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Hank Williams Jr.

Book Hank Williams Jr. for your next event.

Hank Williams Jr. is a country, southern rock, and blues singer-songwriter. He was born in Shreveport, Louisiana to country music singer Hank Williams and went on to start his career covering his father’s songs. When he first started with his own music, he struggled to find his fitting but ended up earning success with his unique blend of country, rock,... read full bio

Hannah Alligood

Book Hannah Alligood for your next event.

Hannah Alligood is an American actress who is best known for playing Frankie Fox in the FX television series “Better Things”. She had a passion for acting since a young age and she would perform in her local community performing in musical theatre, dance, and drama. She went on to make her television debut plying Annabel in “Powers”. From there,... read full bio

Hannah Beachler

Book Hannah Beachler for your next event.

Hannah Beachler is an American production designer who is best known for her work on films such as “Creed,” “Miles Ahead,” “Moonlight,” and “Black Panther.” Her work with Black Panther on it’s Afrofuturist design direction earned her an Academy Award for Best Production Design, making her the first African-American to be nominated in the category, and the first to win.... read full bio

Hannah Berner

Book Hannah Berner for your next event.

Hannah Berner, who represented the University of Wisconsin in competitive tennis, was born in Brooklyn, New York. She made her comic debut by creating viral tweets and movies on Instagram that she also directed, edited and acted in. Giggly Squad and Berning In Hell, two of her podcasts, have received over 20 million downloads. She cohosted Bravo's Chat Room, spent three... read full bio

Hannah Brewer

Book Hannah Brewer for your next event.

Sydney's inner-west is home to singer-songwriter Hannah Brewer. She was exposed to a variety of instruments and musical genres at an early age, having grown up in a family of classically educated musicians. She played the trumpet, guitar, French horn, keys, and, regrettably, the drums for a short while. She has been composing songs with musicians like Hanni, Chloe Parche,... read full bio

Hannah Bronfman

Book Hannah Bronfman for your next event.

Hannah Marcina Bronfman is a DJ, social media influencer, and businesswoman based in Manhattan, United States of America. She was one of the co-founders of Beautified, a smartphone application that has since been discontinued and was used to locate last-minute beauty services. Sherry Brewer, an African-American actress, was Bronfman's mother. Her father, Edgar Bronfman Jr., was the former CEO of... read full bio

Hannah Brown

Book Hannah Brown for your next event.

American television personality Hannah Kelsey Brown, a previous winner of beauty pageants, is well-known in the entertainment industry. She became well-known after playing the lead in season 15 of the well-liked reality TV program The Bachelorette. She was born on September 24, 1994. Hannah first captured audiences as a contestant on season 23 of The Bachelor, when she made it... read full bio

Hannah Dasher

Book Hannah Dasher for your next event.

Hannah Dasher is an up-and-coming country music singer-songwriter from Coastal Georgia. As a songwriter, Dasher has recently added her name to Brad Paisley’s song “Go to Bed Early”, which she also sings background vocals on. As a musician, Dasher has released singles, “The Tree” and “Stoned Age”. Recently Dasher has toured with The Cadillac Three and has performed at CMA... read full bio

Hannah Diamond

Book Hannah Diamond for your next event.

Hyper realistic self-portraits, commercial photography work and releases with label PC Music are what make musician and visual artist Hannah Diamond notorious.  She has been a figurehead on the roster of PC Music since the label's founding in 2013, recognized for her signature electric pop sound. Hannah gained support after releasing the singles "Pink and Blue", "Every Night", "Fade Away" and "Reflections". She has worked with artists like A.G. Cook,... read full bio

Hannah Einbinder

Book Hannah Einbinder for your next event.

Hannah Einbinder is an up-and-coming stand-up comedian from Los Angeles, California. She recently gained attention after being named a New Face at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal. She’s also been featured in NPR’s 10 standout picks in the category. Einbinder has previously wrote and starred in “Golf News: Things You Should Know” which was featured on Tyler The... read full bio

Hannah Ellis

Book Hannah Ellis for your next event.

