing up, Alice chased her elder brother through the Northeast mountains while she lived in Hingham, Massachusetts. Her objectives were straightforward for a long time: "have fun and beat the boys." One of the first... read full bio

Alice Schroeder

Book Alice Schroeder for your next event.

Alice Schroeder is an American author, columnist, and former insurance analyst, best known for her biography of Warren Buffett, "The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life." Born in Dallas, Texas in 1956, Schroeder earned a BBA in finance and an MBA from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin in the late 1970s... read full bio

Alice Stewart

Book Alice Stewart for your next event.

Alice Stewart is currently a CNN Political Commentator, experienced Senior Communications Advisor on several presidential campaigns and an Emmy Award-winning journalist. Stewart is a frequent contributor for several outlets including, State of the Union with Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper 360, Erin Burnett Out Front and The Don Lemon Show. She also regularly appears on CNN International, discussing American politics. Alice... read full bio

Alice Vachss

Book Alice Vachss for your next event.

Alice Vachss is an attorney, author, consultant, and lecturer. She is known as one of Americas toughest prosecutors, titled by Parade. Vachss began her noteworthy career as the Chief of the Special Victims Bureau of the Queens District Attorneys Office. During her time as the chief at the Special Victims Bureau, she tried more than one hundred felony cases regarding... read full bio

Alice Walker

Book Alice Walker for your next event.

Alice Walker is a prolific best-selling author of novels, short story collections, collections of essays and poetry, and childrens books, and her works have been translated into more than two-dozen languages. Her novel, The Color Purple, was brought to the attention of mainstream America through the film adaptation by Steven Spielberg. When The Color Purple won the Pulitzer Prize for... read full bio

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