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Francis and the Lights

Book Francis and the Lights for your next event.

Francis and the Lights utilizes mix media in each and every one of his performances. Francis Farewell Starlite is the mastermind behind his act in which he performs electronically heavy music combined with stage lights and pixels, computer generated art. Francis is an eclectic artist; he often showcases his work in large rooms and empty spaces where he can move... read full bio

Francine Ward

Book Francine Ward for your next event.

Francine Ward comes to the table with a unique blend of competencies making her a viable choice for almost any event. As a businesswoman, Ward knows what it's like to run her own company, manage staff, and deal with day to day issues that arise. As a Georgetown educated lawyer, she understands the importance of protecting her valuable intellectual property.... read full bio

Francine Gargano

Book Francine Gargano for your next event.

Francine Gargano is the owner of Francine A. Gargano, Esq. Gargano has a history of working in the legal service industry and is an expert on topics which include legal writing, negotiation, arbitration, trial practice, dispute resolution and more. Gargano has previously earned her bachelor’s degree in political science and government from Seton Hall University and has earned her Juris... read full bio

Francie Moon

Book Francie Moon for your next event.

Francie Moon is a New Jersey band with a blend of blues, psych, garage rock, surf, and folk. It’s a blend that is completely unique and never heard before. As their website states, “imagine yourself stepping into a garage filled with deep reds and oranges, a family garden, and an insatiable curiosity, Francie Moon is a raw east coast styling... read full bio

Francia Raisa

Book Francia Raisa for your next event.

Francia Raisa is an American actress best known for her roles as Leti in film “Bring It On: All or Nothing”, Adrian Lee in series “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”, and Ana Torres in “Grown-ish”. She started acting at a young age and was taking jobs modeling and acting in commercials while in high school. She made her... read full bio

Franchesca Ramsey

Book Franchesca Ramsey for your next event.

Franchesca Ramsey is known by her youtube followers as Chescaleigh. She gained mainstream media attention when her video S**t White Girls Say_.To Black Girls went viral over night. The video, a satirical peace in the vain of the popular S**t ____ People Say internet trend, has been featured on MSNBC, ABC, The Daily Mail, and Anderson Cooper. It was even... read full bio

Francesco Stipo

Book Francesco Stipo for your next event.

Francesco Stipo is an author and speaker on globalization, international affairs and geopolitics. He is the President and CEO of the Houston Energy Club, a public policy group that focuses on oil, gas, and renewable energy. As an author, Dr. Stipo has published the book ‘World Federalist Manifesto, Guide to Political Globalization’ ( His work in global governance led to... read full bio

Francesca Hayward

Book Francesca Hayward for your next event.

Francesca Hayward is an English ballerina, actor, and a principal dancer in the Royal Ballet at Covent Garden in London. At a young age, Hayward moved to Worthing in West Sussex to live with her grandparents, which is where she gained her passion for ballet. She began her dancing career at Le Serve School of Ballet and Theatre before audition... read full bio

Francesca Eastwood

Book Francesca Eastwood for your next event.

Francesca Eastwood is an actress and socialite, most well recognized for starring alongside her family in the E! reality series Mrs. Eastwood & Company. She and her mother, Frances Fisher, starred opposite each other in the popular Fargo episode The Law of Non-Contradiction as the young and older versions of the same character. Francesca has appeared in the movies The... read full bio

Francesca Battistelli

Book Francesca Battistelli for your next event.

Francesca Battistelli is a Christian musician, singer-songwriter, and recording artist. She was originally an independent artist and released an independent album, Just a Breath. Her first studio album on Fervent Records was titled My Paper Heart. My Paper Heart debuted at No. 1 on iTunes and was in the top 10 Christian albums for four weeks. Her first single, I'm... read full bio

Frances West

Book Frances West for your next event.

Frances West is the former Chief Accessibility Officer at IBM, is the Founder of FrancesWestCo, and is an author. West has been the first female technologist to speak on digital inclusion at the United Nations and even testified to the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee. She is the author of “Authentic Inclusion Drives Disruptive Innovation”, which was featured at SXSW... read full bio

Frances McDormand

Book Frances McDormand for your next event.

Frances McDormand is an Emmy and Academy award-winning film, stage, and television actress. She attended the Yale University School of Drama where she earned an M.F.A. Her film debut was in, ‘Blood Simple’, the Coen brother’s first film. McDormand developed a close relationship with the Coen brothers and has starred in several of their films including ‘Miller’s Crossing’ and ‘Fargo’,... read full bio

Frances Fisher

Book Frances Fisher for your next event.

Frances Fisher is an English-born American actress who is best known for her debut role, playing Deborah Saxon on the television daytime soap opera “The Edge of Night”. Fisher started her career in regional and off-Broadway productions. She studied with Lee Strasberg at the Actors Studio and performed at the Barter Theatre. Fisher’s television credits include, “The Guiding Light”, “The... read full bio

Frances Dilorinzo

Book Frances Dilorinzo for your next event.

Comedian Frances Dilorinzo combines enthusiasm with sarcasm, and intellect with silliness. Although Frances is all female, her comedy is not for women only. She connects with everyone because she is capable of seeing both male and females points of view. When breast cancer tried to take a hold, she gathered the facts, did the research, then armed herself with her... read full bio

Frances Conroy

Book Frances Conroy for your next event.

Frances Conroy is an American actress that has been on numerous films and television series over the years and is most popular for her roles such as Ruth in “Six Feet Under”, Peggy in “Happy Town”, Loretta in “How I Met Your Mother”, Dawn in “Casual”, Nathalie in “The Mist”, and her various roles in the television series “American Horror... read full bio

Frances Bean Cobain

Book Frances Bean Cobain for your next event.

Frances Bean Cobain is an American visual artist, model and musician who is best known for being the only child of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. Cobain was born in Los Angeles, California, and she had a rough upbringing due to her father passing away when she was two years old and her mother overdosing on painkillers and being taken... read full bio

Franc Moody

Book Franc Moody for your next event.

Franc Moody is an English band that consists of six members from London, England. Their genre is that of electronic mixed with funk, soul and disco. They’re influenced by artists such as Jamiroquai and Daft Punk. Franc Moody has released singles such as “Skin on Skin”, “Dream In Colour”, “Dopamine”, “Dance Moves”, and more. They have also released one EP,... read full bio

Fran Tirado

Book Fran Tirado for your next event.

Fran Tirado is a writer and speaker who is openly gay. He is the deputy editor of Out, co-creator of Food 4 Thot, co-host of Queerly Beloved, and former executive editor of Hello Mr. As a writer, Tirado’s work has been featured or mentioned in outlets such as, VICE, The New Yorker, Vulture, Out, NPR, UnHappy Hour with Matt Bellassai,... read full bio

Fran Tarkenton

Book Fran Tarkenton for your next event.

Fran Tarkenton is a former NFL quarterback, television personality, and computer software executive. Known best for playing with the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants, as well as a commentator on Monday Night Football. Tarkenton founded Tarkenton Software, a computer-program generator company. Tarkenton was inducted into the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the College... read full bio

Fran Solomon

Book Fran Solomon for your next event.

Fran Solomon is a stress management specialist and registered nurse who has been the senior vice-empress of Playfair. Solomon has earned her master’s degree in education and theater and through her work, she shares how important it is to have fun at work. As a stress management specialist, Solomon works with organizations and work places to show management how to... read full bio

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