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Malcolm London

Book Malcolm London for your next event.

Malcolm London is a poet and activist, who advocates for social justice, education and youth empowerment. He brings positive energy to every presentation, addressing important social issues within his poetry. Malcolm won the Louder than a Bomb youth poetry slam in his hometown of Chicago, taking home the top award as both an individual performer and with a team. He... read full bio

Alison Fragale

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Alison Fragale is an award-winning teacher, consultant, and strategist. She has a Bachelors of Arts in Mathematics and Economics form Dartmouth College, and a PhD in Organizational Behavior from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. With this diverse and extensive background, Fragale is able to provide consulting, instruction, and other aid to assist various companies in developing their leadership... read full bio

Joe Hirsch

Book Joe Hirsch for your next event.

Joe Hirsch is an experienced trainer in high-impact solutions for industries across the world. Hirsch performs live and virtual sessions to teach employees and other leaders how to communicate and perform at peak levels. His strategies work to eliminate conflict and optimize the performances of businesses. Hirsh has worked with Fortune 500 companies, universities, sales groups, and non-profits. He has... read full bio

Mark Wellman

Book Mark Wellman for your next event.

Mark Wellman is a paraplegic adventurer. After experiencing a life-threatening climbing accident, Wellman lost movement in his legs. However, he did not give up his passions. Wellman decided to persevere through his struggle, regain his strength, and view his adversity as a new beginning. In his video, No Barriers, Wellman presents his historic climbs of El Capitan and Half Dome... read full bio

Ulrich Boser

Book Ulrich Boser for your next event.

Ulrich Boser is a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress. He has written books, Learn Better: Mastering the Skills for Success in Life, Business and School, or, How to Become an Expert in Just About Anything, The Leap: The Science of Trust and Why It Matters, and The Gardner Heist: The True Story of the Worlds Largest Art... read full bio

Bill DeMott

Book Bill DeMott for your next event.

I was a Professional Wrestler / Sports Entertainment for 28 years (WWE). I have been a coach and the head of the developmental training program for WWE. I have travelled the world and performed in front of hundreds of thousands of people. My daughter Keri Anne was killed by a multiple DUI offender on October 10, 2015. I now travel and... read full bio

Deepica Mutyala

Book Deepica Mutyala for your next event.

Deepica Mutyala is a beauty expert and host of several beauty shows. She stars in broadcasts on her YouTube channel and hosts as a TODAY Show Style Tastemaker. Mutyala has garnered over ten million views on YouTube and is known as one of the most prominent South-Asian entrepreneurs in the beauty industry. She shares her knowledge of beauty hacks, fashion... read full bio

Dr. Robi Ludwig

Book Dr. Robi Ludwig for your next event.

Doctor Robi Ludwig is a psychotherapist and reporter. She has won a multitude of awards for her reporting skills, covering topics like intimate partner homicide, parenting issues, psychology of good heart health, and the power of reinventing your life. Dr. Ludwig is a contributor to the Investigation Discovery Networks Scorned, which reenacts and analyzes marital homicide. She also appears on... read full bio

Eric Samuel Timm

Book Eric Samuel Timm for your next event.

Eric Samuel Timm is an orator, author, artist, and visionary who uses art to get his audience to see what they cant hear. Timm has a unique teaching and preaching style and ability is enhanced by live art performances. He uses these moments in a presentation of Gods word. Timm has recently released his first book titled Static Jedi: The... read full bio

Joseph McNally

Book Joseph McNally for your next event.

Joseph McNally is an acclaimed photographer. He has traveled the world (visiting nearly 70 countries) taking photographs for various assignments. McNally has worked for FedEx, Sony, ESPN, Adidas, Epson, the New York Stock Exchange, National Geographic, LIFE, Sports Illustrated, and other notable companies. McNally has won the Alfred Eisenstaedt Award for Journalistic Impact for his LIFE coverage of The Panorama... read full bio

Mark Weinberg

Book Mark Weinberg for your next event.

