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Arctic Monkeys

Book Arctic Monkeys for your next event.

Arctic Monkeys' impressive debut album is titled Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not. It entered the Billboard charts at #24, an unprecedented accomplishment for a debut act on an independent label. They put on an energetic live show and have a rapidly expanding and increasingly rabid fan base. Their intoxicating debut single ""I Bet You Look Good... read full bio

Ari Roar

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Ari Roar, or Caleb Ian Campbell, is an alternative indie artist from Dallas, Texas. Growing up, Campbell was inspired by his town to create music. Pursuing music became Campbells full time job after deciding college wasnt on his future repertoire. Travelling between Dallas and Miami Beach, Campbell started his musical journey. Writing and recording music was Campbells passion, and it... read full bio


Book Aristofreeks for your next event.

The Aristofreeks is the name of the funky beast that comprises of DMX mixing championship finalist Max Martire (Space/Amnesia Ibiza/Warner Music) and the internationally renowned producer Shanti Matkin alias Matt King. Both combine exceptional musical skills with a musical background that ensures their aim to reinject modern house music into Disco classics plus producing new tunes that maintain the Disco... read full bio


Book ARIZONA for your next event.

ARIZONA is an alternative/indie/electronic/pop band from New Jersey who has performed at many notable events and festivals such as: Hangout Fest, Bottlerock Napa, Governor’s Ball, Firefly Music Festival, Westword Music Showcase, and Lollapalooza. ARIZONA consists of members Zachary Charles, Nathan Esquite and David Labuguen and the trio met while studying at Berklee College of Music and Emerson College. After starting... read full bio


Book Arkells for your next event.

Arkells are a multiple Juno Award-winning band who have solidified themselves as Canadian rock radio mainstays. Named after Arkell Street in Hamilton, which is near where the band was born at McMaster University. Early on in their musical career, the band toured with Matt Mays & El Torpedo as their opening act. They later toured across Canada with Waking Eyes,... read full bio

Arlo Guthrie

Book Arlo Guthrie for your next event.

Arlo Guthrie is the son of famed folk artist Woody Guthrie. His music continues the legacy of his father with social conscience themes and songs that have become American staples, such as Alice's Restaurant" and "The City of New Orleans." With songs like "Alice's Restaurant", too long for radio airplay; "Coming into Los Angeles", banned from many radio stations but... read full bio

Armchair Cynics

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Comprised of band members Ryan Rae, Kenn Coutu, Brendan Walker, and Aran Puritch, the Armchair Cynics are a rock band from Victoria, British Columbia. They perform rock music inspired by their own personal tastes. From British rock music to the sounds of the Killers, a little bit of multi-genre rock flair is added to each of their tracks. The band... read full bio

Armstrong Leigh

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Armstrong Leigh is an alternative band comprised of Michelle Armstrong and Cristopher Leigh. They got together when they met at a Bruce Springsteen concert. Based in Austin, Texas, the duo performs eclectic, reflective melodies. Artists like Bruce, Patti Smith, and Depeche Mode inspire them. Armstrongs voice is unlike any others, and Leighs guitar playing is incomparable. They meld their styles... read full bio

Arrow Benjamin

Book Arrow Benjamin for your next event.

Dean McIntosh, known as Arrow Benjamin, is a singer and songwriter from London, England. He is best known for his work as a solo artist, but has also collaborated with a variety of artists. He has provided vocals for Naughty Boy and Beyonce and co-wrote songs for artists like Major Lazer and Labrinth. His feature in the single Runnin (Lose... read full bio

Art Alexakis

Book Art Alexakis for your next event.

As the platinum blonde front man for Everclear, Art Alexakis was a key player in the mid-90s alternative rock movement that exploded right as the grunge movement began to fade. Everclear has three albums that have reached platinum status and have also started up the Summerland Tour, featuring other 90’s alternative bands. The solo show features Art scaled down without... read full bio

Artificial Pleasure

Book Artificial Pleasure for your next event.

Artificial Pleasure is a London-based group molding music genres. has described their sounds as tight, hypnotic, and [eluding] many other artists. The group has only released two singles, Ill Make It Worth Your While and Bolt From The Blue. Artists such as Bowie, Talking Heads, and DAF influence Artificial Pleasure. Their funky groove sound is sure to enthrall audiences... read full bio

Arts Fishing Club

Book Arts Fishing Club for your next event.

Arts Fishing Club is an American indie-folk band based out of Nashville, Tennessee, that consists of Christopher Kessenich, Matt Siffert, Jimi Greene, Brian Kempson, and Peter Eddins. Arts Fishing Club was first formed by Christopher Kessenich and he later met with Siffert at a songwriters campfire. From there, the duo began writing songs together and then added in Eddins who... read full bio

Ash Koosha

Book Ash Koosha for your next event.

Ashkan Kooshanejad, known as Ash Koosha, is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and futurist from London. The artist creates alternative electronic music filled with synth, bass, and guitar sounds. Ash Koosha is best known for his creation of a virtual reality album. The album is filled with multisensory experiences, combining sound and video to achieve a heightened sense of engagement with... read full bio


Book Astro for your next event.

Astro is an indie band from Santiago, Chile. The band formed when Andres Nusser agreed to perform in southern Chile at a ski resort in exchange for 3 days of free stay. He didn't have a band so he created one with members of Moustache! and Caviares. The band released its first full length album called Astro and despite being... read full bio

Atlas Genius

Book Atlas Genius for your next event.

Atlas Genius is an Australian band who hit the charts with a song they wrote and produced in their own garage studio, with no producer or label. The song ""Trojans"", within an hour, was on the Triple J Unearthed Website, SoundCloud, and for sale via TuneCore on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify worldwide. “Trojans” began selling over a thousand tracks per... read full bio

Atlas Sound

Book Atlas Sound for your next event.

Bradford Cox performs under the moniker, Atlas Sound. He is best known as the lead singer of the indie rock band, Deerhunter, but has released several solo albums. Atlas Sound creates works that cannot be achieved in a five-piece rock band. His sounds are experimental, focusing on using distorted guitar and light vocals to create an indie, avant-pop sound. The... read full bio

Attica Riots

Book Attica Riots for your next event.

Attica Riots are a Canadian alternative indie band from Winnipeg that consists of members Bobby Desjarlais, Anders Erickson and Kyle Erickson. The three came together after they found they had a cosmic musical connection, all of them being on the same page and none of them having any egos, opinions, or dominant personalities. Since joining forces, Attica Riots have released... read full bio


Book Au/Ra for your next event.

Jamie Lou Stenzel, better known as her stage name, Au/Ra is an Antiguan-German singer-songwriter. She rose to fame after the release of her debut single, “Concrete Jungle”, which gained over 15 million streams in a short amount of time. After that, she gained more fame after the release of her single “Panic Room”, which peaked at number 48 on the... read full bio


Book Audien for your next event.

Audien is a famed electronic producer known for his Grammy nomination for Best Artist/Best Remix for the track “Pompeii” by Bastille. His releases include Enhanced, Armada, Black Hole, Perceptive, and Nervous. He has also remixed tracks for many artists including Halsey, Nick Jonas, Van Halen, Coldplay, Armin Van Buren, and Bruno Mars, among many others. Audien's tracks have been featured... read full bio

Aunty Social

Book Aunty Social for your next event.

Daniela Gitto, better known as her stage name Aunty Social, is an up-and-coming alternative singer-songwriter from Toronto, Ontario. Aunty Social is a name that comes from Gitto being able to get out of a toxic lifestyle and used music as a type of therapy to help her with mental health issues. After she began focusing on music, Aunty Social released... read full bio

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