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Bruce Daisley

Book Bruce Daisley for your next event.

Bruce Daisley is an author, technology leader, and former European Vice President of Twitter. Through his work with Twitter, Daisley formerly was responsible for the development of Twitter’s business in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. He was also the UK Managing Director where he grew and developed Twitter’s business in the UK. Daisley has previously earned his B.A. in... read full bio

Bruce Kasanoff

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An original partner at the Peppers and Rogers Group, Bruce Kasanoff created much of the methodology that underlies the firms 1to1_ consulting. Now widely praised for his own thought leadership, Kasanoff helps companies build sustainable, highly profitable relationships that can endure both economic downturns and fierce competition. A provocative speaker known for customizing presentations to meet the unique needs of... read full bio

Bruce Lefavi

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The author of Bulletproof Retirement" and "Bulletproof Your Financial Future", nationally syndicated radio talk show host and a financial planner for nearly twenty years. He is the founder of Lefavi Wealth Management, which is a prominent independent financial planning practice, helping folks just like you improve their financial situations. His formal training in the financial field includes passing the CFP... read full bio

Bruce Schneier

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Bruce Schneier is an internationally known security technologist, cryptographer and author who has written several books on security topics, computer security, and cryptography. Schneier was born in New York City, New York, and he earned his bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Rochester before going on to earn his master’s in computer science from American University. He has... read full bio

Bruce Sterling

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Bruce Sterling is an author, journalist, editor, and design critic. Identifying as a futurist, Sterling often focuses his work around science fiction. He has authored ten science fiction novels and several nonfiction works, including The Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier. Sterling has contributed to a variety of publications, often covering topics such as politics, globalization, technology,... read full bio

Bruce Tulgan

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Bruce Tulgan is internationally recognized as the leading expert on young people in the workplace. He is an advisor to business leaders all over the world, the author or coauthor of fifteen different books and numerous management training programs, and a sought-after keynote speaker and seminar leader. Bruce has addressed tens of thousands of leaders and managers in hundreds... read full bio

Bruno Giussani

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Bruno Giussani is the European Director of TED conferences, an idea curator, writer, and expert on technological innovation. Through his work with TED, Giussani works on global and local events in Europe, multilingual videos, television initiatives, encouraging involvement with members, and more. He is also known for curating and hosting the annual Forum des 100. Apart from his work with... read full bio

Bruno Lanvin

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Bruno Lanvin is the Executive Director for Global Indices at INSEAD where he was also previously the Executive Director of their eLab. Lanvin was born in Valenciennes, France, and is fluent in French, English, and Spanish, and also speaks some Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese. Lanvin has previously worked with the United Nations where he worked with UNCTARD, UN ICT... read full bio

Bryan Dodge

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Bryan Dodge is a business consultant, speaker, executive coach, and author who is a professor speaker and President of Dodge Development. Dodge has earned his B.A. in Animal Science, Production Option from the University of Nebraska and later began working as the President and owner of Results, Inc. Through his first company, Dodge worked to promote Tom Hopkins’ Seminars all... read full bio

Bryan Kramer

Book Bryan Kramer for your next event.

Bryan Kramer is a CEO, author, and speaker. Best known for his book Shareology: How Sharing is Powering the Human Economy, Kramer is also the CEO of PureMatter, one of the fastest growing private companies in Silicon Valley. In addition to this work, Kramer has contributed to a variety of firms as a senior advising account executive, interactive strategist, and... read full bio

Bryce Hoffman

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Bryce Hoffman is an American author, speaker, strategic advisor, and consultant. He is President of Red Team Thinking, which is the world’s leading provider of decision support and red teaming for business. Hoffman graduated from San Francisco State University with a major in Anthropology and Philospohy, had a Fellowship in Economics from California State University-East Bay and studied at the... read full bio

Bud Selig

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Allan H. Bud Selig is the Commissioner Emeritus of Major League Baseball. Selig assumed this unprecedented position in 2015 after he retired after seventeen years from the role of Commissioner. As Commissioner Emeritus, Selig serves as an adviser to current MLB Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr. and assists him with special projects. Topics Include: A conversation with Bud Selig, How... read full bio

Caleb Gardner

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Caleb Gardner is an innovation and change expert who has worked with numerous organizations and companies from startups to nonprofits, and Fortune 100 companies, to President Barack Obama. The basis of Gardner’s career has been focused on curiosity and change. He has worked in digital leadership, entrepreneurship, and social impact, and has worked in both the public and private sectors... read full bio

Calvin Klein

Book Calvin Klein for your next event.

Named one of TIME magazines most influential Americans, Kleins passion for creating a modern American style, combined with innate business acumen, fueled the growth behind one of the worlds most recognizable brandsCalvin Klein, Inc. Whether capturing the pop cultural zeitgeist through groundbreaking and unforgettable advertising campaigns to dramatically drive sales or making designer clothing affordable on the main street, Klein... read full bio

Cameron Herold

Book Cameron Herold for your next event.

Cameron Herold is an business author and CEO coach who is known for giving keynotes to various companies on how to build their businesses in innovation, corporate culture, and leadership. While growing up, Herold’s father was an entrepreneur so business already began running through his blood since birth. By the time he was only 18 years old he had already... read full bio

Candice Carpenter

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Candice Carpenter has spent her career on the cutting edge of change. She co-founded The Womens Network. Prior to that she served as CEO of Q2, the cable TV shopping channel, president of Time Life Video and TV, winning an Emmy for her special interests documentary, and vice president of marketing for American Express. An acclaimed visionary on business... read full bio

Cara Silletto

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Cara Silletto is a keynote speaker and author. She is a millennial speaker who often wants to spread her knowledge of being a millennial in the workforce to others who dont understand and helping to bridge the generational gaps. She brings her knowledge to management who are open to changing to todays society and wants to find the best way... read full bio

Carey Kolaja

Book Carey Kolaja for your next event.

Carey Kolaja is currently the Global Chief Product Officer at Citi Group Financial Co. Prior to her job at Citi, Kolaja has been the Director and Senior Manager of Corporate Information Technology at eBay Inc and worked her way through various jobs at PayPal where she left as she was the Vice President of Global Consumer Products. Kolaja graduated from... read full bio

Carl Icahn

Book Carl Icahn for your next event.

Carl Icahn is a billionaire investor and the CEO of Icahn Capital LP. Icahn is an expert in creating value for companies, and has invested in a variety of different businesses. He has served as the director and/or chairman of companies such as GB Holdings Inc., Greate Bay Hotel & Casino Inc., and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts Inc.... read full bio

Carla Harris

Book Carla Harris for your next event.

Carla A. Harris has been a force on Wall Street for over 20 years. She is currently Vice Chairman of Wealth Management and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley, providing investment advice to corporations, public pension plans, foundations and endowments. She formerly headed the equity capital markets effort for the Consumer and Retail industries and was responsible for raising private... read full bio

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