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Book Au/Ra for your next event.

Jamie Lou Stenzel, better known as her stage name, Au/Ra is an Antiguan-German singer-songwriter. She rose to fame after the release of her debut single, “Concrete Jungle”, which gained over 15 million streams in a short amount of time. After that, she gained more fame after the release of her single “Panic Room”, which peaked at number 48 on the... read full bio


Book Audien for your next event.

Audien is a famed electronic producer known for his Grammy nomination for Best Artist/Best Remix for the track “Pompeii” by Bastille. His releases include Enhanced, Armada, Black Hole, Perceptive, and Nervous. He has also remixed tracks for many artists including Halsey, Nick Jonas, Van Halen, Coldplay, Armin Van Buren, and Bruno Mars, among many others. Audien's tracks have been featured... read full bio

Aunty Social

Book Aunty Social for your next event.

Daniela Gitto, better known as her stage name Aunty Social, is an up-and-coming alternative singer-songwriter from Toronto, Ontario. Aunty Social is a name that comes from Gitto being able to get out of a toxic lifestyle and used music as a type of therapy to help her with mental health issues. After she began focusing on music, Aunty Social released... read full bio


Book Aurora for your next event.

Aurora Aksnes, known as Aurora, is a singer-songwriter and producer from Norway. Her debut album, Running with the Wolves, received widespread acclaim from online blogs and national press. Auroras song, Runaway, launched into success with Spotify; it reached 1 million streams after only 6 weeks. The artists connection to her music draws in audiences across the world. Her wholesome, pure... read full bio

Austin Basham

Book Austin Basham for your next event.

Austin Basham is an independent indie folk singer and songwriter from Austin, Texas. He is seen mostly singing and performing on his acoustic guitar. He has a wide musical range, he sang in church choirs as a child, joined his school band to play trumpet, and started playing the guitar for a punk band with his friends. Basham is influenced... read full bio

Austin Plaine

Book Austin Plaine for your next event.

Having been inspired by artists like Bob Dylan, Bright Eyes, Elliott Smith, and Ryan Adams, its easy to see why Minneapolis-based Austin Plaine found a love for songwriting and lyrics. The indie/folk singer-songwriter turned to music as his personal outlet and hasnt looked back since. After having his music featured in a Mastercard commercial, as well as some TV shows,... read full bio


Book Austra for your next event.

Austra is an electronic music group from Toronto, Ontario. Comprised of four members, Katire Stelmanis, Maya Postepski, Dorian Wolf, and Ryan Wonsiak, the group delivers an ethereal, dreamy sound for audiences across the world. Austra’s debut album, ‘Feel It Break’, was shortlisted for the Polaris Music Prize. Several critics including Toronto Star and New York noted the album. Austra has... read full bio


Book Autechre for your next event.

Autechre is an musical duo specializing in experimental electronic and techno music, and they are often known to implement elements of hip hop, glitch, and IDM as well. Often considered pioneers in the world of experimental music, the duo members are Sean Both and Rob Brown, and together the two artists have discovered their own unique musical style. Sean and... read full bio

Autre Ne Veut

Book Autre Ne Veut for your next event.

Arthur Ashin, better known as his stage name, Autre Ne Veut, is an American singer-songwriter alternative R&B musician. During the span of his career, he has released two EPs, and four studio albums. His most recent album is entitled, Age of Transparency. Some of his most popular songs include, Play By Play, Counting, Anxiety, Warning, Age of Transparency, Panic Room,... read full bio


Book Avalon for your next event.

Avalon is Christian musics premier rock band. Together for over 15 years, sold more than three million albums, charted 20 number 1 singles, and won an American Music Award. Among other miscellaneous awards, the group has received three Grammy nominations and taken home six Dove Awards, the highest award for a Christian artist. They have released 12 projects, including one... read full bio

Avey Tare

Book Avey Tare for your next event.

