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Book HRVY for your next event.

Harvey Leigh Cantwell, who goes by the stage name Hrvy, is an English singer-songwriter and television personality. Hrvy was one of six presenters on the show Friday Download during its Series 7 and Series 9 runs. He also appeared on an episode of Got What It Takes In 2020, he competed on the Strictly Come Dancing competition show. As a... read full bio

Grey Zeigler

Book Grey Zeigler for your next event.

Grey Zeigler was born in California but made her way to Connecticut half way through her childhood. She started writing poetry when she was only six years old, realizing she could turn these poems into music. So she gave that a go. Grey ended up recording her first couple of EPs when she was just thirteen years old. Grey found... read full bio


Book Glume for your next event.

Glüme (or Molly Keck) is a Los Angeles native who made her debut into the entertainment industry as a child actor, making an appearance on the silver screen. At the same time, she was training her voice for what would become a very successful musical career and it proved to be time well spent because she’s quickly becoming one of... read full bio

Hundred Handed

Book Hundred Handed for your next event.

Hundred Handed is an American duo of pop indie musicians that have been compared to the likes of AJR, DNCE, and Half the Animal. The duo was originally formed by Jordan McGraw (on vocals, guitar, and keyboard), Drew Langan on drums, and Matt Black on bass. They dropped their debut EP back in 2015, an album that featured songs like... read full bio


Book Iris for your next event.

Iris Caltwait, who simply goes by Iris when she’s performing (but her real name is actually Vilde), is a Norwegian-based singer-songwriter who sings beautiful electro-pop music. She’s been compared to other Nordic electronic pop artists like Aurora and Sigrid, but she’s entirely unique. Her pop music has gained quite a bit of attention and she earns has over a quarter... read full bio

James Graham

Book James Graham for your next event.

James Graham is an English singer from Chelmsford in Essex. He was the winner of the second season of the Fox’s The Four: Battle for Stardom. In 2014, he appeared on the 11th series of The X Factor U.K. James played James Morrison's "You Give Me Something" during his audition. Needless to say, the judges loved the performance. James also... read full bio

Jake Isaac

Book Jake Isaac for your next event.

Jake Isaac was born and raised in south London, U.K. where he started playing drums at the young age of three. He later taught himself to play bass guitar and piano. When he was nineteen, Isaac had started to make a good living as a part-time percussionist and bassist for different jazz and rock artists for a variety of... read full bio

Mike Tompkins

Book Mike Tompkins for your next event.

Mike Tompkins is a pop singer and YouTuber who mostly sings cover songs acapella who has gone on to make various television appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and the Today Show. Originally hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, he went on to graduate from the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology, where he graduated, with honors and two awards, with a... read full bio

Warp 11

Book Warp 11 for your next event.

Warp 11 is a Sacramento, California based indie rock band who are perhaps best known for their original songs based on the hit TV show Star Trek. They blend genres like blues, country, punk, classic rock, alternative, etc. The band consists of Captain Karl Miller (bassist and vocalist), Chief Engineer Brian Moore (guitarist and vocalist), Chief Science Officer Kiki Stockhammer... read full bio

Parson James

Book Parson James for your next event.

"Parson James gained fame with his collaborations with big name artists, including his single “Stole the Show”, created with Norwegian producer Kygo. The song became a hit in several countries, as well as received certifications in Italy, New Zealland, Norway, and the UK. The video to the song was released at the YouTube Music Awards, with the duo also performing... read full bio

The Young Evils

Book The Young Evils for your next event.

The rock group The Young Evils, from Seattle, Washington, is a great example of how final results frequently diverge significantly from original plans. Troy Nelson and Mackenzie Mercer, coworkers at a record store, started The Young Evils as a fun, Vaselines-inspired pop duo. However, they no longer sound anything like that group. The Brooklyn-based band extended their sound after their... read full bio

Doxi Jones

Book Doxi Jones for your next event.

Spring snowstorm Doxi Jones hits NYC. As the daughter of a saxophone and a dreamer, she's had many unexpected blessings talents. Doxi's 18-year-old mother and 21-year-old father were music industry hopefuls. Growing up in a musical family shaped Doxi's background. While her parents pursued their dreams, Doxi lived with relatives. Doxi's mother toured with Chaka Khan; her father played saxophone. Grandparents... read full bio

Hot Rod Circuit

Book Hot Rod Circuit for your next event.

Hot Rod Circuit is a masterfully created creature that combines unmistakable melodies with jagged guitars in a kind of musical assault. The band, which is originally from Auburn, Alabama, was founded in 1997 and soon gained popularity by playing in neighborhood bars and sharing the stage with acts like The Get Up Kids, Jawbox, and Poster Children. Originally going under the... read full bio


Book Gobotron for your next event.

Charles Robert "Robot" McDowell, the principal guitarist and backing vocalist for Manchester Orchestra, performs as Gobotron as a solo side project. On Your Mark, Get Set... was published by Manchester Orchestra's own label Favorite Gentlemen Recordings on January 19, 2010. Robert McDowell made the decision to begin writing his own solo material in his parents' Atlanta, Georgia, home after returning... read full bio

Johnny Stimson

Book Johnny Stimson for your next event.

Johnny Stimson is a dapper, elegant young artist who will rejuvenate and refresh your hope in music. He is a rare treasure in the modern pop world and a modern pop world rarity. The combination of his melodies that stick in your head and insightful lyrics results in tunes that make you want to tap your toes. Johnny's energetic style... read full bio


Book 7ebra for your next event.

7ebra are identical twin sisters from Malmo, Sweden, who are now 25 years old and who have spent their entire lives doing music together. Inez plays electric guitar and sings, while Ella plays a keyboard, organ, and Mellotron while manually playing drum samples with her feet. Together, the two of them sing eerie harmonies in a way that only twins... read full bio

Valley Boy

Book Valley Boy for your next event.

The song "Sad Girl," which was just recently published by the Los Angeles-based duo Valley Boy, is almost certainly going to become your new go-to tune. My fellow bandmates James Alan Ghaleb and Ian Meltzer were kind enough to answer a few questions that I had regarding the song. Bring a little happiness into your 2022 with this focused and... read full bio


Book ALWAYS ABBA for your next event.

Always Abba is a tribute show to one of the best to come from Sweden, Abba. Always Abba consists of Michelle Truman as Agnetha, Karen Coughlin as Anni-Frid, Kevin Beeby as Bjorn, and Mike Walmsley as Benny. On top of the main four, they also have Nick on bass, Ed on drums and vocals, and Lindsay on various instruments. All... read full bio

Pharaoh's Daughter

Book Pharaoh's Daughter for your next event.

Basya Schechter formed Pharaoh's Daughter, and in doing so, she created a brand of music that combines her religious Jewish spiritual music background, world beat, and the intense lyrical detail of a Pop singer/songwriter. Pharaoh's Daughter was invited to Queen Elizabeth Hall in London as part of a weeklong UK Mini Tour in the Tenth London Biannual Jewish Music Festival.... read full bio

Bad Bad Hats

Book Bad Bad Hats for your next event.

Bad Bad Hats is an indie rock band based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is comprised of band members Kerry Alexander with the vocals & guitar, Chris Hoge on the drums and Noah Boswell playing bass. Kerry and Chris attended college together and began writing music to record multiple demos, which would later form their first EP, titled It Hurts.... read full bio

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