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Book Yvad for your next event.

Kevin “Yvad” Davy is a singer-songwriter who was formerly the lead singer of The Bob Marley Wailers Band. Yvad currently has his own band called One Tribe Band which is based out of Miami, Florida. The group performs a mixture of roots, rock, reggae, modern reggae, rock and ska music. As a solo artist, Yvad started his career at Tuff... read full bio

Yussef Dayes

Book Yussef Dayes for your next event.

Young drummer and producer Yussef Dayes, one of the most exciting and inventive in the UK, has been deeply immersed in jazz for as long as he can remember. He has been honing his sound ever since his father gave him his first drum set when he was four years old. He is most recognized for his work with his... read full bio


Book Yuridia for your next event.

Yuridia launched into stardom after her second-place win in the fourth season of ‘La Academia’, a Mexican reality television show. At the age of 19, Yuridia became one of the highest selling artists in Mexico. Earning the nickname, ‘Vos de un Ángel’, inspired her debut album’s title, 'La Voz de un Ángel'. Her debut album went on to achieve 2x... read full bio

Yuri Bashmet

Book Yuri Bashmet for your next event.

Yuri Bashmet is a Russian conductor, violinist, and violist. He is a direct patrilineal descendant of Besht. He has also collaborated as soloist and conductor with some of the most celebrated string players of his time, including Rostropovich, Stern, Kremer, Mutter, and Mintz, as well as with keyboard legends like Richter and Argerich. In December 1988, Yuri Bashmet won much... read full bio


Book Yuno for your next event.

Yuno is an up-and-coming pop musician based out of Jacksonville, Florida. While growing up, Yuno had a broad musical upbringing as his parents were from the UK but had Jamaican descent. Yuno found his love for music through his local skateboarding subculture and whenever his friends would play video games or watch skate videos he would always love listening to... read full bio


Book Yungpalo for your next event.

There is now no avoiding Yungpalo when it comes to up-and-coming German rappers. It's likely that the artist will appear on Altona's significant year-end lists. The evidence is in the over ten million streaming of "Tokyo Drift" and the buzz around "Jung Dumm Gutsehend," the bass player for Bombaclart's debut solo tape released. Yunpalo plans to go on his first... read full bio


Book YungManny for your next event.

YungManny is an American rapper from Hilmeade, Maryland. He is best known for songs such as “Bitcoin”, “Moana”, “Twerk”, “First Day Out”, and “Stripes”. YungManny has released an album “Hey Manny 2” and is known for talking about youth pop culture references in his music. YungManny mixes in Christianity into his music and has used a power drill in a... read full bio


Book YungManny for your next event.

American rapper YungManny, real name Emmanuel Okanlawon, is from Bowie, Maryland. YungManny, who was born on October 3, 2003, is well-known for his distinctive style, which includes references to characters from Hello Kitty, Moana, The Magic School Bus, and Stuart Little in his music. A power drill was used in place of a pistol in YungManny's music video for "Bonfire Pt.... read full bio


Book Yungblud for your next event.

Dominic Harrison, better known as Yungblud, is a rising rock-inspired pop artist from Yorkshire, England. With his infectious energy and rebellious attitude, Yungblud has taken the music world by storm with his unique sound that mixes rock, hip-hop, and indie elements. Yungblud has produced a genre-bending style that distinguishes out from the pack, drawing inspiration from Arctic Monkeys, Jamie T, and... read full bio

Yung Tory

Book Yung Tory for your next event.

Yung Tory is an up-and-coming rapper from Canada who gained popularity after the release of his debut album, “Free Dope”. Since the release of Free Dope, Yung Tory has released three more albums, “Still Here”, “Free Dope 2” and “Rastar”. Some of Yung Tory’s most popular songs include “Netflix & Chill”, “Told You”, “Friends”, “MIZU”, “Henny Dance”, “Said You Love... read full bio

Yung Singh

Book Yung Singh for your next event.

Yung Singh  has spent the summer advancing from a local phenomenon to a dazzling continental star, making him one of the most intriguing DJs on the European circuit. Being an open format DJ, Singh's performances can include anything from hip-hop to trance to grime, jungle and DnB mixed with Punjabi folk to garage, UK funk and everything in between. His era-defining Boiler Room set... read full bio

Yung Pinch

Book Yung Pinch for your next event.

Blake Sandoval, better known as Yung Pinch, is a young American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Huntington Beach, California. Yung Pinch, who was born on April 6, 1997, grew up in a musical family and was exposed to numerous forms of music at a young age. He began recording music in high school and swiftly rose to prominence on SoundCloud... read full bio

Yung Lean

Book Yung Lean for your next event.

Yung Lean, otherwise known as Jonatan Leandoer Hastad, is a rapper, singer, and songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden. Inspired by his father who was a poet, author, and translator, Yung Lean was able to develop his own sense of artistic style. Yung Lean also cites influences from hip-hop stars Nas, 50 Cent, and The Latin Kings. He has released a total... read full bio

Yung Joc

Book Yung Joc for your next event.

Coming from College Park, Georgia, Jasiel Robinson is a rapper better known as Young Joc. His first hit song, It's Goin Down" put him on the map and got him signed to Bad Boy Records, which is Sean "P. Diddy" Combs's record label. His first album New Joc City debuted at number 3 on the Billboard 200 and it sold... read full bio

Yung Gravy

Book Yung Gravy for your next event.

Yung Gravy is a rapper and music producer from Madison, Wisconsin. He began his career by releasing music on SoundCloud where he quickly gained a large following of over 67,000 in less than two years. Yung Gravy describes his music as an interesting blend of 50’s and 60’s oldies soul, and modern trap music. Some of his musical influences include... read full bio

Yung Fazo

Book Yung Fazo for your next event.

"The next brown boy to make it" is Long Island's Yung Fazo. Fazo has been working toward his goal since he first released Let Me Love You back and has spent a lot of time preparing for his takeover. From begging someone to open up their heart to his most recent Flex Like This release, the shift was seamless and... read full bio

Yung Bleu

Book Yung Bleu for your next event.

American rapper and musician Yung Bleu, whose real name is Jeremy Biddle, was born in Mobile, Alabama, on April 4, 1994. He started his music career in 2013, and a series of mixtapes helped him become well-known in the Southern music industry. With the release of his singles "Miss It" and "Ice on My Baby" from the mixtape Investments 4,... read full bio

Yung Bans

Book Yung Bans for your next event.

Vas Coleman, better known as his stage name Yung Bans, is an American rapper and songwriter who was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and has also lived in Atlanta, Georgia. Yung Bans began rapping when he was in middle school under the name Ban Boy, or Banboi, but waited until he was in high school to decide he wanted to... read full bio

Yung Bae

Book Yung Bae for your next event.

Dallas Cotton, better known as his stage name, Yung Bae, is a musician and future funk producer. Bae started his career as a music producer based out of Portland, Orgeon. He started studying at Oregon State University but left after four months to pursue a musical career full time. Since then, he’s gone to release his debut album entitled, “Bae”.... read full bio

Yung Baby Tate

Book Yung Baby Tate for your next event.

Tate Farris, better known as her stage name, Yung Baby Tate, is an American rapper, singer, and record producer from Decatur, Georgia. She is the daughter of Dionne Farris and David Ryan Harris and from a young age, always knew she wanted to pursue a musical career. Tate began dancing and learning how to play the piano at a young... read full bio

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