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Hudson Moore

Book Hudson Moore for your next event.

The CMA Close Up magazine named country music artist Hudson Moore to their “Who’s New To Watch” list. At the age of 17, Moore took the stage for the first time, making his debut performance in Fort Worth with nothing more than an acoustic guitar and a handful of songs. That night, after receiving positive reactions from listeners, a seed... read full bio

Hugh Laurie Blues Band

Book Hugh Laurie Blues Band for your next event.

Let Them Talk is the first album to be recorded by Hugh Laurie after signing to Warner Bros Records in 2010. Produced by Joe Henry and recorded in Los Angeles and New Orleans, the album is a celebration of New Orleans blues, a genre that drives Hughs musical raison detre. ... read full bio

Hurray For The Riff Raff

Book Hurray For The Riff Raff for your next event.

Hurray for the Riff Raff, Alynda lee Segarra, is a Puerto Rican singer from the Bronx. Earlier in her career, she released two folk and country records: It Dont Mean I Dont Love You and Young Blood Blues. A year later, the UK record label Loose Music released Hurray for the Riff Raff, an album that collected the best songs... read full bio

Imelda May

Book Imelda May for your next event.

The office for Imelda May has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.

India Arie

Book India Arie for your next event.

India.Arie is a Grammy Award-winning American singer-songwriter, musician, and record producer. India.Arie spent four years rediscovering herself through spiritual maturation and awakening. What resulted is her best album to date- Songversation. The lead single, Cocoa Butter", truly shows her inner passion and strength. India.Arie is world-renowned for her skill as a poet and songwriter. Her soulful voice has inspired and... read full bio

Ingvar Estrada

Book Ingvar Estrada for your next event.

Ingvar Estrada is gifted Italian born singer-tenor with the ability to sing in several languages including French, Spanish and German. He was educated in the United States and has developed a passion for music of different styles and people. Ingvar has performed a wide array of styles, spanning from Classical, Pop, Blues and Jazz. Ingvar’s parents were both musically talented.... read full bio

Irma Thomas

Book Irma Thomas for your next event.

Irma Thomas ranks among The Crescent City R&B's greatest and most enduring musical ambassadors. Although she never experienced the widespread commercial success of contemporaries like Aretha Franklin and Etta James, they nonetheless breathe the same rarefied air in the minds of many soul music connoisseurs as the undisputed Soul Queen of New Orleans—a title officially bestowed by local officials, no less.... read full bio

Irma Thomas, The Blind Boys of Alabama & The Preservation Hall Legacy Quintet

Book Irma Thomas, The Blind Boys of Alabama & The Preservation Hall Legacy Quintet for your next event.

Irma Thomas, The Blind Boys of Alabama, and The Preservation Hall Legacy Quintet join together to tour for the first time ever. The combination of blues sounds creates an epic experience of soul music. Irma Thomas is a Grammy Award-winning singer, The Bling Boys of Alabama are six-time Grammy Award-winners, and the Preservation Hall Legacy Quintet is a world-renowned crew.... read full bio

Jackie Greene

Book Jackie Greene for your next event.

Jack-of-all-trades and multi-instrumentalist Jackie Greene is an Americana and roots singer-songwriter who can belt out a bluesy guitar solo or croon over melancholic piano ballads. Known for being a hard-working and versatile musician, Greene's EP 'The Modern Lives - Vol 2' documents a new phase of his life, encompassing his first months as a father, a break from his constant... read full bio

Jaimoe's Jasssz Band

Book Jaimoe's Jasssz Band for your next event.

Jaimoe and his Jasssz Band perform American music. Jaimoe was a founding member of the Allman Brothers Band and is known as a legendary drummer. By combining elements of jazz, blues, rock and roll, and RnB, they make a unique style of music that makes you feel things and stirs your soul. Their repertoire includes not only fresh takes on... read full bio

Jake Isaac

Book Jake Isaac for your next event.

Jake Isaac was born and raised in south London, U.K. where he started playing drums at the young age of three. He later taught himself to play bass guitar and piano. When he was nineteen, Isaac had started to make a good living as a part-time percussionist and bassist for different jazz and rock artists for a variety of... read full bio

James Apollo

Book James Apollo for your next event.

James Apollo is a music artist from Seattle, who blends elements of blues, soul and indie rock into his music. Scottish newspaper The Scotsman hailed Apollo as the “King of the Road”, a nod to his young life of touring. Celebrated for his emotionally packed compositions, Apollo is often compared to the musical and lyrical style of William Faulkner, Tom... read full bio

James Hunter

Book James Hunter for your next event.

James Hunter is a British R&B musician and soul singer. His career began when he was in a band called ""Howlin' Wilf and the Vee-Jays"" and worked on their first album titled ""Cry Wilf"". He spent most of his time playing smaller clubs around London. Hunter's soulful sound got the attention of Van Morrison, who appeared on... read full bio

James TW

Book James TW for your next event.

James Taylor-Watts, better known by his stage name James TW, is a singer and songwriter from England. The highest position that his track "When You Love Someone" reached on the Billboard Adult Pop Songs chart was number 28. Taylor-Watts was the son of Sarah Taylor-Watts and Richard Taylor-Watts and was born in England. James Taylor was a musician that both... read full bio

Jamie N Commons

Book Jamie N Commons for your next event.

British blues rock and folk musician Jamie N Commons has released three EPs, The Baron, Rumble and Sway, and Jamie N Commons. Shortly after the release of Rumble and Sway, Jamie opened for Bruce Springteeen in Nijmegen. He is featured on Eminem’s album The Marshall Mathers LP 2, in the song “Desperation” which is only included in the deluxe edition... read full bio

Janiva Magness

Book Janiva Magness for your next event.

Janiva Magness is a world-renowned blues artist. Born in Detroit, Magness was exposed to loss at a young age. After both of her parents passed, Magness felt lost until she found blues music. Her musical career began as a recording engineer, but she was soon coaxed into the spotlight as a front woman singer. Magness powerful voice and soulful sounds... read full bio

Jared James Nichols

Book Jared James Nichols for your next event.

American blues-rock guitarist and vocalist Jared James Nichols hails from Wisconsin and is known for his 'pick-less' style of playing the electric guitar. He seldom performs without his recognizable single-pickup Epiphone Les Paul Custom P90, affectionately known as Old Glory. Under his own name, he leads a power trio that is heavily influenced by Cream and Mountain's early 1970s hard rock.... read full bio

Jax Hollow

Book Jax Hollow for your next event.

Jax Hollow, The Berklee College of Music alumna, who is originally from Western Massachusetts but now calls Nashville home, is bringing rock music a much-needed resurrection with her pure skill and youthful purity. Jax's music is an original fusion of Classic Rock, Blues and Americana with strong composition, riffs, solos and vocals. Music veteran Michael Wagener (over 100 million albums sold) produced and... read full bio

Jeff Martin

Book Jeff Martin for your next event.

Jeff Martin is a Canadian musician, singer-songwriter, and producer who is best known for fronting the Canadian rock band, The Tea Party. Apart from his work with The Tea Party, Martin has also pursued his own solo career when The Tea Party was on hiatus. Martin was born in Windsor, Ontario, and he began playing guitar at a young age... read full bio

Jerrett Zoch and The OSR Band

Book Jerrett Zoch and The OSR Band for your next event.

Jerrett Zoch and The OSR Band’s most recent single, “Everything I need,” is currently at #22 on the Texas Radio charts. Their previous single, “I’m Done,” earned the group a spot in the Top 20. The OSR Band’s music style is a combination of various genres like Texas Country, Red Dirt Country, Nashville Country, Blues, and Rock. They have been... read full bio

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