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Beach House

Book Beach House for your next event.

Beach House is a dream pop/rock due consisting of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally. Victoria is a French-born singer who takes on lead vocals and keyboard. Alex sings back up vocals, and plays guitar, bass pedals, and dabbles on the keyboard as well. The duo was formed in 2004 while exploring in the indie rock scene in Baltimore. The... read full bio


Book BeauSoleil for your next event.

BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet have appeared on is an American group specializes in the sounds of Cajun music. Originating from Louisiana, BeauSoleil encompasses the folk tunes of the Creole and Cajun people. With the release of their first album in 1977, BeauSoleil has become known as one of the best bands performing traditional and original music from the Creole... read full bio

Bebe Stockwell

Book Bebe Stockwell for your next event.

Boston-born and bred Bebe Stockwell began songwriting and learning the piano and guitar at the age of six. Her initial musical inspiration came from her guitar teacher, a bluegrass songwriter and member of the band Dela Mae. Later influences included indie pop stars like Regina Spektor and The Lumineers. Stockwell's debut single, "Love Me Back," which is currently available, is... read full bio


Book Beck for your next event.

With a pop art collage of musical styles, oblique and ironic lyrics, and postmodern arrangements incorporating samples, drum machines, live instrumentation and sound effects, Beck has been hailed by critics and the public throughout his musical career as being amongst the most creative and idiosyncratic musicians of 1990s and 2000s alternative rock. The four-time platinum artist rose to underground popularity... read full bio


Book Beck for your next event.

Beck, known mononymously, is a renowned American musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer. He rose to fame in the 90s with his experimental and lo-fi style and is known for his musical collages encompassing genres like hip hop, soul, electronic, alternative rock, country, and psychedelia. He has released 14 studio albums, along with non-album singles and a book of sheet... read full bio

Becky Stark

Book Becky Stark for your next event.

Becky Stark is an American singer-songwriter and entertainer, best known for singing in the band Lavender Diamond. It seems as though Stark was always destined for the spotlight and during her time in junior high, Stark was a reporter for the kids magazine, Kids Point of View Television-KPOVTV and when she was 18 she appeared in a PBS film entitled,... read full bio

Belle & Sebastian

Book Belle & Sebastian for your next event.

Belle & Sebastian is an cheerful yet sincere indie/folk pop band that was formed at Stow College in Glasgow, Scotland. Band members Stuart Murdoch and Stuart David started creating music with their music professor, and after impressing the college with their music, the school released one of their singles on their label, Electric Honey. The band later recorded a full-length... read full bio

Ben Abraham

Book Ben Abraham for your next event.

Ben Abraham is an Australian folk-indie singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia who has been known for collaborating with various artists which include Macklemore, Demi Lovato, and Sara Bareilles. He has also co-written the song “Praying,” which was performed by Kesha and went on to be a hit single all over the world. Abraham was raised by musical parents who performed in... read full bio

Ben Danaher

Book Ben Danaher for your next event.

Ben Danaher is a singer-songwriter from Texas. He is the son of the late Bob Danaher who he shared a passion of music from. Danaher is also the brother of the late Kelly Danaher and Brett Danaher so it’s no surprise that talent runs in his bloodline. Danaher’s life has seen a lot of tragedy which he helps outlet into... read full bio

Ben Howard

Book Ben Howard for your next event.

Ben Howard is an English singer-songwriter, musician, and composer from Richmond, London, England. Howard was raised by musically inclined parents and while growing up, he loved listened to artists which included Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, and Simon and Garfunkel. Howard began writing his own songs at only 11 years old and also began playing guitar as a child and began... read full bio

Ben Morrison

Book Ben Morrison for your next event.

Ben Morrison is apart of musical band The Brothers Comatose that is formed with his brother Alex Morrison. He is the lead vocalist and songwriter for the band. Ben is a Northern California native, currently living in Oakland. He started growing a love of playing music through his parents, both of which are musicians. While growing up, their parents would... read full bio

Ben Ottewell

Book Ben Ottewell for your next event.

