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Annie Lennox

Book Annie Lennox for your next event.

The office for Annie Lennox has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.

Another Journey

Book Another Journey for your next event.

Another Journey is a tribute-band to the great rock band Journey. Another Journey is based in Las Vegas and is known by their fans to be the greatest live tribute band to Journey. Maybe one of the reasons that Another Journey is so beloved is they present what most die-hard Journey fans wish, that Steve Perry never left. The band... read full bio

Another Journey

Book Another Journey for your next event.

Another Journey pays tribute to the world-renowned band, Journey. This Las Vegas-based tribute is known as one of the best Journey tribute bands of the current age. The band is a collective of talented artists who recreate Journey’s greatest hits, providing an experience likened closely to Journey itself! Another Journey performs at various venues, from concerts to corporate shows. The... read full bio

Another Sky

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Catrin Vincent's voice will probably be the first thing that draws your attention when you listen to Another Sky. She uses this odd, ambiguous, lurching and defiant instrument to stunning, evocative effect. Then the engulfing instrumentals start. Catrin was first introduced to drummer Max, bassist Naomi and guitarist Jack while taking music classes at Goldsmiths University. Their distinct sound was influenced by their... read full bio

Another Tequila Sunrise

Book Another Tequila Sunrise for your next event.

ANOTHER TEQUILA SUNRISE is America's MOST AUTHENTIC Eagles Tribute Band. This New England based tribute band has performed from Georgia to Texas to Illinois to Maine, and so many, many points in between. They offer a sophisticated performance encompassing all the best hits from The Eagles, and those solo hits from Don Henley, Glenn Frey, and Joe Walsh. Additionally, they... read full bio


Book Antemasque for your next event.

Antemasque is a culmination of seasoned rock stars and their desire to explore their musicality in a new environment. Omar Rodr_guez-L_pez and Cedric Bixler-Zavala of The Mars Volta created a progressive punk sound that is reminiscent of the pent up energy from the early days of punk, but polished just enough to be a modern interpretation. ... read full bio


Book Anthrax for your next event.

Anthrax is the thrash metal band that put thrash metal on the map. They are credited with being one of the only heavy metal bands to receive critical praise. They are seen as the leaders of the thrash metal movement, brining it into the forefront of the rock scene. During their up and coming years they played many shows with... read full bio


Book Anti-Flag for your next event.

Anti-Flag is a punk rock band that got its start in the late 80s and they’ve been making fast-paced heavy punk and poignant political statements ever since. The band got its start in Pittsburgh when Justin Sane and Pal Thetic got together and decided to start performing live. After just one show, the band broke up but got back together... read full bio


Book Anxious for your next event.

Little Green House, the new album from Anxious, was created with the luxury of time, which is something very few bands have when creating their debut record. Grady Allen on vocals, Dante Melucci and Ryan Savitski on guitars, Sam Allen on bass and Jonny Camner on drums made up the band. With extensive touring plans put on hold and daily life... read full bio

Anyway Gang

Book Anyway Gang for your next event.

Friends from four of the most well-known bands in Canada came together to compose some songs: Dave Monks (Tokyo Police Club), Sam Roberts (Sam Roberts Band), Menno Versteeg (Hollerado) and Chris Murphy (Sloan). In addition to jamming on a number of tunes they all had laying around, they largely cracked dad jokes. They quickly recorded a lot of material and over the... read full bio


Book Apocalyptica for your next event.

Apocalyptica is famous for being a band that took metal in a completely different direction. As highly talented cello players, the band combines heavy European metal with string instruments and orchestras in a way that’s never been done before. The band is also looking for uncharted territories when it comes to music. Apocalyptica got its start in 1993 at the... read full bio

Appetite For Destrution

Book Appetite For Destrution for your next event.

Appetite for Destruction is a Guns N' Roses tribute band that have been performing together for over twenty years. They are the ultimate Guns N Roses experience that give you the next best thing to seeing the Real Guns N' Roses performing together again. They have twice performed on the same bill as ex-G N R guitarist Gilby Clarke, with... read full bio

April Wine

Book April Wine for your next event.

In late 1969, April Wine was founded in Halifax, Nova Scotia. However, the band members—guitarist/vocalist Myles Goodwyn, drummer Ritchie Henman, bassist Jimmy Henman, and guitarist David Henman—quickly relocated to Montreal. Their self-titled first album and their first hit song, "Fast Train," were released in the same year. Jimmy Clench took over for Jimmy Henman shortly after his departure. "You Could... read full bio


Book Aqualung for your next event.

Matt Hales, known in the music world by his stage name Aqualung, has loved music from an early age; he started writing songs and playing them on the family piano at the age of four. His parents owned an independent record shop, which gave him access to music that helped inspire his own. At 16, he was awarded a scholarship... read full bio


Book Aqueous for your next event.

Aqueous is a funky, groove rock band melting the barriers between different genres of music. Their sound is improvisational, but delivers an extremely catchy and harmonious product. Aqueous is comprised of four members, Mike Gantzer, Dave Loss, Evan McPhaden, and Rob Houk. The four use guitar, drums, bass, and piano to create their unique sounds. The band has toured and... read full bio


Book Aranda for your next event.

Hailing from Oklahoma City, the Alt-Rock outfit Aranda was formed around the brothers Gabe on lead vocals and Dameon on guitar + bass. From the very beginning, music was an important part of the way the two related to each other. They formed their first band when they were in middle school, eventually forming Aranda near the end of high... read full bio

Arath Herce

Book Arath Herce for your next event.

Arath Herce is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter and producer from Veracruz, Mexico, who has rose to fame after gaining the attention of numerous artists, Latin Grammy winners and producers. Herce found his love for music at a young age and began performing and composing at only 8 years old. As a composer, Herce has gone on to gain attention from Alejandro... read full bio

Archers of Loaf

Book Archers of Loaf for your next event.

Archers of Loaf is an American indie-rock band from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, that consists of members Eric Bachmann, Matt Gentling, Eric Johnson, and Mark Price. Archers of Loaf was formed by all four members of the band in the early 90’s and went on to release their first single,” Wrong,” and “South Carolina.” From there, they signed with Alias... read full bio


Book Architects for your next event.

Architects is a Brighton-based metalcore band formed by twins Dan Searle and the late Tom Searle back in 2004. They were very active in the East Sussex music scene, but after breaking out of their local community, they’ve become known by critics and fans as one of the greatest U.K. hardcore bands of their generation. Architects made their studio debut... read full bio

Ariel Posen

Book Ariel Posen for your next event.

Ariel Posen is a Canadian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer. Posen was born in Winnipeg but since his parents were musicians, he spent a majority of his childhood living on the road as they toured, which is what was embedded into him to pursue a musical career himself when he was old enough. Posen began playing guitar at only 9 years... read full bio

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