Mark Weinberg is a best-selling author, public speaker, and former White House aide who has written the book Movie Nights with the Reagans which is a memoir that speaks of his 10 years that he spent beside President Reagan. Weinberg studied at the George Washington University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. Weinbergs work has been featured on... read full bio

Megan Bomgaars

Book Megan Bomgaars for your next event.

Megan Bomgaars is a self-advocate for Down Syndrome, artist, and entrepreneur. She has turned her creative experiences into a full-time passion. Bomgaars paints, journals, sings, and speaks with her own personal style. She now shares her experiences across the world through the television show on A&E, Born This Way. Bomgaars covers a multitude of topics including self-sufficiency, community inclusion, and... read full bio

Mo Isom

Book Mo Isom for your next event.

"Mo Ison is an author, and speaker. Ison has written two books and she is a New York Times bestseller. She speaks for her generation and is nationally sought-after as a speaker and a popular faith-based blogger. Growing up she was an All-American soccer goalkeeper and the first female to have trained and tried out for an SEC men’s football... read full bio

Nikita Chopra

Book Nikita Chopra for your next event.

Nikita Chopra was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis at a young age. Feeling debilitated, insecure, confused, depressed, and in pain for over fifteen years, Chopra knew that she needed a change. Turning to self-care, Chopra found that her perspective on her condition began to shift. Now, she is committed to her happiness over her suffering. She founded the online... read full bio

Adah Parris

Book Adah Parris for your next event.

Adah Parris is a futurist, consultant, and keynote speaker from London. Parris has firm beliefs in a future-centered mindset. Through different forms of teaching, Parris teaches businesses how to evolve. Parris works with her clients utilizing strategic consulting, public speaking, and transformational coaching. Parris says, I believe that innovation should be systemic across a business and in order to create... read full bio

John Lombardi

Book John Lombardi for your next event.

John Lombardi is the grandson of Vince Lombardi Jr. Following in his grandfathers footsteps, John has decided to share a timely, relevant message with audiences around the nation to motivate them to follow their dreams and achieve their goals. Now running the Lombardi Beer Company, John is a seasoned businessman and has a variety of experience under his belt. Johns... read full bio

JJ DiGeronimo

Book JJ DiGeronimo for your next event.

JJ DiGeronimo is the president of Tech Savvy Women. Her career began designing data infrastructures for companies like the Fortune 500 companies. She graduated with a computer information systems degree and has since applied her knowledge to many businesses around the world. DeGeronimo is now recognized as a leader for women in technologies. She consistently shares her experiences with businesses... read full bio

Alexandra Paul

Book Alexandra Paul for your next event.

Alexandra Paul is an actress, activist, and producer. She is best known for her role in the original Baywatch series, but later earned lead roles in over fifty feature films and the award-winning documentary, Who Killed the Electric Car. Paul has appeared beside notable actors like Tom Hanks and Andy Garcia. Apart from acting, Paul has produced two movies, Free... read full bio

Albert Mensah

Book Albert Mensah for your next event.

Albert Mensah is a widely sought after and internationally recognized speaker, author and humanitarian. Mensah is author of When the Drumbeat Changes Dance a Different Dance. An American citizen since 1994, Albert Mensah's success story began in the impoverished nation of Ghana, West Africa. Armed with a vision and bolstered by a dream, he developed an action plan that surpassed... read full bio

Bess Ho

Book Bess Ho for your next event.

Bess Ho serves as partner at Archimedes Labs, a Palo Alto-based startup incubator for seed stage startup. A popular conference speaker, Bess has presented at the GSMA Mobile Asia Conference, Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC-SV), WIT Women Technology Summit, Android Open, Web20 Expo, Where 20, Silicon Valley China Wireless Conference (SVCW), and Silicon Valley Code Camp (SVCC), among others. She... read full bio

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