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Helaina Hovitz

Book Helaina Hovitz for your next event.

Helaina Hovitz Regal is a journalist, writer, editor, author, and content strategist. Regal enjoys writing stories about non-profits, social issues, mental health, animals, charities, recovery, food, wellness, and culture. Her work has been featured in outlets and publications such as, The New York Times, Glamour, BuzzFeed, VICE, Thrillist, Forbes, Huffington Post, The Los Angeles Times, Fast Company, and more. She... read full bio

Harvey Guillen

Book Harvey Guillen for your next event.

Harvey Guillen is an up-and-coming actor who is best known for playing Benedict Pickwick in series “The Magicians” and Blobbin in series “The Thundermans”. Guillen made his acting debut in the television series “Miss Guided”. Since then, his television credits have gone on to include, “Huge”, “Confessions of a Bitter(sweet) Actress”, “Eye Candy”, “Haters Back Off!”, and “What We Do... read full bio


Book HÆLOS for your next event.

Haelos are a British trip hop band from London, United Kingdom. The band consists of members Arthur Delaney, Lotti Benardout, Dom Goldsmith, and Daniel Vildosola. The group came up in prominence with the release of their debut single, “Dust”. The single was followed by two more singles, “Pray” and “Earth Not Above”. Shortly after, they released their debut EP, “Earth... read full bio

Heather Land

Book Heather Land for your next event.

Heather Land is an American comedian, author and musician who releases gospel music. She is best known for her comedic videos that she publishes through outlets such as Facebook where she talks on daily life topics. She quickly became known for a video she made where she mocked CrossFit and it gained over 20 million views. This led her to... read full bio

Holt McCallany

Book Holt McCallany for your next event.

Holt McCallany is an American actor, writer and producer from New York City, New York who is best known for playing Bill Tench on the Netflix original series “Mindhunter”. McCallany is the son of Julie Wilson and Michael McAloney. At a young age, his father sent him and his brother to live in Dublin where they studied at the National... read full bio

Hines Ward

Book Hines Ward for your next event.

Hines Ward is an American-South Korean football coach and former wide receiver that has also been an offensive assistant for the New York Jets of the NFL. Ward was born in Seoul, South Korean and grew up in the Atlanta area. Ward found his passion for sports in high school where he exceled as a quarterback and was a two-time... read full bio


Book Huxley for your next event.

Huxley is a DJ from Tring, United Kingdom. He has been performing for several years and has performed different styles of music. He works in drums, bass, main room house, and more. Huxley has released music through labels such as 20:20 Vision, Hypercolour, and Tsuba. Huxley has released several club hits and has released an album through Aus Music. Huxley... read full bio

Holly Holm

Book Holly Holm for your next event.

Holly Holm is an American mixed martial artist who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Holm has previously been a UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion as well as a former boxer and kickboxer. During her time as a boxer, Holm was a multiple-time world champion and she defended her title 18 times in three weight classes. She was featured twice in... read full bio

Hector Camacho Jr.

Book Hector Camacho Jr. for your next event.

Hector Camacho Jr., also known as “Machito”, is a Puerto Rican professional boxer from San Juan, Puerto Rico, who is known for fighting in the southpaw stance. Camacho Jr. is the son of Hector Camacho, who was also a professional boxer. He always looked up to his father and pursued boxing as a career as well because of him. During... read full bio

Hasim Rahman

Book Hasim Rahman for your next event.

Hasim Rahman, also known as “The Rock”, is an American retired professional boxer who competed in heavyweight division. Rahman gained fame after having a knockout victory against Lennox Lewis, which earned him the unified heavyweight championship. Rahman went on to be a two-time world heavyweight champion, holding the unified WBC, IBF, IBO and lineal titles and then the WBC title... read full bio

Hamish Taylor

Book Hamish Taylor for your next event.

Hamish Taylor is the former CEO of Eurostar and Sainsbury’s Bank. He has been one of the world’s leading experts in brand management, innovation, and customer focus. As a speaker, he inspires his audience with his lessons from his several years leading major corporations. Taylor has earned his M.A. with honors in Economics from the University of St. Andrews. He... read full bio

Heath Pearce

Book Heath Pearce for your next event.

Heath Pearce is an American former professional soccer player who has played as a center back, full back, and defender for several teams in Europe and North America. Pearce was born in Modesto, California, and he began his career playing soccer in high school before going on to play college soccer at the University of Portland. After college, Pearce went... read full bio

Hannah Beachler

Book Hannah Beachler for your next event.

Hannah Beachler is an American production designer who is best known for her work on films such as “Creed,” “Miles Ahead,” “Moonlight,” and “Black Panther.” Her work with Black Panther on it’s Afrofuturist design direction earned her an Academy Award for Best Production Design, making her the first African-American to be nominated in the category, and the first to win.... read full bio

Hannah Waddingham

Book Hannah Waddingham for your next event.

Hannah Waddingham is an English actress and singer who is best known for her roles in musical theatre which include credits in productions such as ‘Spamalot,’ ‘Into the Woods,’ ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ and more. She is also known for playing Septa Unella in the HBO television series “Game of Thrones.” Waddingham was born in Wandsworth, London, England, and she... read full bio

Harry Lloyd

Book Harry Lloyd for your next event.

Harry Lloyd is an English actor who is best known for playing Jeremy Baines in the television series “Doctor Who,” Viserys Targaryen in the television series “Game of Thrones,” Peter Quayle in the series “Counterpart,” and Will Scarlett in series “Robin Hood.” Lloyd was born in London, England and he is related to Charles Dickens, Captain Peter Dickens, and Henry... read full bio

Half Alive

Book Half Alive for your next event.

Half Alive is an American band from Long Beach, California that consists of members Josh Taylor, Brett Kramer, and J Tyler Johnson. Since their start, Half Alive has released one EP entitled, “3”. Their most popular singles include, “The Fall”, “Still Feel”, “Aawake at Night”, and “Arrow”. Still Feel peaked at number 17 on the US Alternative charts and at... read full bio

Hod Lipson

Book Hod Lipson for your next event.

Hod Lipson is an American robotics engineer who is the director of Columbia University’s Creative Machines Lab. Lipson was born in Haifa, Israel, and he has earned his B.Sc. and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Technion Israel Institute of Technology. Lipson began his career working as an assistant professor at Brandeis University’s Computer Science Department. He has also previously been... read full bio

Henry Mintzberg

Book Henry Mintzberg for your next event.

Henry Mintzberg is a Canadian academic who is the Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies at the Desautels Faculty of Management of McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Mintzberg was born in Montreal, Quebec, and he has earned his Bachelor’s in mechanical engineering at the Faculty of Engineering from McGill University before going on to earn his Master’s in Management and... read full bio

Hollywood's Greatest Game Show ft. Bob Eubanks

Book Hollywood's Greatest Game Show ft. Bob Eubanks for your next event.

Hollywood’s Greatest Game Shows, which is presented by Bob Eubanks is a game show that combines all of the best game shows of all time straight to your event. Hollywood’s Greatest Game Shows is hosted by the legendary Bob Eubanks who is best known for being the host of the show “The Newlywed Game.” Throughout Hollywood’s Greatest Game Show, each... read full bio

Hope Davis

Book Hope Davis for your next event.

Hope Davis is an American actress who is best known for her roles in film and television and on stage which include playing Maria Stark in the Marvel film “Captain America: Civil War,” and for playing Megan Fisher in the television series “Wayward Pines.” Davis was born in Englewood, New Jersey, and she made her acting debut playing Anne Coldren... read full bio

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