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Angie Hart

Book Angie Hart for your next event.

As a member of the Melbourne-based alternative pop band Frente, singer Angie Hart became well-known. Before releasing their full-length debut Marvin The Album, the trio issued the EP Clunk. The CD was a tremendous seller since it featured "Labour Of Love," one of their country's many top singles. Their folk-tinged cover of New Order's iconic song "Bizarre Love Triangle" ended... read full bio

Angie McMahon

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Angie McMahon is an Australian rock singer-songwriter and musician from Melbourne, Australia. Prior to becoming a solo artist, McMahon grew fame as part of the nine-piece band The Fabric. Later on, McMahon was a competition and earned a spot opening for Bon Jovi on the Australian leg of his tour. She later also won the Josh Pyke Partnership and released... read full bio

Angus & Julia Stone

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Angus and Julia Stone are a brother/sister folk duo from Australia. Their soulful, whimsical sound transports fans into a world of beauty and serenity. Angus plays the guitar for the duo, while Julia is a singer and songwriter. Their three albums, ‘A Book Like This’, ‘Down the Way’, and ‘Angus & Julia Stone’ showcase the growth and evolution of their... read full bio

Ani DiFranco

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Ani is a punk folksinger who writes songs that can appeal to old folkies and simultaneously climb the college radio charts. She tours on the acoustic, college, and rock club circuits, shattering stereotypes and winning over unsuspecting fans everywhere. But of course, like all overnight success stories that were ten years in the making, the beginnings were much more humble.... read full bio

Animal Collective

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Animal Collective is an experimental pop band from Baltimore comprised of several well-established artists including Panda Bear (Noah Lennox), Geologist (Brian Weitz), Avey Tare (David Portner), and Deakin (Josh Dibb). The band is known for its bold experimentation with a variety of genres and subgenres including freak folk, noise pop, electronic, art rock, and neo-psychedelia, among others. The band members... read full bio

Animal Kingdom

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Animal Kingdom is a British alternative rock band that consists of the trio Richard Sauberlich, Hamish Crombie and Geoff Lea. The trio are based out of North London, United Kingdom, and they began their career under the name The Sofa Club before changing the name to Animal Kingdom. After their formation, Animal Kingdom released their debut studio album, “Signs and... read full bio

Anna Bates

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Although being classically trained in piano since an early age, singer-songwriter Anna Bates from Los Angeles, started putting out songs under her own name. Once her song "Holy Smokes" gained popularity on TikTok, Anna moved out of her dorm at Belmont to pursue a career in music. Soon after, she stumbled onto a lively group of producers, authors and artists who encouraged... read full bio

Anna Calvi

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Anna Calvi is an English singer-songwriter and musician from London, England. While growing up, Calvi was exposed to multiple different genres of music and at six years old, she began playing guitar. Only two years later, Calvi began to learn how to play guitar and by the time she was 10 years old she began recording her own music on... read full bio

Anna Leone

Book Anna Leone for your next event.

Swedish singer-songwriter Anna Leone infuses her compositions with a calm soulfulness and gloomy mood. She came out with her debut single after being raised in a suburb of Stockholm listening to records by artists like Bob Dylan, Nina Simone and Cat Stevens. The ballad "My Soul I" by Bryan Wilson (Sofi Tukker, Stormzy) was published on the Paris-based label Half Awake and... read full bio

Anna Lunoe

Book Anna Lunoe for your next event.

Anna Lunoe has found herself in the eye of an American dance music storm. She began her career in music as a radio host with her own weekly dance music show on Sydney’s youth station. She entered the DJ world playing indie dance and rap but evolved over time, picking up the tempos and cycling through genres. The result is... read full bio

Anna Meredith

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Anna Meredith is known for both her electronic music and her acoustic music – she’s often categorized as “uncategorisable” and “genre-defying,” sitting between the worlds of experimental rock, contemporary classical, and art pop. She’s performed on BBC’s Last Night of the Proms, BBC Radio3, 6Music, or perhaps many other shows and broadcasts. Anna is also a composter, having been a... read full bio

Anna Moss and The Nightshades

Book Anna Moss and The Nightshades for your next event.

Multi-instrumentalist Anna Moss is one half of the group Handmade Moments. Anna's music is a fusion of beatnik porch jazz soaking in Southern roots, RnB, folk, and more, with origins in the mountains of Arkansas and the metropolis of New Orleans. Your heart will stop when you hear Anna Moss' voice. When she sings, she holds the audience's interest and... read full bio


Book Anne-Marie for your next event.

The impact Anne-Marie has had on people all across the world is enormous. World-class vocalist with five UK Top 10 hits under her belt, she has found success in the music industry due to to her unfiltered, genuine style, which has helped her connect with people all over the world. Anne-Marie's distinctive, arresting voice first caught the attention of music... read full bio


Book Annie for your next event.

Annie is a dynamic new presence in the world of music, an artist not afraid to cross boundaries, but destined to push them down with a sweet smile and an electro-fuelled kiss. Another artist to come out of the musical melting pot that is Bergen (her close-knit hometown in Norway, which she shares with the likes of Royksopp & Kings... read full bio

Annie Lennox

Book Annie Lennox for your next event.

The office for Annie Lennox has asked that CTI not list them, give out pricing, information or availability. If you are interested in this celebrity only, please contact CTI directly and we can let you know the process needed to confirm a date with them.

Annika Bennett

Book Annika Bennett for your next event.

Annika Bennett has always been a singer. Her songs are a distinctive fusion of pop tunes and reflective, thought-provoking words. The ASCAP Foundation Robert Allen Award for excellence in composition, WNYC Battle of the Boroughs Queens champion, The Folk Alliance International Executive Director's Favorite Artist and Falcon Ridge Folk Festival #1 emerging Artist are just a few of the accolades she... read full bio

Another Michael

Book Another Michael for your next event.

The key factor for Another Michael is trust. The lauded indie group packed up their belongings and moved from Albany to a shared residence in West Philadelphia. This change marked the beginning of a new chapter for the group as well as a strengthening of the ties that would later come to characterize their enthralling first album, "New Music and Big... read full bio

Another Sky

Book Another Sky for your next event.

Catrin Vincent's voice will probably be the first thing that draws your attention when you listen to Another Sky. She uses this odd, ambiguous, lurching and defiant instrument to stunning, evocative effect. Then the engulfing instrumentals start. Catrin was first introduced to drummer Max, bassist Naomi and guitarist Jack while taking music classes at Goldsmiths University. Their distinct sound was influenced by their... read full bio

Anson Seabra

Book Anson Seabra for your next event.

Anson Seabra is a sensitive singer-songwriter who creates piano-driven pop that is expertly produced and philosophical. With songs like "Broken" and "Emerald Eyes," he made his online debut and amassed a sizable following on social media. Songs I Wrote in My Bedroom, his first full-length album, was followed by the EP Feeling for My Life and the ballad "One Day... read full bio


Book Antemasque for your next event.

Antemasque is a culmination of seasoned rock stars and their desire to explore their musicality in a new environment. Omar Rodr_guez-L_pez and Cedric Bixler-Zavala of The Mars Volta created a progressive punk sound that is reminiscent of the pent up energy from the early days of punk, but polished just enough to be a modern interpretation. ... read full bio

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