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Free Fallin

Book Free Fallin for your next event.

Free Fallin is a tribute band to the late and great Tom Petty that consists of Tom Brademeyer as Tom Petty, Mark Larsen as Stan Lynch, Russ Lund as Ron Blair, Karl Swartz as Mike Campbell, Dale Peterson as Benmont Tench, and Craig Wolke as Scott Thurston. Free Fallin brings the looks and sound of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers... read full bio

Feelin' Groovy

Book Feelin' Groovy for your next event.

Feelin’ Groovy is a tribute band that performs the best hits of the 1960’s. The show is hosted by Bert Nightingale and during the show you’ll see visuals and will watch go go dancers on stage. Feelin’ Groovy performs hits from artists such as The Beatles, The Doors, Tom Jones, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, and more. This show is perfect... read full bio

Face 2 Face

Book Face 2 Face for your next event.

Face 2 Face is a tribute show to two of the greatest, Elton John and Billy Joel. The tribute show is a high energy interactive show that incorporates comedy onto the stage. Each performer does a solo set before ending the show with the duo performing alongside each other. Billy Joel is led by Elton Lammie and he performs songs... read full bio


Book Faith for your next event.

Faith is an energized tribute band to George Michael that is known for having a faithful sound of George Michael. The tribute band was formed in Toronto, Canada, and they bring together the soul of the George Michael and Wham era with talented band members, costume changes, and backdrops. During a show performed by Faith you’ll hear hit singles such... read full bio

Fresh Horses

Book Fresh Horses for your next event.

Fresh Horses is a high-energy tribute band to one of the greatest country musicians, Garth Brooks. The tribute band is led by Les Smith, who not only sounds just like Brooks, but looks like him as well. During the tribute show you’ll hear hit singles such as “Standing Outside the Fire”, “Midnight Cinderella”, “Rodeo”, “If Tomorrow Never Comes”, “Two Pina... read full bio

Faux Fighters

Book Faux Fighters for your next event.

The Faux Fighters are a tribute band to the rock band Foo Fighters. The tribute band was started after a few different instances of people coming up to the lead singer because they confused him with Dave Grohl. The second time that a group of individuals approached him thinking he was Grohl, they told him that they should start a... read full bio

Fire and Rain

Book Fire and Rain for your next event.

Fire and Rain is a tribute band that captures and sounds and songs of James Taylor. The tribute show is led by lead vocalist and guitarist Marty Damsell who has been performing since he was 8 years old in choir school. During the tribute show you’ll hear songs such as “Everyday”, “Handy Man”, “Something In The Way She Moves”, “Carolina... read full bio

Front Page

Book Front Page for your next event.

Front Page is a high-energy tribute band that covers music of the top 40 from the 70’s to now. The tribute band is based out of Las Vegas and consists of five members, Bobby Bagabaldo, Jennifer Michaels, Rose Bagabaldo, John Bascones and Edward Diansay. Front Page performs genres such as R&B, dance, disco, funk, rock, latin, and of course pop.... read full bio

Franky Perez

Book Franky Perez for your next event.

Franky Perez is a Las Vegas based musician, entertainer and singer-songwriter. He is best known for being the singer for the Finnish band Apocalyptica and he was also the guitarist for Scars on Broadway. Perez has performed alongside Slash in his live band and he’s also worked with Dave Kushner as half of the band DKFXP. Some of Perez’s solo... read full bio

Fleetwood Nicks

Book Fleetwood Nicks for your next event.

Fleetwood Nicks is an authentic Fleetwood Mac tribute band that performs the music of both Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks. During the show you’ll hear hits such as “Go Your Own Way”, “The Chain”, “Dreams”, “Landslide”, “Sisters of the Moon”, “Gold Dust Woman” and many more. Fleetwood Nicks consists of members Julie Torchin, Brad Torchin, Christie Copeland, Dave Davis, Danny... read full bio

Flannel Channel

Book Flannel Channel for your next event.

Flannel Channel is a tribute band to the 90’s era. The tribute band was started after the members of the band felt there wasn’t enough love for the music of the 90’s. Flannel Channel is based out of Las Vegas and performs music such as rock, grunge, pop, R&B and hip-hop. During the tribute show you’ll hear music from artists... read full bio

Firenze Strings

Book Firenze Strings for your next event.

Firenze Strings is a classical musical group that consists of women who have a passion for chamber music. The group is based out of Las Vegas and they have performed locally at venues such as the Smith Center, the Winchester Cultural Center, and the Starbright Theatre. During one of their performances you’ll hear music composed by musicians such as Johannes... read full bio

Felice Garcia

Book Felice Garcia for your next event.

Felice Garcia is an American performer who has graduated from the University of Nevada with a major in Vocal Performance. Garcia has been performing since she was only 9 years old and has performed in local musicals, plays, weddings, bar mitzvahs, parties, and more. She has also completed performing on the Tony award-winning musical, ‘Million Dollar Quartet’. Her other credits... read full bio

Flip Orley

Book Flip Orley for your next event.

Flip Orley is a comedian and hypnotist. He has gained fame after appearing on “The Today Show” and since then, he has gone back on to perform several more times. Some other television series that Orley has been on include, “Space Ghost Coast to Coast” and “Entertainment Tonight”. During his hypnotist show, Orley ensures he isn’t embarrassing his volunteers and... read full bio

French 79

Book French 79 for your next event.

French 79 is an up-and-coming electronic artist from France. After releasing music, French 79 felt he was releasing music that was limited to just France, but he quickly released his music reached an international level that quickly elevated his career. He rose to prominence with the release of the single “Between the Buttons” which was released off of his debut... read full bio


Book Foxwarren for your next event.

Foxwarren is a rock ‘n’ roll band from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, that consists of members Avery Kissick, Andy Shauf, Darryl Kissick, and Dallas Bryson. The rock band is a mixture of siblings as well as childhood friends that have been performing together for over a decade. Their music is a mixture of folk, indie rock, and psychedelia music. After they... read full bio

Flo Milli

Book Flo Milli for your next event.

Tamia Carter, better known as her stage name, Flo Milli, is an American rapper from Mobile, Alabama. Milli found her love for rapping when she was only 11 years old and former a rap group in middle school, Real & Beautiful, which later changed it’s name to Pink Mafia. Milli was inspired by Nicki Minaj’s rapping and from there, she... read full bio

Felice Dunas

Book Felice Dunas for your next event.

Dr. Felice Dunas is an alternative health and sexuality expert, consultant, coach, author, speaker, and acupuncturist. She has been using Ancient Principles to enhance the lives of couples, families, individuals, and workers for over years. Her teachings stem from ancient Chinese Medicine and she has earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology and international health care from UCLA before going on... read full bio

Fatima Doman

Book Fatima Doman for your next event.

Fatima Doman is a best-selling author, speaker, and the founder and CEO of Authentic Strengths Advantage. As a motivational speaker, Doman has spoken on strength and transformation in numerous different countries and is also a voice on engagement, well-being, positive change, and sustainable high performance. Doman has earned her Advanced Executive Coaching Certification from the Columbia Business School Coaching Program... read full bio

Fred Biletnikoff

Book Fred Biletnikoff for your next event.

Fred Biletnikoff is an American former gridiron football player and coach who played as wide receiver. Biletnikoff was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, and while in high school, he found success in sports, which include baseball, basketball, football, and track. He went on to earn All-City honors in basketball and baseball and went on to play college football at Florida State... read full bio

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