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Book Fintan for your next event.

Fintan is a pop singer-songwriter from Victoria, British Columbia. He performs melodies that will break your heart and writes open and honest words with it. Fintan rose to fame after the release of his debut EP, “Then We Fall”. It took him years of writing, recording, and busking to release his debut EP. In his EP contains his honesty and... read full bio

Fake Shark

Book Fake Shark for your next event.

Fake Shark is a Canadian electronic indie-pop band from Vancouver, British Columbia. Fake Shark consists of members Kevvy Mental, Louis Wu, and Tony Dallas. Fake Shark has also been previously known as Fake Shark – Real Zombie! and the band was formed by Kevvy and Louis who both thought blending genres would be a fun way to start a band.... read full bio

Fade Awaays

Book Fade Awaays for your next event.

Fade Awaays is a rock band based out of Toronto, Canada, that consists of members Reid MacMaster on guitar, Duncan Briggs on bass, Sean Hackl on guitar, and Owen Wolff on drums. All members of the group switch off on lead vocals and each member of the group also puts credits into songwriting. Fade Awaays gains influence from bands such... read full bio

Fuad Reveiz

Book Fuad Reveiz for your next event.

Fuad Reveiz is a former American professional football placekicker who played in the NFL for 10 years. Reveiz was born in Bogota, Colombia, and he moved to Miami, Florida, when he was around 10 years old. Reveiz began his career playing football in high school where he set a state record with a 60-yard field goal. Reveiz went on to... read full bio

Freeman McNeil

Book Freeman McNeil for your next event.

Freeman McNeil is an American former professional football player who spent the entirety of his career playing for the New York Jets of the NFL. McNeil was born in Jackson, Mississippi, and he began his career playing football in high school where he helped lead his school to the Los Angeles City football title. From there, McNeil went on to... read full bio

Freddy and Francine

Book Freddy and Francine for your next event.

Freddy & Francine are an American folk duo that consists of members Lee Ferris and Bianca Caruso. The duo are husband and wife and they have recently released their soulful album “I Am Afraid to Die!.” This is Freddy and Francine’s fifth album thus far and some of their other albums include “Moonless Night,” “The Briar Patch,” “The Forest and... read full bio

Florence Arman

Book Florence Arman for your next event.

Florence Arman is an up-and-coming Austria based singer-songwriter that blends together pop and alternative music to create her own unique sound. Arman found herself immersed into music from birth as her mother was a vocal coach and her father was a composer and conductor. She found herself splitting her time between the United Kingdom where her mother lived and Germany... read full bio


Book Frawley for your next event.

Frawley is an up-and-coming pop singer-songwriter from New Jersey. While growing up, Frawley immediately found her love for music and began studying voice, dance, as well as musical theater in school. After a while, Frawley took her new found talents and began releasing videos of her singing to social media outlets which included Facebook and Instagram. During this time, Frawley... read full bio


Book FEET for your next event.

FEET is an up-and-coming indie-rock band from Coventry, England, that consists of members George Haverson, Ben Firth, Oli Shasha, Callum Parker and Harry Southerton. FEET began their career with the release of their debut single, “Petty Thieving.” The band formed while they were all studying at Coventry University and found themselves bonding over their love for mutual bands which include... read full bio

Frankie Moreno

Book Frankie Moreno for your next event.

Frankie Moreno is a Las Vegas based artist who has been named Las Vegas Headliner of the Year four times running. He is known for his own style of genre-blurring rock. He is a child prodigy pianist and is also a multi-instrumentalist. Moreno first caught headlines at 10 years old when he made his television debut on the series “Star... read full bio

Faith Daniels

Book Faith Daniels for your next event.

Faith Daniels is a television news anchor, reporter, and talk show host. She began working for ABC and CBS News affiliates. She began her national news career when she joined CBS News as the anchor of the CBS Morning News. She joined NBC as the news anchor for Today and became anchor of the now-defunct News at Sunrise. She started... read full bio

Frankie Boyle

Book Frankie Boyle for your next event.

Frankie Boyle is a comedian and writer. He has made guest appearances on other popular shows: Have I Got News for You, 8 out of 10 Cats, Would I Lie to You, You Have Been Watching, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and Argumental. He is a follower of Noam Chomsky and says that he has had a great influence on his... read full bio

Funk Brothers

Book Funk Brothers for your next event.

The Funk Brothers are considered one of the most successful groups of studio musicians in music history. There have been many articles written that identify members of the Funk Brothers. There are 13 Funk Brothers identified in the film Standing In The Shadows Of Motown. The Standing in the Shadows of Motown documentary, the members of the Funk Brothers were... read full bio

Frank Gehry

Book Frank Gehry for your next event.

The office for Frank Gehry has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.

Franco Harris

Book Franco Harris for your next event.

One of the greatest running backs of all time, this Pittsburgh Steeler legend exemplifies success on and off the field. Franco Harris set or tied more than 24 NFL records, made nine Pro Bowl appearances and was named Super Bowl MVP. To earn the first of its four Super Bowl championships, Pittsburgh turned to workhorse running back Franco Harris.... read full bio

Franchesca Ramsey

Book Franchesca Ramsey for your next event.

Franchesca Ramsey is known by her youtube followers as Chescaleigh. She gained mainstream media attention when her video S**t White Girls Say_.To Black Girls went viral over night. The video, a satirical peace in the vain of the popular S**t ____ People Say internet trend, has been featured on MSNBC, ABC, The Daily Mail, and Anderson Cooper. It was even... read full bio


Book Flobots for your next event.

Flobots are an alternative rap/rock band from Denver, Colorado, United States. They consist of Jonny 5 (vocals), Brer Rabbit (vocals), Mackenzie Roberts (viola/vocals), Jessie Walker (bass), Andy Guerrero (guitar) and Kenny Ortiz (drums). The band became popular in 2008 when their singles “Handlebars” and “Rise” became hits on American alternative rock radio.... read full bio

Finbarr O'Neill

Book Finbarr O'Neill for your next event.

Finger O'neill is the President of J.D. Power, the biggest name in the world for providing lessons of getting insight into the Voice of the Customer. He is in charge of a company that serves many different industries including financial services, automotive, telecommunications, healthcare, insurance, energy, utilities, and even hospitality and travel. Before he was the President of J.D. Power... read full bio

Forte Tenors

Book Forte Tenors for your next event.

Forte is a multicultural trio of tenors who wowed the nation while auditioning and performing during the eighth season of America’s Got Talent. The group consists of New York native Josh Page, Hana Ryu of South Korea and Sri Lankan tenor, Sean Panikkar. The members of Forte met in person merely days before they auditioned for AGT. All of the... read full bio

Five Knives

Book Five Knives for your next event.

Five Knives musical career may have started with humble beginnings in the basement parties of Nashville, but they have since moved on to bigger and better things; a big break came for them when they were signed with Red Bull Records. Five Knives is made up of Anna MQueen as the lead singer, Nathan Barlowe and Zach Hall as keyboardists/programmers,... read full bio

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