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Terry Savage

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Terry Savage is a nationally known expert on personal finance television commentator on CNN, CNBC, PBS, and NBC on issues related to investing and financial markets. She is the nationally syndicated Chicago Sun-Times personal finance columnist, and author of three best-selling books. Terry Savages most recent book is The New Savage Number: How Much Money Do Really You... read full bio

Terry Jones

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"Terry Jones is a true innovator who revolutionized an industry. As founder and former CEO of, Chairman of, and Chief Information Officer at American Airlines/Sabre, Jones took an idea and created a business that now has over 40 million members and over $5 billion in travel bookings. Wanting to share his successful strategies and experiences with others,... read full bio

Terry J. Lundgren

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Terry J. Lundgren is an American department store executive and is the CEO, Chairman of the Board, President, and Director at Macy's, Inc., the parent company of Macy's and Bloomingdale's department stores. He has been presented with several business recognition awards and has served as dinner chairman or as honoree for numerous retail industry organizations and charities, including the Fresh... read full bio

Tequia Burt

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Tequia Burt, the founder and CEO of Content[Ed. ], is a seasoned editor and writer with over 15 years of expertise in the B2B marketing space. She was formerly the editorial director of B2B Marketing, FierceCMO's editor in chief and BtoB magazine's news editor. Tequia received her bachelor's degree from Grinnell College and her master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University's... read full bio

Ted Wright

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Ted Wright is regarded as a pioneer in the fields of viral marketing and corporate innovation. He is the respected CEO of Fizz, a preeminent word-of-mouth marketing firm since 2001, the co-owner of Stuckey's, and a best-selling author recognized for his significant contributions to the industry. His extraordinary entrepreneurial path spans decades. Ted Wright, the CEO of Fizz, has used the... read full bio

Ted Souder

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Ted Souder is a businessman who is currently Head of Industry in Retail for Google. Souder is best known for his nearly 20 year career with Google after starting as a client service specialist. Souder has previously earned his BSBA in Business from the University of Denver and he went on to begin his career working as an account executive... read full bio

Ted Seides

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Ted Seides is a versatile financial expert who is well-known for being the host of the Capital Allocators Podcast, a best-selling author, and an influential figure in asset management. Ted has had a distinguished career in finance, education, and innovation. He has continually shown an unmatched dedication to developing the asset management industry. Ted Seides, the charismatic host of the Capital... read full bio

Ted Leonsis

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A multi-talented American guy named Theodore John Leonsis is well-known for his work as a politician, businessman, investor, author, filmmaker, and philanthropist. Leonsis has substantial accomplishments throughout a wide variety of fields and a diversified range of interests. Leonsis rose to prominence as a former top executive of America Online (AOL), where he was instrumental in determining the success of the... read full bio

Ted Janusz

Book Ted Janusz for your next event.

Have you been reading about the same trends in industry journals that I have been reading about Conference audiences are now moving away from lecture-style presentations. Instead, they are choosing dynamic, interactive events in which they can get involved. Think about it ... Did your conference attendees pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars each to sit ... for days Did they spend... read full bio

Ted Fishman

Book Ted Fishman for your next event.

The bestselling book "China, Inc.: How the Rise of the Next Superpower Challenges America and the World," by Ted C. Fishman, has had a significant impact on how the world views and comprehends China's transformation and its implications for the rest of the world. The book's international acclaim has paralleled its success in the United States, with translations available in... read full bio

Taylor Schulte

Book Taylor Schulte for your next event.

Taylor Schulte, CFP® is a highly respected financial advisor and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He is the founder and CEO of Define Financial, a fee-only financial planning and investment management firm based in San Diego, California. Taylor is a passionate advocate for financial education and empowerment. He is the host of the popular podcast "Stay... read full bio

Taylor and Casey Capuano

Book Taylor and Casey Capuano for your next event.

Casey and Taylor Capuano are well-known for their inventive business strategies and spirit of entrepreneurship in the women's sportswear industry. The New York twin sisters appeared on ABC's "Shark Tank," where they discussed their startup, CAKES body. Taylor and Casey created the first washable, reusable silicone inserts for fitness, relaxation, and swimming wear—the first nipple cover pastie for the world... read full bio

Taryn Stejskal

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As the prestigious Chief Resilience Officer of Resilience Leadership, Taryn Stejskal is a well-known name in the field of resilience leadership. She encourages leaders to grow and improve their resilience through The Five Practices of Particularly Resilient People, an evidence-based paradigm, as a committed professional. Taryn obtained her B.S. from the esteemed University of Michigan with a focus in psychology. She... read full bio

Tarun Wadhwa

Book Tarun Wadhwa for your next event.

Tarun Wadhwa is an entrepreneur, strategist, lecturer and writer who is known for being an expert on topics which include innovation, technological advancement, global growth, security, and public policy. Currently, Wadhwa works as the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Rsq Labs, and is a visiting fellow for the Department of Political Science at Emory University. He is also a... read full bio

Tan Le

Book Tan Le for your next event.

Tan Le is a Vietnamese-Australian telecommunications entrepreneur, and co-Founder of Emotiv, a bio-informatics company which strives to discover biomarkers in the brain for mental and other neurological conditions using EEG. Le champions efforts to cure and treat various neurological disorders. Her family fled war-torn Vietnam when she was four years old- an experience she shares with audiences in one of... read full bio

Tamsen Webster

Book Tamsen Webster for your next event.

Tamsen Webster has spent the last 20 years assisting professionals in turning their ideas into action. Her work focuses on how to develop the tales that partners, investors, clients and consumers will tell themselves—and others. She does this in part by acting as a message strategist, storyteller and English-to-English translator. Tamsen developed her experience via her work with startups that represent the newest... read full bio

Tami Reller

Book Tami Reller for your next event.

Tami Reller is currently the CEO and Executive Chair of Duly Health and Care. Before that, she was Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of UnitedHealth Group as well as the EVP and CMO and the Chair of the Board of Directors for SPS Commerce. Prior to her work with UnitedHealth Group, Reller has been the CFO of Great... read full bio

Tami Cannizzaro

Book Tami Cannizzaro for your next event.

Tami Cannizzaro, Thryv's Chief Marketing Officer, is in charge of accelerating the company's increase in SaaS income. She has the responsibility of making Thryv the premier all-in-one software platform for expanding small enterprises. Tami is a seasoned professional with a track record of growing SaaS revenue and category leadership for B2B businesses. Tami is essential to Thryv's expansion plan. She has... read full bio

Talonya Geary

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Talonya Geary is an author, speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur who has worked for over 20 years in business and personal development. Geary has been the co-founder of the digital and print media publisher, Flawles Media, a company that is dedicated to queer lifestyle and entertainment. After a year of forming, Flawles began releasing the Flawles Magazine, which gained attention and... read full bio

Tal Ben-Shahar

Book Tal Ben-Shahar for your next event.

Best-selling author and respected authority Tal Ben-Shahar is a leading figure in the field of positive psychology who is committed to shedding light on the transforming potential of happiness and well-being. He has achieved widespread acclaim and a valued position among the most important thought leaders of our day thanks to his profound insights and unrelenting dedication to promoting a... read full bio

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