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Alisa Amador

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Alisa Amador's six-song "Narratives" EP captures a moment in time. It takes a close look at a person who struggles to navigate life while speaking both English and Spanish and experiencing various emotional states as a result. When Alisa jumps from practically spoken-word area to a loud chorus without hesitation or sings a repeated refrain that is so moving you... read full bio

Alison Sudol

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Alison Sudol is an American singer, songwriter, and actress, best known for her roles in film and as the singer of A Fine Frenzy. As a musical artist, Sudol has released three studio albums, her debut album, One Cell in the Sea, reached certified Platinum in Germany, and certified Gold in Switzerland. Some of her most popular songs include, Almost... read full bio


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Alissic, a vocalist of Brazilian descent, immediately stands out as not your typical pop star. She spent the most of her youth acting as a vigilante in the Brazilian town she was raised in, defending frogs from salt attacks. Many people initially became familiar with Alissic, also known as Alissa Salls, as the spouse of Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli... read full bio

Alix Page

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Alix Page released her much awaited debut EP, Old News. A honest demonstration of her instinctive storytelling, Old News is Alix's coming-of-age documentary of heartbreak. Alix Page backed Alfie Templeman and Ella Jane on a number of US tour dates and toured with Gracie Abrams in promotion of her new album, which was produced by Half•Alives Brett Kramer and masterfully finished... read full bio

Alkaline Trio

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Northwest of Chicago, in McHenry County, Illinois, the Alkaline Trio was born. The only surviving member of the original band, which consisted of drummer Glenn Porter and bassist Rob Doran, is Skiba. After the band's debut EP Sundials was released, Doran quit and Andriano, who made his recorded debut on For Your Lungs Only EP, took over. The Trio's fame increased... read full bio


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Punk rock, coffee, music and heartache songs have been a mainstay of ALL's work for more than ten years, contributing to some of the most creative music ever. Throughout the past 12 years, ALL has put out 11 albums. They stand out from those that have followed in their footsteps, such as Green Day, Offspring and Pennywise, thanks to their witty lyrics and... read full bio

All Them Witches

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All Them Witches is a Nashville rock band that can’t be summed up into one genre. In fact, their sound ranges from blues to psychedelic to metal to alternative rock. All Them Witches got its start back in 2012 when drummer Robby Staebler, strapped for cash, sold his possessions and moved to Nashville. He met up with guitarist Ben McLeod... read full bio

All Time Low

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All Time Low has emerged as one of the most popular new bands in recent memory, beloved by an increasingly fervent fan following for their fast-paced and fizzy brand of pop-punk. The Maryland-based band has exceeded all expectations with a collection of effervescent songs, marked by unstoppable hookiness and a knack for exploration and invention. Where other bands might have... read full bio

All-American Rejects

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The duo that is known as The All-American Rejects is Tyson Ritter (vocals, bass) and Nick Wheeler (guitars, drums, keyboards, & programming). The band released their first independent album in the spring of 2000 securing spins on Oklahoma radio creating a massive local fan base. The songs compiling the album attracted opportunities for the duo such as mass local radio... read full bio


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Northern Virginia-based ALLEYCVT is a rising DJ and producer of electronic music. She is a force to be reckoned with, as seen by the skillful combination of her sensuous pop vocals and powerful bass drops. A nasty bass face will be delivered by ALLEYCVT's production and sound design, which draws inspiration from artists like Zeds Dead, Subtronics and Ganja White Night.... read full bio

Allie Crow Buckley

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Allie Crow Buckley's music is like looking at the moon through an open window; instead of being filled with awe, you feel a sense of comprehension. Her music has a character that is rooted to the earth while also encompassing a vast musical universe within each of its compositions. It should come as no surprise that her music is infused with... read full bio

Allison Crowe

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Allison Crowe is a Canadian singer and songwriter who began performing professionally at the age of 15. She ruled the coffee house and bar scene on Vancouver Island. Her childhood influences include jazz, classical, and rock and she is credited for her distinct voice and performance ability. Largely a solo performer, Crowe performs with her guitar and a piano -... read full bio

Allison Moorer

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Allison Moorer performs an alternative take on indie folk rock music. Over ten years ago, Moorer made her premier into the music world with the ballad, A Soft Place to Fall. This track later earned Moorer an Academy Award nomination, as the track was made for Robert Redford’s drama, A Horse Whisperer. Moorer has since received a Grammy nomination for... read full bio

Allison Ponthier

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Allison Ponthier, as her website states, is a “wide-eyed misfit” who hails from the outskirts of Dallas, Texas. With that said, she has a foot in country music, but her sound is more akin to indie-folk. Allison’s emphasis on emotional storytelling in her music is indicative of that fact. But her style is far from traditional folk and country. Allison’s... read full bio


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Campus DJ rates Almand the number three College DJ in the United States. Almands music is infectious, and every performance is filled with playfulness and light. His personality shines through every beat, displaying Almands serious dedication to his craft. He is best known for his remixes, but has recently released original tracks, positioning himself for the name of well-rounded producer... read full bio

Almost Monday

Book Almost Monday for your next event.

Almost Monday is an alternative rock band from San Diego, California that consists of Dawson Daugherty on vocals and bass, Luke Fabry on guitar, Cole Clisby on guitar, and Daniel Griffo on drums. Dawson appeared on the hit television series “The Voice” and from there, they started a band. Since starting their band, the group has booked show after show... read full bio

Alpha Rev

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Formed in Austin, Texas, Alpha Rev came together as the brainchild of singer/songwriter Casey McPherson. Looking for a positive release from his own family tragedies, McPherson uses the band as an outlet for his inspiring and uplifting alternative rock. Rankled number 1 on as best Indie Band from Texas, and number 16 as best Indie Band Nationwide, Alpha Rev... read full bio


Book ALT BLK ERA for your next event.

These British teen sisters defy convention by going beyond what is expected of them. In contrast to their more delicate tunes, which include dark strings, haunting harmonies and a terrifying, circus-like ambiance, their genre-bending music is replete with strong basslines, electric guitars and tongue-twisting rap. The hard-to-define sound of ALT BLK ERA will both enthrall and unnerve you. Acts like The Prodigy, Stromae, Ashnikko,... read full bio

Alt Bloom

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Alt Bloom, a multi-instrumentalist and lyricist, has a certain quality all his own. Alt Bloom is known for writing songs that inspire listeners to escape. These songs often feature dreamy introspection combined with ethereal melodies and, of course, Thompson's trademark tongue-in-cheek wordplay. Alt Bloom seamlessly combines alternative and timeless singer/songwriter pop. Alt Bloom, a Montana native who currently resides in... read full bio

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