English singer-songwriter Ben Ottewell is a leader singer of the indie rock band Gomez. Winner of the Mercury Music Prize, Ottewell is distinguished for his deep, raspy vocals and rough baritone that have fans likening him to Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder and rock singer-songwriter Tom Waits. With Gomez, he recorded two Platinum albums (Bring It On/ Liquid Skin) and a... read full bio

Ben Rector

Book Ben Rector for your next event.

Ben Rector is Nashville based, Oklahoma born musician who made his first mark on the music world during his first year at the University of Arkansas with his self-titled debut EP. The EP's single ""Conversation"" won at the John Lennon Songwriting Contest making him the youngest person to ever win in the pop category. With popularity spreading outward, Rector filled... read full bio

Ben Sollee

Book Ben Sollee for your next event.

Ben Sollee is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and singer-songwriter. His music incorporates an abundance of different instruments including banjo, guitar, mandolin, and cello. Sollees music draws upon a multitude of genres- folk, bluegrass, jazz, and R&B. His eclectic use of each element creates music that is well received across the world. The artist has worked composing instrumental pieces for dance ensembles... read full bio

Ben Taylor

Book Ben Taylor for your next event.

Ben Taylor is a musician and actor. He is the son of folk rock artists James Taylor and Carly Simon. His sister, Sally Taylor, is also a musician. Ben Taylor bears a striking resemblance to his famous father and has a singing voice akin to him as well. On his first released album Famous Among the Barns and his EP... read full bio

Bendigo Fletcher

Book Bendigo Fletcher for your next event.

Bendigo Fletcher is a folk rock band from Louisville, Kentucky that consists of members Ryan Anderson, Andrew Shupert, Chris Weis, Conner Powell, and Evan Wagner. The group has released two albums so far, “Consensual Wisdom” and “Memory Fever”. Some of their most popular songs include, “Wonderfully Bizarre”, “No Smoke”, “Soul Factory”, “Chocolate Garden”, “Sleeping Pad”, and “Green Murder”. Bendigo Fletcher... read full bio

Benjamin Booker

Book Benjamin Booker for your next event.

Benjamin Booker is a singer-songwriter and guitarist from New Orleans, who names The Gun Club, Blind Willie Johnson and T. Rex as his inspirations. The Chicago Tribune called his music a raw brand of blues/boogie/soul,", while The Independent said it has "frenzied guitar-strumming and raw, soulful vocals that are hair-raising in intensity" and SPIN described it as "bright, furious, explosive... read full bio

Benjamin Clementine

Book Benjamin Clementine for your next event.

Benjamin Clementine is a British singer-songwriter and pianist on the rise. His debut album, At Least For Now, earned him the UK’s prestigious Mercury Prize. The honor is the most recent chapter in an incredible success story including homelessness, cult status in Paris, the Best New Actor honor at Les Victoires de la Musique (the French equivalent of the Grammys),... read full bio

Benjamin Dakota Rogers

Book Benjamin Dakota Rogers for your next event.

A unique, direct and absolutely wild voice belongs to Benjamin Dakota Rogers. His raw sound successfully breaks through the wall between the past and the present with a calculated homage to old-time and bluegrass rhythms. Rogers was raised on a farm in southwest Ontario where he built greenhouses, raised vegetables and lived off the land. It is impossible to distinguish between Rogers' talent for... read full bio


Book Beoga for your next event.

Beoga has become an international sensation with their blend of indie and Celtic Irish folk. It’s traditional music that is fully accessibly for today’s audiences. The band is surely attention-grabbing. Working with Jonny Coffer (a Grammy-nominated producer), Irish artists Ryan McMullan and Foy Vance, the band churned out an impress setlist. In 2005, they dropped their debut album “A Lovely... read full bio

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