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Isha Sesay

Book Isha Sesay for your next event.

Isha Sesay is a recognized journalist, media executive and author who has spent more than ten years covering significant breaking news and world events with an emphasis on social injustice topics that affect women and girls. Sesay chairs the board of directors and acts as CEO of OkayMedia, a media outlet devoted to promoting Black culture and Black voices. The renowned... read full bio


Book Ikky for your next event.

Ikwinder Singh, an artist and producer from Canada, is redefining the sound of India by fusing it with other cultures. With songs like Amrit Maan & Sidhu Moose Wala's "Bambiha Bole" and Garry Sandhu's "Yes Baby" garnering over 2 billion streams worldwide, his production has rumbled subwoofers from the roads of India to the streets of Toronto. After working behind... read full bio


Book ICECOLDBISHOP for your next event.

Rapper ICECOLDBISHOP launched his musical career with a run of outlandish anthems and a peculiar delivery style. The South Central Los Angeles native made a name for himself with songs like "Porch" and the aptly named "IRATE" before signing a contract with Epic Records. With the incisive track "THE GOV'T GAVE US GUNS," he made his major-label debut. ICECOLDBISHOP, who was... read full bio

Iya Terra

Book Iya Terra for your next event.

They appear to find higher ground everywhere, which is what Iya Terra means. Iya Terra is consistently moving up, whether it's at the top of the most recent charts or the festival lineup for the next year. Iya Terra writes songs with a contemporary, conscientious perspective and creates messages of respect and love. With members currently located in LA and coming... read full bio

Ivorian Doll

Book Ivorian Doll for your next event.

Ivorian Doll is without a doubt an extraordinary and exceptional creative, having been dubbed "Queen Of Drill" by the BBC and the first female rapper to receive a plaque from GRM Daily, known for their Daily Duppy videos, as well as landing performances at internationally renowned festivals like Wireless and Rolling Loud Portugal. Ivorian Doll, who is most known for her... read full bio

Ichiko Aoba

Book Ichiko Aoba for your next event.

She launched "Kamisori Otome" as her first album, and since then has released 6 further solo albums. She has traveled extensively, playing all across Japan and the world with her voice and classical guitar. She hasn't just limited herself to the music industry; she has also developed her skills further by taking on narrating, commercial, theater and installation art jobs. Her... read full bio

Immortal Onion

Book Immortal Onion for your next event.

Immortal Onion, one of the most intriguing new jazz projects from Poland, have already established a solid reputation. We've had the pleasure of introducing the new release named "Screens," which was recorded at the initiative of the saxophonist Micha Jan Ciesielski, after two well-received albums ("Ocelot of Salvation" and "XD[ExperienceDesign]" at U Know Me Records). Micha's tracks are proof that jazz... read full bio


Book ili for your next event.

Scottish singer-songwriter Emily Middlemas, also known professionally as ili (stylized in lowercase), is recognized for having successfully managed her career in music. Middlemas' early appearance in the public eye as a contestant on Britain's Got skill demonstrated her natural skill and laid the groundwork for her future ambitions. She started her performing career at the young age of nine with the... read full bio


Book il:lo for your next event.

Dejan Dejado and Andreas Schütz, who founded the band il:lo more than ten years ago in Prague, collaborate by sending back and forth samples and tracks until they're satisfied. One of them is in Berlin, while the other is currently based in the south of France. Myriad, the duo's most recent release, follows up on Sloh and their previous work with... read full bio

Ian Beacraft

Book Ian Beacraft for your next event.

Ian Beacraft is a respected counsel to the most cutting-edge businesses in the world and is regarded as one of the leading voices in developing technology. As the company's founder and chief futurist, Ian oversees a strategic foresight firm that helps businesses navigate the quickly evolving digital landscape and identify significant paths to innovation that have a positive effect on... read full bio

Ian Cleary

Book Ian Cleary for your next event.

Ian is the founder of RazorSocial, one of the world’s leading sites for social media tools and technology. Ian speaks internationally on social media, writes for some of the leading social media blogs in the world and is often quoted in media such as the New York Times. As an award-winning tech blogger, Ian has also been published on Social... read full bio

I Monster

Book I Monster for your next event.

Dean Honer and Jarrod Gosling, two musicians and producers from Sheffield, England, make up the British band I Monster. These Are Our Children, their debut album, was released in 1997 after they were created. They launched the single "Daydream In Blue," which went on to become a UK Top 20 smash, after signing with Instant Karma/Sony Records. Since then, the... read full bio


Book ION for your next event.

ION, Jimmy Mosqueda Jr., is a California-based sound designer and music producer. ION's mission is to push the limits of sound and provide a diverse, multifaceted blend of sounds that inspire intricate, deep rhythms. His songs are full of percussion with trap and hip-hop influences mixed with an experimental arrangement of deep punching 808s, spacey distorted wubs, and analog synths. With... read full bio

Immy Owusu

Book Immy Owusu for your next event.

Afrodelik music is a blend of West African highlife, Zamrock, and Psychedlia. Immy, a native of the Australian surf resort of Torquay, spent his formative years immersed in both the West African culture of his Ghanaian ancestry and the coastal rock scene. His African family believes he's far too "bogan," while his Caucasian friends view him as too "ethnic." His... read full bio

Ian Khan

Book Ian Khan for your next event.

Ian Khan is a technology futurist, a filmmaker, author, adjunct professor at Esade, and founder, CEO, and Principal of Futuracy. Through his work as a technology futurist, Khan has been featured on CNN, has spoken at a TEDx, and has gained knowledge through his work for dedicating the last 20 years of his career to working on technologies which include... read full bio

IL Circo-Viaggio

Book IL Circo-Viaggio for your next event.

Viaggio is an award winning theatrical show bought to life by the troupe, Il Circo. Viaggio follows the journey of a young childs dream that introduces a world of fantasy, full of imaginative creatures and accompanied by beautiful music. The playful creatures are brought to life by an international troupe of acrobats with gracefully choreographed cirque style performances. Viaggio,... read full bio


Book iLuminate for your next event.

iLuminate first received national attention when competing on the sixth season of America’s Got Talent. iLuminate wowed audiences by performing dance routines in revolutionary light suits. iLuminate was founded by Columbia University graduate, Miral Kotb who also created the iLuminate software along with its signature light suits. iLuminate technology has been used by Grammy winning artists including Chris Brown, The... read full bio

Isabel Aguilera

Book Isabel Aguilera for your next event.

Isabel Aguilera is the former President of General Electric in Spain and former CEO of Google Spain and Portugal. She is one of the most successful businesswomen in Spain. Not only does she have an impeccable record both in marketing and sales, but she is also a leading expert on the Iberian market. Today, she is on the board of... read full bio


Book IAMSU! for your next event.

Iamsu! first gained attention as a producer. This American rapper and record producer has been producing music for over a decade. Iamsu! is a member of the production team The Invasion as well as the hip-hop group The HBK Gang. Iamsu! has released various mix tapes in his career including Suzy 6 Speed and Million Dollar Afro. He is also... read full bio

Ian Baker-Finch

Book Ian Baker-Finch for your next event.

The youngest of 6 children, Ian grew up in country Queensland where his parents instilled a passion for golf in their children. Receiving his first set of clubs at the age of twelve, Ian played imaginary British Opens around the farm, competing against the great players of the day. By the age of 30 he had realized his childhood dreams... read full bio

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