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Villano Antillano

Book Villano Antillano for your next event.

Villano Antillano, a compelling musician from Puerto Rico's energetic streets, has carved out a distinctive route for himself in the music and entertainment industries. In Puerto Rico, Villano was a pioneer of the Queer movement within the urban genre known for a compelling and ground-breaking musical style that is both difficult and irreverent. Villano Antillano, who uses music to honor the Puerto Rican... read full bio

Paula Cendejas

Book Paula Cendejas for your next event.

The visionary artist of our time Paula Cendejas has made a remarkable impact on the music business with her ethereal voice and genre-defying creativity. Cendejas, a native of Madrid, made her worldwide debut with the lovely song "Tu Amor Es Mi Piel," her first single, which displayed her singing prowess. Since then, she has won praise from critics and a... read full bio

Maikel Delacalle

Book Maikel Delacalle for your next event.

Maikel Delacalle, a native of the energetic streets of San Juan, has made an incredible journey from local phenomenon to global legend. His success in the Latin music charts and critical praise for songs like "Amuleto," "Mi Nena" and "Subiendo de Nivel" have cemented his status as a major force in the business. The blend of Reggaeton, Trap and R&B in Maikel Delacalle's... read full bio

Dani Ribba

Book Dani Ribba for your next event.

Argentinian rapper Dani Ribba got his start in the music industry competing in freestyle matches at storied festivals like Halabalusa. He immediately rose to prominence in the circuit as a result of his inherent gift for rhyme, standing out for his extraordinary abilities in classic El Quinto Escalón contests and subsequently in memorable matches during the first season of FMS... read full bio

Christian Alicea

Book Christian Alicea for your next event.

Christian Alicea, who is hailed as the newest emerging talent in the tropical music scene, finds musical inspiration in his Puerto Rican heritage, his upbringing and his love of Latin music. One of the few new salsa musicians, Christian Alicea, is creating quite a stir. Christian has positioned himself in the top 25 of the Billboard: Tropical Airplay charts in the... read full bio


Book Lamira for your next event.

Lamira's mesmerizing fusion of Caribbean rhythms and contagious Reggaeton sounds is already making waves in the world music arena. This gifted Venezuelan performer, who was born on the Caribbean coast's sun-kissed sands, brings the lyrical spirit of her heritage to Sydney's bustling metropolis. Lamira was born and reared in San Fernando de Apure, Venezuela, where she was exposed to a wide... read full bio


Book CHESCA for your next event.

Chesca, who was influenced by music legends like Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Aretha Franklin, fell in love with music and entertainment at a very young age. She was born into a musically inclined family in Puerto Rico. In addition to attending many performing academies, Chesca's father gave her the lead vocal position in his cover band, "Flashback," giving her the... read full bio


Book CRRDR for your next event.

In an effort to trick listeners into thinking he is a pioneer of Latin Tekno and Latin Core, CRRDR, the founder of Traaampaaa and co-founder and producer of Muakk, has developed a proposal based on the exploration of Latin rhythms with electronic music. He has created sets that combine tribal rhythms and explore various amalgamations of Latin club music. His... read full bio


Book Paskman for your next event.

Paskman is a promising musician who is rapidly gaining recognition for his ability to blend tech house with traditional Latin sounds. Millions of streams and nearly as many supporters in the dance music industry have been amassed by him. His sardonic cover of "Chiquetere" by Raffa Villalba was the summer hit, garnering support from Sonny Fodera, Wax Motif, Hugel, Bingo... read full bio


Book SNO for your next event.

Born Selina Nongaliphe Oliphant, SNO is a South African township resident. She grew up during the apartheid era and has always considered music as a source of hope and power for the oppressed. She currently resides in Manchester, where she is deeply ingrained in the vibrant music scene. She used to broadcast a monthly show on NTS Radio Manchester and a... read full bio


Book Yemanjo for your next event.

