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India Arie

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India.Arie is a Grammy Award-winning American singer-songwriter, musician, and record producer. India.Arie spent four years rediscovering herself through spiritual maturation and awakening. What resulted is her best album to date- Songversation. The lead single, Cocoa Butter", truly shows her inner passion and strength. India.Arie is world-renowned for her skill as a poet and songwriter. Her soulful voice has inspired and... read full bio

India Shawn

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India Shawn is an up-and-coming RnB singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Shawn first rose to fame working as a songwriter where she co-wrote for artists which include Chris Brown, Monica, and Diddy’s Dirty Money. While growing up, Shawn found her love for music and began singing at her local church before later moving to Atlanta, Georgia, to pursue a musical... read full bio

Indian Wells

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Pietro Iannuzzi, a musician who specializes in electronic music, goes by the stage name Indian Wells. His music is technically complex, theoretically driven and emotionally charged. It is heavily influenced by his own cultural heritage and references aspects of social and geographic isolation. "No One Really Listens To Oscillators" is the aptly named new album from Indian Wells, the brainchild of the Italian... read full bio

Indiana Massara

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Indiana Marie Ella Massara, who often goes by just Indiana, is an Australian singer, actress, model, and Internet personality. Indiana was named one of Kiss FM's youngest New Next Up Artists. She is originally from Coolbinia, Western Australia and is of Italian, Irish, English, and Albanian descent. While her her parents and older brother, Presley, moved to Los Angeles so... read full bio

Indigo De Souza

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A spectacular year of sold-out tours and raving reviews from publications like Pitchfork, the New York Times and the New Yorker followed the North Carolina-based artist's intriguing and explosive second Album Whatever Shape You Take. The album's 11 tracks deal with mortality, the renewal that community gives and the significance of finding your center right now. It is a raw and boldly... read full bio

Indigo Girls

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The Indigo Girls consists of the duo of Amy Ray and Emily Saliers. The duo met in elementary school and began to perform American folk rock music by high school. They adopted the name The Indigo Girls while attending Emory University. The Indigo Girls’ released their first album, self-titled, under major label Epic Records, and it went on to #22... read full bio

Indigo Sparke

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In her music, Indigo Sparke explores themes of love, loss, sadness, and a just discovered wrath while writing with a rare and contemplative strength. Indigo, an Australian native who now calls New York home, began her career as an actor before breaking through to the Sydney music scene with her EP "Night Bloom" (2016). She performed across Australia and the... read full bio

Indira Varma

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Indira Varma is an English actress who is best known for playing Ellaria Sand in series “Game of Thrones”, Niobe in series “Rome”, and Zoe Luther in series “Luther”. Varma has been a member of Musical Youth Theatre Company and graduated from the Royal Academy of Drama Art in London. She went on make her television debut in the series... read full bio

Indu Subaiya

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Indu Subaiya is a healthcare visionary, entrepreneur, consultant in healthcare and technology, and co-founder and co-chairman of Healthcare 2.0. Subaiya was born in Bangalore, India, and she went on to earn her B.S. in Science and Technology Studies from Cornell University before going on to earn her medical degree from Stony Brook University School of Medicine. After graduating from Stony... read full bio


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The Indubious narrative is not for the weak of heart. Indubious was created in the crucible of suffering and devastation, emerging from the ashes like a phoenix. Brothers and bandmates Evton and Skip, who were born with cystic fibrosis and were told at an early age by physicians that they would die, have emerged as a potent force for change... read full bio

Indya Moore

Book Indya Moore for your next event.

Indya Moore is an American actress, writer, director, social activist, and model who is best known for their role as Angel Evangelista in the television series, “Pose”. Moore is founder of Beetlefruit Media, Inc., which is a production company that focuses on storytelling. Moore started their career as a model and was working for companies such as GQ, Christian Dior... read full bio


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Ines is a Las Vegas local impersonator for artists such as Gloria Estefan and Shakira. She has gained fame performing as Shakira in the popular Las Vegas based show, Legends in Concert. Ines has performed all over the world in countries such as Japan, Finland, Australia, Sweden and Mexico. She can sing in English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and even... read full bio

Ines Rae

Book Ines Rae for your next event.

Ines Rae, who recently entered the scene, has emerged as one of the most intriguing new young UK pop performers at the moment. Booked by Billie Eilish's UK agent Sol Parker, she has performed highly lauded headlining gigs in London and amassed support from Spotify, Radio One and "Song of the Day" lists, as well as appearances in Wonderland and Clash.... read full bio


Book INFAMOUSIZAK for your next event.

INFAMOUSIZAK is a South London native who writes and sings all of his own original material. The rapper carved his sound out of grime and whatever the U.K. rap scene is comprised of. INFAMOUSIZAK’s sound pulls in the qualities of the full spectrum of hip-hop, creating his very own lane within the always changing landscape of U.K. urban music. He’s... read full bio

Infected Mushroom

Book Infected Mushroom for your next event.

Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani are the Israeli, electronica duo known as Infected Mushroom. Some of their musical inspirations include the likes of The Prodigy and Metallica. The duo specializes in psychedelic trance and electronica but they often experiment with different styles of music. DJ Magazine has ranked Infected Mushroom on their list of “10 Best DJ’s” twice. The duo... read full bio


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Since 2011, Christian Fial, better known by his stage as INFEKT, has been producing music with an emphasis on energetic yet understated basslines. His music has been released by a number of labels, including SMOG, NSD: Black Label, Circus Records, Disciple and many more. which has garnered support from a wide range of well-known musicians, including 12th Planet, Cookie Monsta, Kill... read full bio

Infinity Knives and Brian Ennals

Book Infinity Knives and Brian Ennals for your next event.

With King Cobra, Infinity Knives & Brian Ennals have cemented their status as one of Baltimore's most intriguing, varied and radically creative hip-hop groups, after the release of their seminal album Rhino XXL and Dear, Sudan. King Cobra varies from spaced-out funk, janky rap anthems, sharp trap manifestos, to vast, synthesized rap ballads, all while bending hip-hop foundations to entirely individual styles.... read full bio

Influence Music

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Influence Music is a faith-based record label and artist collective that came from Influence Church in Anaheim Hills. The group consists of numerous talent songwriters, producers, and more, who help grow the group. Influence Music often collaborates with other artists and puts on events at their church in Anaheim, California. Most recently, Influence Music has released their debut album which... read full bio

Influencers Worship

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Influencers Worship is a worship movement of influencers they are a global church with 10 campuses across Australia and the USA. Influencers Worship consists of Mark, Chloe, Danae, Mark, Cabrina, Ryan, Brandon, Milton, Nicole, Andrew, and Rayon. They have released one album so far, “Just the Cross”. Some of their most popular songs include, “Just the Cross”, “Believe Again”, “Father’s... read full bio

Information Society

Book Information Society for your next event.

Information Society is a musical collective which has been recording and performing for over twenty years. The group was originally formed by Paul Robb and Kurt Larson, later joined by James Cassidy. With the release of “Running”, by New York-based Tommy Boy Records, the Information Society broke onto the national consciousness cracking Billboard’s Top Ten Dance chart. The group went... read full bio

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