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Logan Shroyer

Book Logan Shroyer for your next event.

Logan Shroyer is an American actor and producer best known for his role as a young Kevin in the critically acclaimed television series “This Is Us”. Previous to his breakout role in “This Is Us”, Shroyer got his start on the television movie “Westside”. From there, he was seen as Cole Campbell on “The Thundermans”, then was on “The Tomorrow... read full bio

Madison McLaughlin

Book Madison McLaughlin for your next event.

Madison McLaughlin is an American actress best known for her roles as Kris Slater on “Major Crimes”, Michelle Sovana on “Chicago P.D.”, and Evelyn Sharp/Artemis on “Arrow”. McLaughlin was practically born into the spotlight and was on her first commercial at only two years old. From there she took acting classes and participated in her school plays in elementary school... read full bio

Malese Jow

Book Malese Jow for your next event.

Malese Jow, also known as Melise, is an American actress and singer best known for her roles as Geena on the television series “Unfabulous”, Anna on “Big Time Rush”, Anna Zhu on “The Vampire Diaries”, and Mareth on “The Shannara Chronicles”. Jow got her start on the television series “Barney & Friends”, but what made her a known actress was... read full bio

Matthew Davis

Book Matthew Davis for your next event.

Matthew Davis is an American actor. He is best known for his roles as Warner in Legally Blonde, Adam Hillman in ABC comedy-drama What About Brian, and the CW fantasy drama The Vampire Diaries where he plays Alaric Saltzman. Davis experience has led to his inclusion in a multitude of other films and small roles in television series. Some other... read full bio

Michael Malarkey

Book Michael Malarkey for your next event.

Michael Malarkey is best known for his role as Enzo in The Vampire Diaries. Malarkey perfected his performing skills at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. He has starred in various theater productions including The Great Gatsby, Million Dollar Quartet, Beyond the Horizon, and The Intervention. Apart from his acting career, Malarkey also explores music. He has released... read full bio

Niles Fitch

Book Niles Fitch for your next event.

Niles Fitch is an American actor, and model, best known for his role as young Randall on the television series “This Is Us”. Apart from acting on television, Fitch has been seen in many commercials, a few films, has done modeling for several brands, and has been seen on theater. Fitch started his career in entertainment in modeling when he... read full bio

Nolan Gould

Book Nolan Gould for your next event.

Nolan Gould is an American actor best known for his role as Luke Dunphy on the television sitcom “Modern Family”. Gould is a very intelligent human being and is a member of Mensa and graduated high school at 13 years old. He also stated on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he has an IQ of 150. Gould started his entertainment... read full bio

Pam Grier

Book Pam Grier for your next event.

Pam Grier is an actress that was most popular in the 1970’s for her roles in films like “The Big Bird Cage”, “Coffy”, “Foxy Brown”, and “Sheba, Baby”. She also played Jackie Brown in the Quentin Tarantino film “Jackie Brown” which she was nominated a Golden Globe for. Grier started off appearing in stage productions when she was younger and... read full bio

Rizwan Manji

Book Rizwan Manji for your next event.

Rizwan Manji is an actor from Canada. He played in the NBC Universal television series Outsourced. Manji honed in on his acting talents at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in the United States. He has played small roles in films and television shows like The Magicians, Privileged, Better Off Ted, New Girl, and 24. More recently, he has appeared... read full bio

Penny Johnson Jerald

Book Penny Johnson Jerald for your next event.

Penny Johnson Jerald is an American actress best known for roles like Dr. Claire Finn on “The Orville”, Kasidy Yates on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”, Beverly Barnes on “The Larry Sanders Show”, Sherry Palmer on “24”, and Captain Victoria “Iron” Gates on “Castle”. Jerald grew up studying acting at Julliard School where she developed her passion. She started her... read full bio

A. Martinez

Book A. Martinez for your next event.