Ben Harris is a producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist. His project is called Yemanjo. Harris was up in the culturally diverse Bay Area of California, and his frequent travels have exposed him to a wide variety of global music styles. Yemanjo's sound is a distinctive blend of organic house beats and downtempo music with sounds from the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.... read full bio

Diles Que No Me Maten

Book Diles Que No Me Maten for your next event.

Diles Que No Me Maten is an Experimental / Psychodelic / Post-Punk / Krautrock band formed and located in Mexico City. The band was formed as a result of the quest of brothers Raul Ponce (drums) and Gerardo Ponce (guitar) who were searching to form a band. During this quest, they came upon bassist Andrés Lupone. They began as a... read full bio

Blanco Teta

Book Blanco Teta for your next event.

Blanco Teta is about raw energy, full of force, all coupled with simply fantastic music. The band characterizes its music as an experimental rock project with the aggression and simplicity of punk but with a huge twist: unrelenting distorted noise soundscapes, edgy performance, transfeminist concept, and avant-garde approach. Based in Buenos Aires, this foursome is a fantastic live act with a... read full bio

La Santa Grifa

Book La Santa Grifa for your next event.

Mexican hardcore rap trio La Santa Grifa hails from Tampico, Tamaulipas. The trio writes gritty, explicit songs about drugs, booze, and street life. They are inspired by bands such as Control Machete and Cartel de Santa. They frequently combine fast-paced rapping with slow, sinister music. Over the years, they have changed up their lineup, although Yusak, Reghos, Toldeck, and Waza... read full bio


Book Albita for your next event.

Albita is a Cuban American singer who has performed with Celia Cruz, Willy Chirino, Phil Collins, Tony Bennett, Gilberto Gil, Juan Luis Guerra, Daniela Mercury, Miriam Makeba, Arturo Sandoval, Paquito DRivera and Melissa Ethridge. She has been invited to perform four Presidential functions, including two inaugurations. She founded her own label Angel's Dawn Records" under which she produced and launched... read full bio

Jose Luis Rodriguez

Book Jose Luis Rodriguez for your next event.

José Luis Rodríguez is a Venezuelan singer and actor who has recorded many international super hits and participated in a handful of telenovelas. Some of his more famous hits include: Dueño de Nada, Culpable Soy Yo, Pavo Real, and Agarrense De Las Manos. He also serves as a coach and mentor on the Argentine version of The Voice.... read full bio

Marcelo Molina

Book Marcelo Molina for your next event.

Born and raised in Argentina, singer/songwriter, actor, and fashion model Marcelo Molina started getting involved in show business while working as a radio announcer and TV actor in soap operas produced throughout Latin America. He attended the Spanish Performance Arts Academy while living in Madrid. In 1999, Marcelo Molina had the opportunity to sing along with Jos Carreras, Plcido Domingo,... read full bio

Xavier Cugat Orchestra

Book Xavier Cugat Orchestra for your next event.

Xavier Cugat's name is synonymous with Latin-American music; he is one of the best-known musicians in this genre of music. The reason is simple: Cugat, always a superb showman, succeeded in presenting the music of South America to the American public in a most captivating manner, never losing it's authentic threads in the quilt he wove of musical colors and... read full bio

Alejandro Escovedo

Book Alejandro Escovedo for your next event.

Alejandro Escovedo is a musician and uncle to musician Shiela E. He has opened for the Sex Pistols as a member of the Nuns, he formed with the True Believers and launched a solo career that has produced more than a dozen albums. Alejandro Escovedo has maintained a punk rocker’s spirit. His song, We Used to be Friends, also appears... read full bio

El General

Book El General for your next event.

El General is a Panamanian Reggae artist considered by some to be one of the Fathers of Reggaeton. During the early 1990s, he initiated the Spanish spoken dancehall that would later become reggaeton. Early examples of this were the international and somewhat mainstream songs, Te Ves Buena and Tu Pum Pum. Both songs, performed in Spanish rap, were very successful... read full bio

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