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Book Vacations for your next event.

Vacations – comprised of Jake Johnson, Campbell Burns, Joseph Van Lier, and Nate Delizzotti -- is an indie-rock band coming straight out of Newcastle, Australia. While touring in Europe with their band Chin Up Chin Up, they decided to try a little experiment: start a band with no guitars. While the current iteration of Vacations features guitar, it still pushed... read full bio

Vaadat Charigim

Book Vaadat Charigim for your next event.

Vaadat Charigim is an Israeli rock band from Tel Aviv. The band is comprised of members Yuval Haring, Yuval Guttmann, and Dan Bloch. Their songs are delivered in Hebrew, exhibiting the authentic sounds of Israel. The band’s act has been compared to that of My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Slowdive, and Galaxie 500. Their sound is a combination of indie and... read full bio

Usted Senalemelo

Book Usted Senalemelo for your next event.

A exciting blend of indie rock, synth-heavy dance beats and catchy melodies are brought to you by the Argentine band Usted Senalemelo. The iconic works of Luis Alberto Spinetta and Gustavo Cerati, the traditional tonada folk music of Ernesto Hidro Advicencio, as well as some inspiration from Seattle's own Nirvana, are all represented on the albums that each member has contributed... read full bio

USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker)

Book USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) for your next event.

USS, or Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker, is a Canadian alternative rock duo from Toronto, Ontario, that consists of members Ash Buchholz who is the vocalist, guitarist, and erhu player and Jason “Human Kebab” Parsons who is the turntablist and hype man. The duo performs with drum and bass beats and have an electronica sound mixed in with their music. The duo... read full bio

USAF Starlifter

Book USAF Starlifter for your next event.

Active Duty Airmen make up the seven-piece electric, high-energy rock group STARLIFTER. This vibrant ensemble is made up of people from all around North America and is stationed with the Band of Mid-America. When you hear your favorite rock, pop and country songs from the past 40 years in a brand-new way, you'll be left wanting more and wondering what they'll... read full bio

Uriah Heep

Book Uriah Heep for your next event.

Uriah Heep is a hard rock band that has reached cult status all over the world. This band was formed in London. Their progressive-art rock-heavy metal fusion's distinctive features have always been massive keyboards sound, strong vocal harmonies and, in the early years, David Byron's quasi-operatic vocals. Twelve of the band's albums have made it to the UK Albums... read full bio


Book Uprooted for your next event.

Uprooted is a band by Michael Glabicki from Rusted Root which started as a side project and turned into so much more. He came up with the idea while spending time in Spain. He came back home with all kinds of lyrics that he wrote and didn’t feel like they fit into the sound of Rusted Root so it turned... read full bio


Book Unwound for your next event.

An American post-hardcore band called Unwound is headquartered in Olympia, Washington. They were started by former members of the band Giant Henry, Justin Trosper (guitars and vocals), Vern Rumsey (bass) and Brandt Sandeno (drums). Sara Lund took over Unwound when Brandt Sandeno resigned. Throughout the 1990s, the band was closely linked to the Kill Rock Stars moniker. Unwound was a post-hardcore... read full bio

Unto Others

Book Unto Others for your next event.

When Charlie Rocket, a former music manager for one of the largest music management organizations, received a brain tumor diagnosis while weighing more over 300 pounds, his life experienced a radical change. He chose to pursue his childhood passion of becoming an athlete in spite of the prognosis. Through perseverance and hard work, he was able to reverse his brain... read full bio

Until I Wake

Book Until I Wake for your next event.

Since its founding, Until I Wake have been gradually rising through the hard rock ranks. The band has amassed 5 million global listens to date thanks to its gritty, guitar-driven choruses and its appearances on Spotify's New Core, New Metal Tracks and New Blood playlists. Additionally, its song "Mixed Signals" was chosen for SiriusXM Octane's Test Drive. Following their signing with Fearless... read full bio


Book Unprocessed for your next event.

German progressive metal band Unprocessed has been causing a stir in the metal community with their intense sound and engaging live performances. The group was formed in 2014 and consists of drummer Jonas Schmid, guitarist Christoph Schultz, bassist David Levy, and vocalist Manuel Gardner Fernandes. The distinctive blend of technical mastery, powerful riffs, and soaring melodies defines Unprocessed's sound. They are... read full bio


Book unpeople for your next event.

Unpeople is a project full of passion and fervor about the situation of the world and how it affects people. Bassist Meg Mash and drummer Richard Rayner were enlisted by guitarists Jake Crawford and Luke Caley with the intention of fusing heavy riffs and sincere lyrics with appealing melodies and lush harmonies.Their moniker, "unpeople," which refers to a group of... read full bio

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Book Unknown Mortal Orchestra for your next event.

Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, the Unknown Mortal Orchestra performs an alternative take on rock music. Members Ruban Nielson, Jake Portrait, Quincy McCrary, and Amber Baker combine electric guitar, drums, and bass to create their lo-fi sound. Their debut self-titled album was released to critical acclaim by publications like Pitchfork magazine. The rest of their releases achieved critical acclaim as... read full bio


Book Unkle for your next event.

Unkle is an electronica DJ duo founded by two friends, James Lavella and Tim Goldworthy. Though they are primarily a duo, they have often included a number guest artists and producers in their performances and recordings over the years. Unkle played a crucial role in cementing the label Mo' Wax's early sound through their Time Has Come double EP, which... read full bio


Book Underoath for your next event.

Underoath is an American rock band from Tampa, Florida that consists of six talented musicians, Aaron Gillespie, Christopher Dudley, Timothy McTague, Grant Brandell, James Smith, and Spencer Chamberlain. Currently, they have released eight studio albums and two live albums. Their fourth and fifth albums, “They’re Only Chasing Safety” and “Define the Great Line” have reached US certified Gold. Some of... read full bio

Uncle Si and the Sicotics

Book Uncle Si and the Sicotics for your next event.

Uncle Si and the Sicotics is a band that consists of members Uncle Si, Marsha Robertson, and Bridgette Tatum. Uncle Si is from the popular television series Duck Dynasty, Robertson is his daughter in law and the duo met Tatum at a charity event. They bonded quickly and ended up decided to write music together. They have released one album... read full bio

Uncle Kracker

Book Uncle Kracker for your next event.

Uncle Kracker is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, and musician who is known for his country and rock music. Apart from releasing music as a solo artist, Kracker has been a turntablist for Kid Rock’s group Twisted Brown Trucker. As a solo artist, Kracker has released five studio albums. His debut album, “Double Wide”, peaked at number 7 on the US... read full bio


Book Ume for your next event.

Ume are an Austin-based indie band that blends explosive rock with the unbridled fervor of punk and the melodic refinement of pop. They have a devoted fan base due to their outstanding live performances and intelligent but approachable songs. As a self-taught guitarist in a politically motivated noise punk band, Lauren Larson fell in love with playing loud, which is how... read full bio


Book Ultravox for your next event.

Ultravox is a pioneering British electronic band of the 70s and 80s, with fourteen hit singles and numerous platinum records to their name. The group's album Vienna reached No. 3 on the charts, and is still their most successful release to date. The single Vienna" off the album reached No. 2 on the charts, while the album held other top... read full bio

Ultra Q

Book Ultra Q for your next event.

Jakob Armstrong, the youngest child of Green Day singer Billie Joe, started playing the guitar at age seven. He practiced alone and then joined bands in and around Oakland after making friends who shared his musical preferences. With the images of Ultraman action figures fighting in his head, he eventually created Ultra Q with a group of pals he made while... read full bio

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