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Susan Fowler

Book Susan Fowler for your next event.

Susan Fowler is a former Uber engineer. Now, she is an advocate of the #metoo movement, known as one of TIME Person of the Years Silence Breakers. Fowler is currently a writer in the San Francisco Bay area. Fowlers involvement in influencing changes regarding companies treatment of sexual harassment issues have been acknowledged by a variety of publications including the... read full bio

Geena Rocero

Book Geena Rocero for your next event.

Geena Rocero is a Filipino-American supermodel, transgender advocate, TED speaker, and organizational founder of Gender Proud. She was born in the Philippines and while living there would compete in beauty pageants before moving to the United States. Rocero started pursuing modeling in New York City and was shortly after signed to NEXT, where she posed for swimsuit and beauty editorials.... read full bio

Dr. Marc Lamont

Book Dr. Marc Lamont for your next event.

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill is an American academic, commentator, activist, television host, journalist, and author. Hill is host of BET News, hosted HuffPost Live for Huffington Post, and was a political contributor for Fox News, MSNBC, Court TV, and CNN. Hill went to college at Temple University where he received his B.S. in education and Spanish, and later received his... read full bio

Kip Fulbeck

Book Kip Fulbeck for your next event.

Kip Fulbeck is an artist, performer, author, and filmmaker looking to make people more aware of multiracial identity through identity politics. Fulbecks background includes Cantonese, English, Irish, and Welsh and he is the creator of The Hapa Project. His art has been in over 20 countries and all over the United States and has been inside the Getty Museum, Los... read full bio

Arisa Cox

Book Arisa Cox for your next event.

Arisa Cox is a Canadian television and radio personality best known for hosting the reality series, Big Brother Canada. She studied at Carleton Universitys journalism program and went on to be a reporter for CTV Ottawa. Other series shes been in over the years includes being a host and special correspondent on Entertainment Tonight Canada, and hosting the Big Brother... read full bio

Becky Blanton

Book Becky Blanton for your next event.

Becky Blanton is a writer, journalist and, photographer. She gained popularity when her essay, The Monster, was published in Wisdom of Our Fathers. She shared her story of becoming homeless while on a camping trip and gave a talk during TEDGlobal. Blanton is working on her own books, which include, What Matters, How to Write a Book, and How to... read full bio

Carl Hammerschlag, MD

Book Carl Hammerschlag, MD for your next event.

Dr. Carl Hammerschlag is best known as an inspirational speaker. Covering topics of mind, body, spirit, and overall wellness, Hammerschlag shares his expertise with audiences worldwide. Trained at Yale to be a psychiatrist, Hammerschlag also has over twenty years of experience working with Native Americans, making him a culture expert. Hammerschlag has authored critically acclaimed books that detail his experiences... read full bio

Kat Blaque

Book Kat Blaque for your next event.

Kat Blaque is an American animator, illustrator, transgender rights activist, and YouTuber who has been blogging about her life for numerous years. She studied at the California Institute of the Arts where she graduated with a B.F.A in character animation. Blaque’s YouTube channel is where she talks about social issues such as race, gender, and growing up questioning her gender... read full bio

Charris Ford

Book Charris Ford for your next event.

Charris Ford is an activist and founder of Grassolean, a biodiesel company. In his teens, Ford ran his family’s organic farm, utilizing solar panels, rain water, and other sustainable means to keep the farm productive. Since, Ford has dedicated his life to living off the grid. Ford raises awareness on the problems of the earth, including dwindling resources, population increase,... read full bio

Chrissy Gephardt

Book Chrissy Gephardt for your next event.

Chrissy Gephardt is the first openly gay family member of a presidential candidate. Her father, Congressman Dick Gephardt, ran in the 2004 presidential democratic primary. Due to her fathers political involvement and the spotlight on her sexuality, Chrissy Gephardt decided to involve herself in LGBT issues, becoming a spokesperson for equal rights and social justice. Gephardt is a part of... read full bio

Christine Schanes

Book Christine Schanes for your next event.

Christine Schanes is a speaker and public educator. She has been working for over two decades to give insight into the issues of homelessness. Collaborating with government leaders, various organizations, schools, and other groups, Schanes creates workshops and special programs regarding the topic of homelessness. Schanes founded the Center for Justice and Social Compassion E-Z ID Clinic Program, which helps... read full bio

Abdul El-Sayed

Book Abdul El-Sayed for your next event.

Abdul El-Sayed is a doctor, activist, and health expert. El-Sayed has authored several books on social issues facing the United States of America, including Healing Politics. El-Sayed is also a host of Crooked Media’s America Dissected podcast, which explores topics in health. This advocate has served as Health Commissioner of the City of Detroit, is a professor at Columbia University’s... read full bio

Carole Baskin

Book Carole Baskin for your next event.

Carole Baskin is an American animal sanctuary executive and animal rights activist who is the owner and CEO of the non-profit, Big Cat Rescue. Baskin’s non-profit has gained attention internationally for bringing attention to the plight of captive big cats and she has been featured on outlets such as Animal Planet, Discovery, The Today Show, People Magazine, CNN, and more.... read full bio

Scottie Madden

Book Scottie Madden for your next event.

Scottie Madden, born Scott James, is an author, writer, director, speaker, and showrunner. Madden was a late-stage trans women and has previously been in the television production industry for over 30 years. Scottie had been an alpha male that worked in male productions that would take people through jungles, glaciers, and deserts all over the world and Scottie worked as... read full bio

Bree Newsome

Book Bree Newsome for your next event.

Bree Newsome is an American filmmaker, speaker, musician, and activist who first gained national attention after an act of civil disobedience. Newsome was in South Carolina in front of the statehouse when she climbed up the flagpole and pulled down the Confederate Battle flag, a racist symbol. Newsome was then arrested which sparked attention of why the flag was even... read full bio

Judy Shepard

Book Judy Shepard for your next event.

Judy Shepard is an LGBT-rights activist and Executive Director and Board President of the Matthew Shepard Foundation. Judy is the mother of the late Matthew Shepard, a 21 year old that was a student at the University of Wyoming. Matthew was beaten and pistol-whipped in Laramie, Wyoming. He died six days later in a hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado and... read full bio

Shannon Reeves

Book Shannon Reeves for your next event.

Shannon Reeves is a civil rights advocate, speaker, and political strategist who is the Assistant Professor of Political Science at Alabama A&M University. Through his work with Alabama A&M University, Reeves teaches undergraduate courses in American Politics and Public Administration. Reeves was born in San Francisco, California, and he has earned his B.A. in Political Science from Grambling State University... read full bio

Raymond Winbush

Book Raymond Winbush for your next event.

Raymond Winbush, also known as Tikari Bioko, is an American scholar, author, researcher, psychologist and educator who is known for researching the impact of racism and white supremacy on the global African community. Winbush was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and was raised in Cleveland, Ohio. When Winbush was young, he scored high on the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test and went on... read full bio

Peniel Joseph

Book Peniel Joseph for your next event.

Peniel E. Joseph is an American historian, scholar, teacher, and activist who talks on race issues. Joseph holds professorship at the LBJ School of Public Affairs and the History Department in the College of Liberal Arts at The University of Texas at Austin. Joseph was born and raised in New York and he went on to earn his B.A. in... read full bio

Otis Moss

Book Otis Moss for your next event.

Otis Moss III is best known for being the pastor for Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ where he speaks on reaching inner-city black youth and talks on black theology. Moss is the son of Otis Moss Jr. who was an affiliate of Martin Luther King, Jr. where they worked together. Moss was raised in Shaker Heights, Ohio, and originally... read full bio

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