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Book Fightstar for your next event.

The members of the British rock group Fightstar are Charlie Simpson, Alex Westaway, Dan Haigh, and Omar Abidi. The group is from London, United Kingdom. Simpson, a member of the pop-punk group Busted, met Alex Westaway and Omar Abidi at a party, which led to the formation of Fightstar. The trio started to jam out together after that, and "Too... read full bio

Fiji Blue

Book Fiji Blue for your next event.

Fiji Blue is a genre-bending duo from Los Angeles that consists of members Valentin Fritz and Trevor Dering. The duo began their musical careers while studying at the Berklee School of Music in Boston. The duo bonded over a taste in similar music and once they moved to Los Angeles, the duo began to pursue their musical career. After working... read full bio

Fil Bo Riva

Book Fil Bo Riva for your next event.

Filippo Bonamici, who goes by the stage name Fil Bo Riva, is an Italian singer, musician, songwriter, producer, and artist. His style blends elements from indie rock, indie pop, folk and soul and is led by the timbre of his distinct voice. He started singing and playing guitar when he was just 10 years old, living in Rome, Italy. When... read full bio


Book Filharmonic for your next event.

The FilHarmonic is a group of six vocalists who perform with a melodic acapella style. They mix urbanesque hip hop with 1990s nostalgia and amaze their crowds with their wide variety of backgrounds in the performing arts industry. They come from backgrounds with jazz, opera, pop, classical, theatre, and more. This group of six Filipino-Americans has been featured on The... read full bio


Book Filmore for your next event.

A singer and songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee,Tyler Filmore has  roots in rock, pop, and rap. This means he offers country music a distinctive viewpoint. When Filmore and his band performed in the Chevy Music Showcase and finished in the Top 10 of the Bug Light Battle of the Bands, their performances reached new heights. The performer has positioned himself to dominate... read full bio


Book Filter for your next event.

Richard Patrick and Brian Liesegang formed filter in Cleveland, Ohio. The band's musical style consists of alternative heavy rock, with strong elements of industrial metal and post-grunge sounds that enlightens any crowd that partakes in their concerts. Patrick played the guitar for Nine Inch Nails during their tour for Pretty Hate Machine and left while Trent Reznor was recording The... read full bio

Filthy Frank

Book Filthy Frank for your next event.

YouTube personality Filthy Frank, a.k.a Pink Guy, has over 5 million subscribers to his musical/ comedic channel TVFilthyFrank. With over 500 million total views, he is ranked among the Top 500 YouTubers. Filthy Frank’s most popular video to date, “Do the Harlem Shake (Original)”, has been seen by 58.1 million viewers and resulted in the creation of the Harlem Shake... read full bio


Book fiN for your next event.

With the release of their first four singles on limited edition 7" vinyl, sold-out performances at London's The Borderline and Bush Hall, extensive touring across Europe with acts like Muse, The Kooks, Incubus, and Feeder, to name a few, and early success, fiN rose to prominence in late 2011 and early 2012. Over the course of their career, fiN have played... read full bio

Finbar Wright

Book Finbar Wright for your next event.

Finbar Wright is a popular music singer, songwriter, and poet from County Cork, Ireland. Finbar Wright is a classically trained tenor who emerged during the in Ireland and has become one of that country's most popular singers", concentrating on romantic, jazz and pop standards for the adult contemporary audience. Referred to as one of Ireland's great romantic singers, his first... read full bio

Finbarr O'Neill

Book Finbarr O'Neill for your next event.

Finger O'neill is the President of J.D. Power, the biggest name in the world for providing lessons of getting insight into the Voice of the Customer. He is in charge of a company that serves many different industries including financial services, automotive, telecommunications, healthcare, insurance, energy, utilities, and even hospitality and travel. Before he was the President of J.D. Power... read full bio

Finding Favour

Book Finding Favour for your next event.

Christian band Finding Favour enjoyed critical acclaim with their self-titled EP, as well as its lead singles “Slip On By” and “Shake the World”. “Slip On By” rose to the No. 22 spot on the Billboard Christian Songs chart, while “Shake the World” achieved No. 27. Finding Favour’s debut album, Reborn, became the No. 2 album on the Billboard Christian... read full bio

Finesse Mitchell

Book Finesse Mitchell for your next event.

Finesse Mitchell is an actor, author and stand-up comedian. H was a cast member on Saturday Night Live. Mitchell has also appeared on Showtime at the Apollo, BET's ComicView, Comedy Central Presents, Disney's A.N.T. Farm and NBC's Late Friday. This sparked high demand from universities, corporate events, and concert promoters all over the U.S. and internationally. Mitchell became a featured... read full bio

Finger Eleven

Book Finger Eleven for your next event.

Rock band Finger Eleven rose to mainstream prominence with their album The Greyest of Blue Skies. Their next album, self-titled, reached Gold status in the U.S. and Platinum in Canada, largely from the success of the single One Thing, which peaked at No. 16 on the US Hot 100 Chart. Them vs. You vs. Me was released with the... read full bio

Finis Henderson

Book Finis Henderson  for your next event.

Finis Henderson was born in Chicago to a family of entertainers. His father was a song and dance man and Vice-President of Sammy Davis Jr. Enterprises and Sammy Davis was Finis Godfather. Finis uncle Bill Henderson is a Grammy nominated jazz singer and character actor in dozens of movies and television shows. In the 1980s Finis moved to... read full bio

Finish Ticket

Book Finish Ticket for your next event.

Finish Ticket is an indie pop/rock band from California, consisting of members Brendan Hoye (vocals), Michael Hoye (Bass), Alex DiDonato (guitar), Gabe Stein (drums) and Nick Stein (keyboards). The band was a mainstay in the local San Francisco music scene, self-releasing two EPs and an album, while playing at local venues and music festivals. Finish Ticket earned national fame after... read full bio


Book FINMAR for your next event.

FINMAR is an up-and-coming country-pop duo that consists of members Thomas Finchum and Alex Marshall. Finchum and Marshall both bring something different to the table and create a new sound for what is known as their version of country-pop. Finchum has more of a traditional country influence and Marshall brings more modern pop to the band. FINMAR began their musical... read full bio

Finn Askew

Book Finn Askew for your next event.

Finn Askew is an English musician from Wellington in the Southwest England area, whose musical sound is definitely very original and varied. The artists he takes inspiration from are a testament to this fact. Artists like Lil Pee and Juice WRLD, along with The Smiths, Nirvana, and the Beach Boys are some of his biggest influences. His music has been... read full bio

Finn Cole

Book Finn Cole for your next event.

Finn Cole is an English actor best known for his roles as Michael Gray in the television series “Peaky Blinders” and as Joshua ‘J’ Cody in the television series “Animal Kingdom”. Finn is the younger brother of Joe Cole, who is also an actor and helped him get into acting as well. The brothers both appear in the series Peaky... read full bio

Finn Jones

Book Finn Jones for your next event.

Terence Jones, known to the acting world as Finn Jones, is an actor from England well known for the playing the character Ser Loras Tyrell on HBOs fantasy drama show, Game of Thrones. He also stars in the Netflix series Marvels Iron Fist, playing Danny Rand, also known as Iron Fist. Finns acting background goes back to his time taking... read full bio

Finn Kydland

Book Finn Kydland for your next event.

Finn Kydland is a Norwegian economist who is best known for his work and research on business cycle theory. While growing up, Kydland found his love for mathematics and economics while working as a bookkeeper for a friend for a while. From there, he went on to earn his BSc from the Norwegian School of Economics before going on to... read full bio

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