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Shaun Cassidy

Book Shaun Cassidy for your next event.

Shaun Cassidy, born on September 27th, 1959, is the quintessential jack of all trades: an actor, screenwriter, producer, and singer. The whole Cassidy family, from his parents to his siblings, are veterans of the entertainment industry. From an early age, Shaun had a love of the arts – particularly singing. He signed a contract with Warner Bros and immediately started... read full bio

Sammy Rae and the Friends

Book Sammy Rae and the Friends for your next event.

The sound of Sammy Rae and the Friends derives from a wide selection of musical influences like funk, jazz, classic rock, soul, and folk. This high-energy group of artists puts on one of the most exciting and unrestrained shows from any recent artist, complete with personal emotional lyrics penned by the eponymous singer songwriter. Sammy grew up around a lot... read full bio

Ira Nor

Book Ira Nor for your next event.

Ira Nor released the song “flashback” recently, a song off of her newest EP called “Swim Ira”, which is out August 26th, 2022. This EP opens with this very song, which was produced with Ira’s very frequent collaborator Øyvind Glåmen. It’s a synth-heavy hyperpop leaning song not too dissimilar to what we have come to expect from this Norwegian-based artist.... read full bio


Book Generationals for your next event.

Generationals released their very first full-length album “Con Law” in 2009 and people were instantly pulled in. Since then, the duo – made up of Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer – have released five albums with the most recent being “Reader as Detective” in 2019. Before Generationals, the two of them started the band The Eames Era, an indie pop... read full bio

Benny Sings

Book Benny Sings for your next event.

Benny Sings, born Tim Van Berkestijn, is an Amsterdam-native whose music can be described as pop and rock. The singer songwriter adopted the name Benny Sings after jointing a Dutch hip hop group called Abstract Dialect. While the band dissolved, the name stuck around. While he’s been playing music since the late 90s, his professional career really took off in... read full bio


Book Gordi for your next event.

Gordi – born Sophie Payten – is a singer-songwriter whose music can be described as “indie pop” and “folktronica.” You may have heard her songs featured on The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, or To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You. In August of 2017, Gordi released her very first studio album “Reservoir” under the label Jagjaguwar. Two... read full bio


Book 44phantom for your next event.

44phantom is an Oklahoma-based who has been described as a grunge-pop artist. His new song “don’t fall” has garnered a significant amount of attention. 44phantom also released his first full album“die sometime, it’s good for u” in 2021. The album features the song “freak” which is arguably his most famous track, gaining millions of streams across different platforms like Spotify... read full bio

Aime Simone

Book Aime Simone for your next event.

Aime Simone is a rising star from Paris, France who first made a splash after throwing his journal on stage at a Pete Doherty concert. Against all odds, this worked and Pete began mentoring Aime and, soon, Aime would be making and releasing music of his own. He even opened for Pete on several different occasions. Drawing inspiration for the... read full bio

Alex Francis

Book Alex Francis for your next event.

Alex Francis is an English singer songwriter that’s showing a lot of different emotions in his songs. He originally came from Hitchin, Hertfordshire, where he was introduced to music. In 2017, Alex was a guest vocalist on Melanie C’s “Hold On” on her album “Version of Me” and from there, his career really took off. After that, Alex was given... read full bio

Alice Longyu Gao

Book Alice Longyu Gao for your next event.

Alice Longyu Gao is a DJ, singer, and songwriter from Bengbu, China. At just 17, she moved to the states to attend Boston University for a Bachelor of Science in philosophy. She then attended Harvard University’s Summer Program in Kyoto, Japan for Asian Religious Studies. Alice started releasing music as an independent artist in 2018, with songs like “Magnificroissant” and... read full bio

Alfie Sharp

Book Alfie Sharp for your next event.

Alfie Sharp hit the top of the RnB charts recently with his emotionally charged, unique sounds. Alfie grew up in a very musical family, so he was always inspired by music and drawn to it and a young age. During family outings and Christmas or birthday celebrations, a piano was always involved. His home city of Nottingham, England has a... read full bio

Bikini Trill

Book Bikini Trill for your next event.

Bikini Trill is a Los Angeles-native band consisting of singer Lauren 'LJ' Johnson, Kourosh 'Roach' Poursalehi on bass, and Tony Stern on guitar. They made their SXSW debut in 2017, which helped grab them a bunch of attention and grow their adoring fanbase. Bikini Trill then went on their very first tour across the nation, opening for bands like The... read full bio


Book Cassia for your next event.

Cassia – a band comprised of indie artists and friends Rob, Jake & Lou – were holding down full-time jobs and saving money in order to afford studio time to record their music. They spent their time writing and perfecting their art until they were able to finally record their debut single “Moana”, which came out in 2016. They signed... read full bio

Daddy Issues

Book Daddy Issues for your next event.

Daddy Issues formed back in winter of 2014 after singer Jenna Moynihan saw the words "Daddy Issues" spray-painted on the wall of a venue they were playing at and for a moment thought it could be an all-girl punk band. At the very least, it would make for a great band name, so she adopted then name, recruiting Emily Maxwell... read full bio


Book Dabin for your next event.

Dabin Lee (known on the stage as simply Dabin) is a Canadian DJ, musician, record producer, and all around amazing EDM artist. He has three albums under his belt. The first one was nominated for a 2018 Juno Award for Electronic Album of the Year. With huge collaborations with EDM artists like Illenium, Said the Sky, Seven Lions and Slander... read full bio

Cub Sport

Book Cub Sport for your next event.

The Australian pop group known as Cub Sport first got together in Brisbane back in 2010. The band consists of Zoe Davis on keyboards, bass guitar, lead guitar and vocals, Tim Nelson on lead vocals and keyboards, Sam "Bolan" Netterfield on keyboards and vocals, and Dan Puusaari on drums. Cub Sport currently has four studio albums under its belt: “This... read full bio

Deaton Chris Anthony

Book Deaton Chris Anthony for your next event.

Deaton Chris Anthony is pretty fresh on the scene. He is an electronic artist who released his very first studio album “BB” back in 2015. “Dragon Tales” back in 2018 and “Mr. Call You Back”, “1999 She”, “Sonshine”, “RACECAR (feat. Clairo, Coco and Clair Clair)”, and “Tony Hawk (feat. LA)” in 2019. That same year, he released the heavily praised... read full bio


Book DENM for your next event.

DENM started out as a music producer but has taken on his own project as a solo act. His music is genre-hopping and that’s definitely something you notice from his debut album “Slum Beach Denny”. Many have compared him to Slightly Stoopid and Sublime. He taught himself how to play guitar when he was just 14 years old and has... read full bio

Dylan Matthew

Book Dylan Matthew for your next event.

Dylan Matthew is an incredible talent who balances his act as an indie pop artist and a collaborator with EDM musicians. This massive artist accumulates millions of Spotify streams every single month. He also has 762,000 followers on TikTok like many musicians like him. On top of that, Dylan has landed on the Billboard’s Dance Top 50 chart multiple times.... read full bio

Francesco Yates

Book Francesco Yates for your next event.

Francesco Yates is a Toronto native who’s been making quite a splash in the indie pop genre as a singer songwriter. He’s been playing music since the age of 11 and proved to be a massive talent. When he was only 16 years old, he was signed to Atlantic Records and then released his self-titled debut EP. It was produced... read full bio

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