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S Club 7

Book S Club 7 for your next event.

S Club 7 is a British pop group from London that had consisted of members Tina Barrett, Paul Cattermole, Jon Lee, Bradley McIntosh, Jo O’Meara, Hannah Spearritt and Rachel Stevens. The pop group was formed by the Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller and quicky rose to fame after starring in their own television series, “Miami 7.” Shortly after, S Club... read full bio

S. Carey

Book S. Carey for your next event.

In addition to producing a number of well-received chamber folk albums under the moniker S. Carey, Wisconsin-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sean Carey is best known as the drummer and pianist for the indie pop band Bon Iver. Beginning with albums like Range of Light and Hundred Acres, Carey's solo career progressed to the profoundly contemplative Crack Me Open. Carey started playing the... read full bio

S.E. Cupp

Book S.E. Cupp for your next event.

S.E. Cupp is a nationally syndicated columnist, author and commentator. She is author of the book Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Medias Attack on Christianity and co-author of the book Why Youre Wrong About the Right. She is a CNN contributor, where she hosts the digital series Outside with Insiders. Cupp graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Arts... read full bio


Book S1mba for your next event.

Leonard Simbarashe Rwodzi, also known as S1mba, is a Zimbabwean-born British singer-songwriter and rapper. With roots in both Zimbabwe and England, S1mba has a unique blend of cultural influences that shine through in his music. Growing up in Zimbabwe, S1mba was first exposed to music through traditional instruments like the djembe and marimba. Later, after moving to England, he honed... read full bio


Book Saachi for your next event.

Saachi is an Indian-Kuwaiti DJ with a base in London. Focused mashes of house, breaks, UKG, bass line and electro make up Saachi's performances. Yung Singh's Saachi's Boiler Room Presents: Daytimers was chosen by Mixmag as one of the year's top mixes. Since then, Saachi has performed at events including Dial In Festival and Lost Village Festival. She belongs to the South... read full bio


Book Saara for your next event.

Sara Forsberg, better known as her stage name Saara, is a Finnish singer-songwriter, YouTube personality, and television presenter who was born in Jakobstad, Finland. Saara originally studied to become a chef before she decided to pursue a musical career full time. She began her career on YouTube after posting a video “What Languages Sound Like to Foreigners,” which has since... read full bio

Saïd El Kadri

Book Saïd El Kadri for your next event.

3 Dimensional Customer Service Three-dimensional customer service: Exploring the secrets of a 3D customer service Now, when was the last time you hear about adding the five senses to a customer experience Thanks to our 3D perception, humans are able to perceive the spatial relationship between people. Creating a customer experience that has width, height and depth will help your organization, no matter what... read full bio


Book Saba for your next event.

Tahj Malik Chandler, a rapper and record producer known as SABA, hails from the West Side of Chicago. SABA started off his rap career when he was featured in Chance the Rapper’s mixtape ‘Acid Rap’. SABA has collaborated with Chance the Rapper several times and they performed on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ together. The rapper’s performance on ‘The... read full bio


Book SABAI for your next event.

Thai-born producer SABAI, now based in Vancouver, is known for fusing R&B, pop and future bass into his varied blends of music. With Monstercat, he released "Where It All Started," his debut EP, which has now received over 25 million streams. SABAI, which in Thai literally translates as "comfortable," not only pays homage to his background but also expresses how he wants... read full bio


Book Sabino for your next event.

Sabino's breakthrough came from a string of singles he put out that were lighthearted and humorous interpretations of Mexican identity in everyday life, and they were all extremely different from the trendy urban sound. He established himself as a vital MC for today's society with the release of his debut album, I wanted to make rock, at the end of... read full bio

Sabitha Pillai-Friedman

Book Sabitha Pillai-Friedman for your next event.

Dr. Sabitha Pillai-Friedman is building sexual resilience while breaking down assumptions about age, offering a new direction for therapists, counselors, and educators. She is an AASECT certified sex therapist and approved supervisor. Currently, Sabitha serves as an Associate Professor at the Center for Human Sexuality Studies at Widener University. She also serves as a sex therapist and relationship expert at... read full bio


Book Sabrina for your next event.

The electronic music scene has been rocked by SABRINA, a real force of nature. She had an immediate impact on the scene, landing gigs at Printworks, Fabric, Steelyard, Hit & Run MCR and other festivals. Since then, international performances have been held in Copenhagen and upcoming productions in Vienna and Paris have also been scheduled. Some of the most well-known figures in the... read full bio

Sabrina Carpenter

Book Sabrina Carpenter for your next event.

Sabrina Carpenter is best known for playing Maya Hart on Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World, a show she landed after playing bit parts in shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and lent her voice to animated Disney shows such as Sofia the First and Phineas and Ferb. Carpenter was cast in Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World, and was... read full bio

Sabrina Claudio

Book Sabrina Claudio for your next event.

Sabrina Claudio is a singer and songwriter from Miami, Florida. Having grown up around music, Claudio moved to Los Angeles to pursue a musical career. Recording covers and releasing them on Twitter and YouTube, Claudio built up an online fan base. Later, she began using SoundCloud as a platform, releasing original tracks and gaining popularity. Her first EP, ‘Confidently Lost’,... read full bio

Sabrina Ionescu

Book Sabrina Ionescu for your next event.

Sabrina Ionescu, a professional basketball player for the New York Liberty of the WNBA, has been dubbed the future of basketball in New York. Sabrina played for the University of Oregon before joining the New York Liberty, where she amassed a long list of achievements, including being chosen as the AP Women's Basketball Player of the Year by a unanimous... read full bio

Sabrina Jalees

Book Sabrina Jalees for your next event.

A Canadian actress, comedian and writer by the name of Sabrina Jalees a long with Patricia Heaton, co-starred in the TV comedy series Carol's Second Act as a prominent cast member. She has written for several series. She has appeared in numerous Canadian media outlets, including Video on Trial, Stars On Trial and LOL! on MuchMusic, as well as in the drama series Flashpoint... read full bio

Sabrina Soto

Book Sabrina Soto for your next event.

With her lively and captivating demeanor, Sabrina gives you the impression that she has just entered your living room from the TV. In addition to appearing in magazines like TIME, Elle Decor, People, Huffington Post, InStyle, Esquire, USA Today, Parade, Variety, Better Homes and Gardens, Latina, and The New York Post, Sabrina has been featured on TODAY, Live with Kelly... read full bio

Sacha Baron Cohen

Book Sacha Baron Cohen for your next event.

British actor, comedian, screenwriter, and producer Sacha Noam Baron Cohen was born on October 13, 1971. He is well-known for developing and acting as fictional satirical characters such Admiral General Aladeen, Brüno Gehard, Borat Sagdiyev, and Ali G. He is renowned for his capacity to assume many identities and accents when communicating with targets who are unaware they are being... read full bio

Sacha Pfeiffer

Book Sacha Pfeiffer for your next event.

Sacha Pfeiffer is a journalist and radio host, best known for being part of the Boston Globes Spotlight team. The Spotlight team won the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for exposing the Roman Catholic Churchs cover-up of clergy sex abuse. Pfeiffer joined the Boston Globe in 1995; she left in 2008 and returned in 2014. She currently writes at the... read full bio

Sacha Robotti

Book Sacha Robotti for your next event.

Sacha Robotti is a DJ from Brussels, Belgium. He had a strong love for music since he was a kid and started playing cello when he was just 7 years old. Robotti soon found the underground house scene in Brussels and soon turned to DJing and moved to Berlin to take in more of the nightlife. Some of Robottis most... read full bio

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