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Julianna Margulies

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Julianna Margulies is an actress and producer, and she first achieved major success in her role as Carol Hathaway on ER, a medical drama on NBC; she was given an Emmy Award for her performance. Her performance on The Good Wife on CBS has also earned her critical acclaim as an actress, as this role earned her multiple awards: a... read full bio

Julianna Gamiz

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Julianna Gamiz is a young up-and-coming American actress. She had her debut television role as Isela Camayo in “East Los High” which has also been her biggest role on television thus far. Upon her other roles, she’s playing Young Jane in “Jane the Virgin”, Lisa in film “Making Babies”, and most recently as Lita in the film “Instant Family” alongside... read full bio

Julianna Barwick

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Julianna Barwick is a musician and singer-songwriter who creates ambient, new age, avant-garde, and electronic loops. Her first album “The Magic Place” came out in 2011. Julianna says she is influenced by her times with her church choir growing up in Louisiana. So she sings, unlike most electronic artists within similar genres. However, her debut EP “Sanguine” released in 2006... read full bio

Juliana Hatfield

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Juliana was born in Maine and grew up in the Boston suburb of Duxbury. She is daughter of Philip M. Hatfield and The Boston Globe fashion critic Julie Hatfield. She acquired a love of rock music during the 1970s, having been introduced by a babysitter to the music of the seminal Los Angeles punk rock band X. She was also... read full bio

Juliana Hansen

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Juliana Hansen is a theatre, television and film actor. She trained at the Guildford School of Acting where she graduated with an M.A. in acting. As a theater actress, Hansen has performed in productions such as, ‘Aladdin’, ‘Closer’, ‘Sweeney Todd’, ‘Les Miserables’, ‘Saved’, ‘The Trojan Women’, Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’, and many more. Hansen made his television debut in... read full bio

Juliana Hale

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Juliana Hale is a pop singer-songwriter and musician. She always had a passion for music and was learning to play the guitar and sing when she was only 8. She would participate in any talent shows and community events in her hometown and eventually moved to Nashville to pursue her dreams. Along the road, Hale ran into some health issues... read full bio

Julian Vaughn

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Jazz artist Julian Vaughn creates a signature blend of gospel-influenced smooth jazz and instrumental R&B. He has broken barriers to become a prominent bassist in smooth jazz, which is normally dominated by saxophone players. Raised by a pastor father and grandfather, Julian began his musical journey as a member of the church band. Local musicians began taking notice, landing Julian... read full bio

Julian Ugarte

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Julian Ugarte has been the founder and director of Socialab and has been an ambassador at Singularity University. Ugarte is a social entrepreneur, design thinker and strategy professional who has previously earned his degree from Singularity University. Ugarte began his career as a founder and working for Techo where he began as a director for the social innovation center where... read full bio

Julian Taylor Band

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Julian Taylor Band is a band from Toronto, Ontario, that is led by Julian Taylor and performs a mixture of funk, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll music. Julian Taylor is a Canadian singer-songwriter who has previously performed in the band Staggered Crossing. As a solo artist, Taylor has released five albums over the years with his band and his music... read full bio

Julian Peterson

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Julian Peterson is an American former professional football linebacker who has played in the NFL. Peterson was born in Hillcrest Heights, Maryland, and he began his career playing football in high school where he was the Chesapeake Classic MVP. From there, he went on to play college football at Valley Forge Military Academy and College where he was a first-team... read full bio

Julian Morris

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Julian Morris has starred in television series New Girl, Once Upon a Time, Pretty Little Liars, and Hand of God. More recently, he headlines in BBC1s Man in an Orange Shirt. Morris has also worked in BAFTA winning film Kelly + Victor. Morris grew up in Muswell Hill and started acting at the Anna Scher Theatre in London. While acting... read full bio

Julian McCullough

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Julian McCullough is a comedian living in New York City with his cat, Poptarts. He is also very mature for his age and seriously has it together. His Comedy Central Presents special aired in March of this year, and he was featured on the hit IFC show Z-ROCK" as well as several programs on the VH1 and the MTV. In... read full bio

Julian Marley and The Uprising Band

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Julian Marley is a reggae musician from Barbados. He is a grammy award nominated musician also known for his contributions to other artists music. Julian contributed a vast range of musical elements to singer Lauryn Hill's Grammy Award winning album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, which was recorded at Tuff Gong studio's in Jamaica. The Roots Rock Reggae Festival in... read full bio

Julian Lamadrid

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At a young age, Julian Lamadrid is already a music master, creating his own brand of indie pop music. This is partially thanks to his unique upbringing. He grew up in a family of Mexican expats living in Dubai, so his initial exposure to music was through his dad, who listened to progressive rock like of Pink Floyd, The Who,... read full bio

Julian Lage

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Julian Lage was a jazz child prodigy at the age of eight, when he was the subject of the documentary Jules at Eight. When he was only thirteen, he performed at the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards. Then at fifteen, he became a faculty member at the Stanford Jazz Workshop at Stanford University. Julian’s debut album, Sounding point, was released to... read full bio

Julian Jordan

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Julian Jordan is a Dutch DJ and producer who is on the rise in the dance music scene. He released his first song Yxalag on the Internet when he was just 14 years old. The song caught the attention of a few record labels; Jordan signed with Spinnin Records before graduating from school. Today Jordan has his own record label,... read full bio

Julian Hosp

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Dr. Julian Hosp is an expert in blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and all of it’s applications. He is also a best-selling author, a keynote speaker, and was previously a trauma surgeon and professional athlete. Hosp has most recently released his best-selling book, “Cryptocurrencies Simply Explained”, which has been selected by the European Union Blockchain Observatory and Forum as a contributor to... read full bio

Julian Fellowes

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Julian Fellowes, The Lord Fellowes of West Stafford, is an English actor, novelist, screenwriter, and film director. Fellowes is best known for being the author of several Sunday Times best-selling novels, has written the screenplay for the film “Gosford Park,” and is the creator, writer, and executive producer of the television series “Downton Abbey.” Fellowes was born in Cairo, Egypt,... read full bio

Julian Edwards

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Julian Edwards is an American young up-and-coming actor. During his short time acting, Edwards has been seen in popular television series and films. He made his acting debut as Sandy the Street Kid in the series “Star vs. the Forces of Evil” and since has been seen in series such as, “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”, “Animals.”, “Runaways”,... read full bio

Julian Edelman

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Julian Edelman is an American football wide receiver and punt returner who is currently playing for the New England Patriots of the NFL. He playing college football at College of San Mateo for a year and then transferred to Kent State University where he played for three years as their quarterback. From there, Edelman was selected as the 27th pick... read full bio

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