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Crass Mammoth

Book Crass Mammoth for your next event.

The kitchen is the only area in the trailer where you can write, work, or play music. Therefore, for the rock group Crass Mammoth from North Georgia, the kitchen has taken on a cosmic significance. The core of the band is made up of the Crowe brothers, Joseph (vocals, guitar, drums), and Matthew (bass, drums), with Trey Epperson III, a... read full bio

Hot Rod Circuit

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Hot Rod Circuit is a masterfully created creature that combines unmistakable melodies with jagged guitars in a kind of musical assault. The band, which is originally from Auburn, Alabama, was founded and soon gained popularity by playing in neighborhood bars and sharing the stage with acts like The Get Up Kids, Jawbox, and Poster Children. Originally going under the moniker Antidote,... read full bio


Book Gobotron for your next event.

Charles Robert "Robot" McDowell, the principal guitarist and backing vocalist for Manchester Orchestra, performs as Gobotron as a solo side project. On Your Mark, Get Set... was published by Manchester Orchestra's own label Favorite Gentlemen Recordings on January 19, 2010. Robert McDowell made the decision to begin writing his own solo material in his parents' Atlanta, Georgia, home after returning... read full bio

Them Vibes

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Them Vibes instantly rattled the foundations of Music City with their blitzkrieg live show and passionate songs after being formed in East Nashville's underground rock scene in 2013. Them Vibes have given new life to the anemic arm of what is now passed off as popular rock n' roll by fusing the raw vitality of the Rolling Stones and the Black... read full bio


Book Nostalghia for your next event.

Nostalghia, whose real name is Ciscandra Nostalghia, is a stage name that belongs to an American singer and composer. Chrysalis, her debut studio album, was written collaboratively with multi-instrumentalist and colleague Roy Gnan and was released in 2014. Both of the songs that Nostalghia contributed to the soundtrack of the 2017 movie John Wick: Chapter 2 were written and performed by... read full bio

Peter Matthew Bauer

Book Peter Matthew Bauer for your next event.

Peter Matthew Bauer was a founding member of New York art-rock bands The Walkmen and The Recoys. He now writes and records under his own name and consults on Indian astrology and other mystic ephemera in Mt Airy, Philadelphia. Peter was nurtured in Swami Baba Muktananda's Ashrams in Ganeshpuri, India and upstate New York. He met numerous Gurus, instructors, and... read full bio

Anna Moss and The Nightshades

Book Anna Moss and The Nightshades for your next event.

Multi-instrumentalist Anna Moss is one half of the group Handmade Moments. Anna's music is a fusion of beatnik porch jazz soaking in Southern roots, RnB, folk, and more, with origins in the mountains of Arkansas and the metropolis of New Orleans. Your heart will stop when you hear Anna Moss' voice. When she sings, she holds the audience's interest and... read full bio

Valley Boy

Book Valley Boy for your next event.

The song "Sad Girl," which was just recently published by the Los Angeles-based duo Valley Boy, is almost certainly going to become your new go-to tune. My fellow bandmates James Alan Ghaleb and Ian Meltzer were kind enough to answer a few questions that I had regarding the song. Bring a little happiness into your 2022 with this focused and... read full bio

Ghost Car

Book Ghost Car for your next event.

Ghost Car have given the music of the 1980s a new lease on life while adding their own unique twist to the mix. The four musicians, all living in London, decided to form a band to perform what punk did best: anger against the establishment. Their debut album, titled "Truly Trash," addresses a variety of controversial topics, including politics, the... read full bio


Book Teethe for your next event.

Teethe is the slowcore side project of Denton, Texas-based indie band Crisman. Teethe plays a more relaxed style of music. With the release of their self-titled album in 2020 under the Teethe alias, the band made an unofficial announcement about the addition of bassist Jordan to their lineup. Madeline Dowd, lead singer of Crisman, Boone Patrello of Dead Sullivan, Grahm... read full bio

Autumn Kings

Book Autumn Kings for your next event.

Out of 118 bands that applied to be a part of the "Live Different" 100-show high school tour, Autumn Kings was thrilled to learn that they had been chosen to tour Canada for four months. However, this ambitious group of young people and their modern-rock sound have been creating a buzz in the Canadian music scene since they began touring.... read full bio

Pip Blom

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Dutch indie rock group Pip Blom hails from Amsterdam. Pip Blom, the singer and guitarist for the group, started creating and recording her own music in her bedroom and started the group in 2016. She quickly attracted the rest of the band, including Gini Cameron on drums, Darek Mercks on bass, and her brother Tender Blom on guitar. Since their release,... read full bio

Better Her Than Me

Book Better Her Than Me for your next event.

Better Her Than Me is a group that plays classic hits from the 60’s to the present. The band plays songs for weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, and more. Some popular songs that you may hear during one of their performances include, “Locked Out of Heaven”, “Love Shack”, “Call Me Maybe”, “Billie Jean”, “Don’t Stop Believin’”, “Footloose”, “Glory Days”, “Happy”, “Last... read full bio


Book SloFunkPump for your next event.

SloFunkPump, also known as the Rocky of Funk, is a musician from Hollywood, Florida. SloFunkPump is a singer and guitarist who has a band of talented musicians that perform live all over the United States. During a performance by SloFunkPump, the band will throw out free merchandise such as stickers and cups to keep the party going. SloFunkPump releases music... read full bio

Bad Bad Hats

Book Bad Bad Hats for your next event.

Bad Bad Hats is an indie rock band based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is comprised of band members Kerry Alexander with the vocals & guitar, Chris Hoge on the drums and Noah Boswell playing bass. Kerry and Chris attended college together and began writing music to record multiple demos, which would later form their first EP, titled It Hurts.... read full bio

Pearl and the Beard

Book Pearl and the Beard for your next event.

Pearl and the Beard is three voices, one cello, one guitar, one glockenspiel, one melodica, several drums, one accordion, ninety-six teeth, and one soul. Their live show is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. The band captivates their audience from first note to last, leaving fans and press alike completely engrossed in the world they’ve created with their soaring and sensual... read full bio

A Place to Bury Strangers

Book A Place to Bury Strangers for your next event.

Psychedelic and experimental rock band A Place to Bury Stranger consists of three individuals playing together as a unit. Oliver Ackermann (guitar, vocals), Dion Lunadon (bass, guitar), and Lia Simone Braswell (drums) collaborate to create this ethereal music that has its origins in New York City. Ackermann plays guitar, while Lunadon plays bass and guitar. The band has performed at the... read full bio


Book Aqueous for your next event.

Aqueous is a funky, groove rock band melting the barriers between different genres of music. Their sound is improvisational, but delivers an extremely catchy and harmonious product. Aqueous is comprised of four members, Mike Gantzer, Dave Loss, Evan McPhaden, and Rob Houk. The four use guitar, drums, bass, and piano to create their unique sounds. The band has toured and... read full bio


Book Grizfolk for your next event.

Grizfolk is an alternative rock band consisting of five members. The five, Adam Roth, Sebastian Fritze, Fredrik Eriksson, Brendan James, and Bill Delia, combine their instrumentalist and vocal talents to share music with the world. With roots from Sweden, but now based in Los Angeles, Grizfolk is a worldly and alternative band. Their music has been well-received by critics across... read full bio

Ron Gallo

Book Ron Gallo for your next event.

Ron Gallo is a Philadelphia-based rock artist who started out his career as the lead singer of various bands, such as Toy Soldiers, before deciding to break off and pursue his solo career. His own music is described as a blend of genres such as indie rock, art rock, and garage punk. One boost to Rons career came when NPR... read full bio

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