Adolfo Martinez, otherwise known as A Martinez, is a soap opera actor. He has starred in a variety of popular soap operas, such as Santa Barbara, General Hospital, and Days of Our Lives. Martinez has also appeared in primetime dramas like L.A. Law and Longmire. Apart from television series, Martinez has starred in films like The Cowboys, which also featured... read full bio

Efren Ramirez

Book Efren Ramirez for your next event.

Efrain Antonio Ramirez is an American actor and DJ, best known for playing Pedro Snchez in the indie film Napoleon Dynamite. He later reprised his role in the animated series of the same name. Ramirez has been in several television series some of which include, Boston Public, Even Stevens, El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera, Eastbound & Down, TripTank,... read full bio

Gail O'Grady

Book Gail O'Grady for your next event.

Gail OGrady is an American actress and producer that has been seen in numerous roles on television over the years. She is best known for her roles as Donna in NYPD Blue, Helen in American Dreams, Wanda in Hellcats, and as Stevie in Revenge. Gail started her career modeling and staring in commercials. From there she was in television and... read full bio

Shannon Purser

Book Shannon Purser for your next event.

Shannon Purser is an American actress best known for her role as Barb Holland on Netflix’s “Stranger Things”, and as Ethel Muggs in the television series “Riverdale”. Purser started to get interested in acting when she worked at a movie theatre for a short time. From there, Purser’s first role was that of Barbara on “Stranger Things”. From there, she... read full bio

Brock Ciarlelli

Book Brock Ciarlelli for your next event.

Brock Ciarlelli is an American actor best known for his role as Sue Heck’s best friend Brad Bottig on the ABC television sitcom “The Middle”. Prior to acting as Brad, Ciarlelli grew up in Littleton, Colorado, and started off acting in his local theatre. While acting at the theatre he learned how to dance, act, sing, and make his audience... read full bio

Cailey Fleming

Book Cailey Fleming for your next event.

Cailey Fleming is a young up-and-coming American actress best known for her roles in television and film including playing Judith Grimes in the series “The Walking Dead”, and playing Young Rey in the film “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. Fleming made her film debut in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and since then has been seen in a few other... read full bio

Claudia O'Doherty

Book Claudia O'Doherty for your next event.

Claudia O’Doherty is an Australian comedian, actress, and writer best known for playing Bertie in the Netflix series “Love”. She grew to fame after winning the Melbourne Fringe Best Comedy Award and the Brisbane Comedy Festival Award for her show ‘Monsters of the Deep 3D’. O’Doherty is also known for being a writer and acting in “Inside Amy Schumer” and... read full bio

Derek Klena

Book Derek Klena for your next event.

Derek Klena is an American actor and singer. He is best known for playing Eddie Birdlace in the off-Broadway production of ‘Dogfight’ and for playing Fiyero Tigelaar in the Broadway production of ‘Wicked’. Klena’s other Broadway credits include playing Michael in ‘The Bridges of Madison County’ and Dmitry in ‘Anastasia’. He’s also been in the off-Broadway production of ‘Carrie’ and... read full bio

Drew Gehling

Book Drew Gehling for your next event.

Drew Gehling is an American actor who is best known for playing Dr. Pomatter in the Broadway musical ‘Waitress’. His other Broadway credits include playing Bob in ‘Jersey Boys’ and Warren Smith in ‘On a Clear Day You Can See Forever’. Gehling has also performed in off-Broadway productions of ‘A Minister’s Wife’ and ‘Anne of Green Gables’. Other theater credits... read full bio

Matt Doyle

Book Matt Doyle for your next event.

Matt Doyle is an American actor and singer-songwriter who is best known for his roles in Broadway productions. He has played various roles in his Broadway debut ‘Spring Awakening’, Hugo in ‘Bye Bye Birdie’, Billy and Albert in ‘War Hours’, and was replacement for Elder Price in ‘The Book of Mormon’. He has also had several off-Broadway roles in productions... read full bio

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