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Lance Secretan

Book Lance Secretan for your next event.

What makes some people so unique that they become a beacon for the rest of us How do they achieve breakthroughs and unique accomplishments that others merely hope for How do they inspire us to do things we would not otherwise be able to do on our own In other words, what makes a great leader, and how do they... read full bio

Laura Goodrich

Book Laura Goodrich for your next event.

Creating a Mindset for Change Do you and your organization have the needed agility to maneuver the road ahead Let Laura Goodrich help. Laura is a Workforce Innovator, experienced in transformation and change. With over 20 years of working with organizations leading change, Laura has learned that without the right mindset you will never be able to gain the needed momentum to create... read full bio

Leigh Rubin

Book Leigh Rubin for your next event.

A Very Twisted view of our Pop Culture World. We live in a pop culture world, a world filled with our favorite films, music, monsters and myths. It's a world of rock stars and scientists who rocked the world. It's a world of founding fathers, fiction, fast food, fairy tales and fantasy. A world of sit-coms, superheroes, sleuths, sci-fi, surrealists, and... read full bio

Les McKeown

Book Leigh Rubin for your next event.

Les advises CEOs and senior leaders of organizations on how to achieve scalable, sustainable growth and speaks to Fortune 500 companies about his breakthrough strategies. Prior to founding Predictable Success LLC, Les established himself as a serial founder/owner in the global business spectrum, starting more than 40 companies, in addition to being the founding partner of an incubation consulting company that... read full bio

Lew Bayer, Renowned Civility Expert

Book Lew Bayer, Renowned Civility Expert for your next event.

Lew believes that "Civility is its own reward". She suggests that "In choosing civility, people find their best self, and in doing so, they experience the grace, courage, generosity, humanity, and humility that civility engenders." LEW BAYER ... read full bio

Linda Anne Leclerc

Book Linda Anne Leclerc for your next event.

It was following a car accident that Linda Leclerc discovered laughter yoga. Her first contact with the method was in the spring of 2003, when she was a stressed out manager and a "serious and responsible adult". Not only did she start laughing again (Halleluia!) but the pain she had been experiencing ever since the accident diminished significantly until it... read full bio

Linda Cahan

Book Linda Cahan for your next event.

Linda Cahan is an internationally recognized expert in visual merchandising with over 35 years of marketplace experience. She helps stores look and feel better to sell more. Linda's breadth of experience is in all segments of retail working with hundreds of independent retailers as well as major retail corporations as a Visual Merchandising and Store Design consultant. She was featured... read full bio

Linda Marshall

Book Linda Marshall for your next event.

After the culmination of a fulfilling 32-year career in senior roles, Linda Marshall is now the proud president of Marshall Connects, TV Host of Business Wellness aired on Cable 14, and Author of aGiving Back, How to Find Your Personal Joy and Make a Difference to Others'. As an espeakers expert, Linda facilitates workshops, consulting services and offers motivational speaking to... read full bio

Liz Goodgold

Book Liz Goodgold for your next event.

5 Sizzling Secrets for the Creating the Brand Called YOU! Many executives and entrepreneurs believe that branding is only for big consumer product companies with even bigger budgets. But, the truth is that employees who harness the power of personal branding reach their career goals faster and with higher salaries; entrepreneurs who embrace personal branding principles boost their visibility and profitability.... read full bio

Mache Seibel, MD

Book Mache Seibel, MD for your next event.

It's not easy to talk about health issues in a way that captivates the audience and makes them walk away and want to take action. Dr. Mache will give your audiences the information and inspiration they need to stay healthy, happy, and productive. Your audience will learn to: Overcome barriers to good health Get out... read full bio

Manny Showalter

Book Manny Showalter for your next event.

Manny Showalter holds a bachelor degree in business, and is the founder of Sandra Showalter Williams Youth foundation. Showalter is the author of the book A Blueprint for Financial Success, Learn How To Play The Game, in addition to being the author of The Cookie. He owns several businesses, one being Mandaylan Productions, an entertainment company that writes movie and... read full bio

Marc Gordon

Book Marc Gordon for your next event.

MORE THAN FRIENDS: HOW COMPANIES CAN BE MORE SUCCESSFUL ON SOCIAL MEDIA BY BEING LESS SOCIAL. Has your organization seen the benefits of social media More sales, increased awareness, viral videos, trending topics, online communities talking about how awesome your products are For most, the answer is no. And for the most part, it's not their fault - or yours. Social media... read full bio

Marc Weiss DJ CHEF

Book Marc Weiss DJ CHEF for your next event.

Marc Weiss, The Chef That Rocks, is the only entertainer who simultaneously cooks & deejays for special events world wide. Marc will deejay the event while serving up a gourmet food tasting. This format can be embellished by adding an interactive cooking demo with the honoree or a volunteer, video simulcast, dancer/servers, lighting etc. Hes a big hit at fundraisers,... read full bio

Marcedes M. Fuller

Book Marcedes M. Fuller  for your next event.

To the speaking industry and the clients he serves, Marcedes M. Fuller is regarded as an authentic speaker and innovative communicator known for his intelligence, image, and the inspirational impact he leaves on every audience. Marcedes is emerging nationally as a leading motivational speaker, success coach, author, and trusted consultant. Dynamic, empowered, and motivated are just a few words used to... read full bio

Mark Frauenfelder

Book Mark Frauenfelder for your next event.

Mark Frauenfelder is the founder of Boing Boing, a blog about cultural curiosities and interesting technologies with five million monthly unique viewers and the winner of the Bloggies' Lifetime Achievement and Best Group Blog awards. He's the founding editor-in-chief of MAKE, the only magazine exclusively devoted to do-it-yourself projects. He's the founding editor-in-chief of Wired Online, and was an editor... read full bio

Marquis Jones

Book Marquis Jones for your next event.

i face street gangs bullying death and more ... read full bio

Matt Episcopo

Book Matt Episcopo for your next event.

As a highly decorated law enforcement veteran and the author of "How To Gain The Upper Hand, P.O.W.E.R. Tactics That Get Leaders Results", Matt Episcopo has taken his structure, discipline and training and helped thousands of people just like you. Since he was a young boy, Matt consistently went out of his way to help others. At the age of 16,... read full bio

Michael Margolis

Book Michael Margolis for your next event.

Top Reason To Book Michael: Event needs * Your audience is the midst of a reframe/re-think/reposition/reinvention * You have a theme of innovation, change, or community-building for your event * You have a difficult or complex high-stakes message that needs to be conveyed * You want an interactive experience where people authentically connect with each other * You want a digital native who can talk... read full bio

Michael Solomon

Book Michael Solomon for your next event.

Known as "The Motivator" Michael Solomon, is a former NYPD Detective and bestselling author, he is the survivor of a bizarre double murder attempt on his life. During his tenure in the intelligence division, he was assigned to protect the Shah of Iran and Madame Chang of Taiwan. He has personally met four U.S. Presidents. Michael was assigned as... read full bio

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