David Michael Portner, better known as his name Avey Tare, is a musician and songwriter who is best known for co-founding the band Animal Collective. As a solo artist, Tare has released three albums; “Down There”, “Eucaplytus” and “Cows on Hourglass Pond”. He’s also released albums with Panda Bear as collaborative albums. Apart from his work with Animal Collective, Tare... read full bio

Avril Lavigne

Book Avril Lavigne for your next event.

Avril Lavigne broke onto the music scene with her debut album, Let Go, released when she was just 17. Let Go made Lavigne the youngest female soloist to reach #1 in the UK, and the album was certified four-times Platinum by the RIAA. Over 16 million copies had been sold worldwide, more than 6 million of which were sold in... read full bio

Ayah Marar

Book Ayah Marar for your next event.

Ayah Marar is a Jordanian singer-songwriter, performer, radio show host and label owner. She has featured as a vocalist and/or writer on music from many UK artists including Calvin Harris, DJ Fresh, Camo & Krooked, Bassline Smith, Dilemn and Jack Penate. Marar receives heavy support from Kiss FM, Ministry of Sound radio and BBC Radio 1Xtra, appearing on the latter... read full bio


Book Ayokay for your next event.

Ayokay is an electronic music artist from Canada. Since his first release, Ayokay has accumulated over 15 million streams on Spotify. He has topped Spotify’s Viral Charts in Canada, along with the United States and Global 50 Chart. His tracks are filled with bubbly beats, reminiscent of summertime. Ayokay has collaborated with a variety of artists, and his close relationship... read full bio

B Boys

Book B Boys for your next event.

B Boys are an up-and-coming indie band that consists of members Andrew Kerr, Brendon Avalos, and Britton Walker. They are from Brooklyn, New York, and have released two albums, Dada, and No Worry No Mind. B Boys often play around the US and have performed alongside bands such as, Merchandise, Hoops, PILL, Parquet Courts, Bonny Doon, Yowler, and more. Some... read full bio


Book Babasonicos for your next event.

Babasonicos is an Argentinean rock band that consists of members Adrian “Dargelos” Rodriguez, Diego “Uma” Rodriguez, Diego “Uma-T” Tunon, Diego “Panza” Castellano and Mariano “Roger” Dominguez. Babasonicos was formed in the early 90’s alongside other rock bands such as Los Brujos and Peligrosos Gorriones. They became a huge part of the underground rock movement in Argentina and over the years... read full bio


Book Babeheaven for your next event.

Babeheaven is an up-and-coming alternative duo that is based out of London, England. The band consists of singer Nancy Andersen and Jamie Travis who plays the keyboard. The duo first met and bonded over their love for music genres which included soul, electronic, and trip-hop. During this time, the duo were both working day jobs so at night they began... read full bio

Baby Goth

Book Baby Goth for your next event.

Bria Bueno, better known as her stage name Baby Goth, is an up-and-coming pop singer-songwriter who blends between genres which include hip-hop and alternative as well. Baby Goth’s music sings on various topics which include weed, bi-sexuality, and sex. She rose to fame with the release of her debut single, “So High.” Baby Goth went on to follow that up... read full bio

Baby in Vain

Book Baby in Vain for your next event.

Hailing from Denmark, Baby in Vain is comprised of three ladies, Lola Hammerich, Benedicte Pierleoni, and Andrea Thuesen. The trio combines sounds of grunge, blues, and indie to create their noise rock. Their sound has been compared to sludge and heavy metal, drawing connections to the sounds of the 90s. The band has been mentioned by publications like Vice and... read full bio

Baby Queen

Book Baby Queen for your next event.

Bella Latham, better known as her stage name, Baby Queen is an up-and-coming pop artist that was born in South Africa, and is based out of London. Baby Queen rose to fame with the release of his debut single, “Internet Religion,” which talks on the identities that we use to hide behind while on social media. She followed up her... read full bio

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