Hannah Ellis began her career in the ministry in a church in Campbellsville, Kentucky. The country singer-songwriter discovered songwriting at an early age and quickly realized that she had a natural talent for the field. Ellis rose to prominence on a global scale as she memorialized the passing of her cousin with the composition of a song named "Officer Down."... read full bio

Hannah Emily Anderson

Book Hannah Emily Anderson for your next event.

Hannah Emily Anderson is an up-and-coming actress best known for her roles as Sarah Jane in “Gangland Undercover”, and Chloe Channing in “Shoot the Messenger”. In addition to acting, Anderson also writes, directs, and produces, and did so for a short film titled “Come Back”. Anderson got her start in acting when she was cast for guest roles in television... read full bio

Hannah Fry

Book Hannah Fry for your next event.

The research of Hannah Fry is relevant to a wide range of social issues and problems from transportation and commerce to urban crime, riots and terrorism. She is an award-winning science presenter, best-selling author, mathematician and host of a number of well-liked podcasts and television programs. Bloomberg debuted Hannah Fry's brand-new series, The Future with Hannah Fry, which featured her trademark wit and intellectual... read full bio

Hannah Gadsby

Book Hannah Gadsby for your next event.

Hannah Gadsby is an Australian comedian and writer who began to gain international fame with the success of her Netflix special “Nanette”. She is also well known for writing and playing herself in the television series “Please Like Me” and “Adam Hills in Gordon St Tonight”. She graduated from the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in... read full bio

Hannah Georgas

Book Hannah Georgas for your next event.

Hannah Georgas is an indie-pop artist, who gained popularity with her very first EP, The Beat Stuff. The EP was heard on CBC Radio 3, who also named Georgas Best New Artist at their Bucky Awards. Shortly after, Wal-Mart selected her to write a song for their fall campaign; “You’ve Got a Place Called Home” was born. The original version... read full bio

Hannah Gordon

Book Hannah Gordon for your next event.

Hannah Gordon is an up-and-coming Canadian actress from Ottawa, Ontario. She began her career acting on stage and has earned her B.F.A. in Performance Acting from Ryerson University. Upon graduating, Gordon began acting in short films before making her film debut playing Ash in “Scarecrows.” Since then, her film credits have gone on to include “Hurt,” “Belushi’s Toilet,” “The Silence,”... read full bio

Hannah Grace

Book Hannah Grace for your next event.

Hannah Grace is a Welsh jazz-pop singer-songwriter and pianist from Cardiff, Wales. Grace has previously studied jazz vocals at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and her music is a mixture of soul and jazz and she has found influence in various artists which include Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Nicks, Aretha Franklin, and Joni Mitchell. While studying jazz vocals, Grace... read full bio

Hannah Grae

Book Hannah Grae for your next event.

Intense emotions like angst, rage, upset, and envy permeate Hannah's writing. With a cross-genre keen bite, Hell Is A Teenage Girl chops the head off pop culture's favorite lies, cursing the loss of youth and unfulfilled promises of the teenage dream. Hannah Grae, lamenting the school years she was never able to enjoy, offers a Gen-Z perspective on both the... read full bio

Hannah Gross

Book Hannah Gross for your next event.

Hannah Gross is a Canadian actress who is best known for playing Debbie Mitford in the Netflix original series “Mindhunter”. Gross was born in Toronto, Ontario, and is the daughter of Martha Burns and Paul Gross. She has studied at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts where earned her B.A. in Theatre. Gross made her acting debut in... read full bio

Hannah Hart

Book Hannah Hart for your next event.

Hannah Hart started posting her first YouTube series My Drunk Kitchen back in March of 2011 and it very quickly took off. The first episode was just her talking to her friend over webcam, drinking wine and attempting to make grilled cheese without cheese. In just two months of posting, she decided to quit her regular job in order to... read full bio

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