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Elise Davis

Book Elise Davis for your next event.

Elise Davis is a singer and songwriter, but deep down, really a storyteller. Davis expresses her feelings of vulnerability and truth through her music. Inspired by her hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas, Davis embodies the essence of the south in her tracks. Her country style music explores a variety of subjects, including desire and relationships. She has released one full-length... read full bio

Eric Samuel Timm

Book Eric Samuel Timm for your next event.

Eric Samuel Timm is an orator, author, artist, and visionary who uses art to get his audience to see what they cant hear. Timm has a unique teaching and preaching style and ability is enhanced by live art performances. He uses these moments in a presentation of Gods word. Timm has recently released his first book titled Static Jedi: The... read full bio

Earth to Mars

Book Earth to Mars for your next event.

Earth to Mars is a tribute to one of the greatest performers of this generation, Bruno Mars. Its hard to be able to experience an intimate performance from Bruno Mars and the next best thing to that is Earth to Mars. The performer from Earth to Mars sounds and looks so similar that its hard to believe youre not witnessing... read full bio

Eric Lyden

Book Eric Lyden for your next event.

Eric Lyden is an American stand-up comedian who is easy to relate to. He spent some time at Mercer County Community College studying Theatre before dropping out to pursue stand-up full time. Lyden uses his lower-middle-class life along with his phrase Life is way too hard, as the middle of his comedy, which makes him relatable and easy to laugh... read full bio


Book Everette for your next event.

Everette is an American country band that consists of duo Brent Rupard and Anthony Olympia. The duo grew up in Bullit County, Kentucky and once they met their musical chemistry was instant, and they then moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky, where they would perform original songs and covers almost nightly while studying at Western Kentucky University. Upon graduating, the duo... read full bio

Emily Earle

Book Emily Earle for your next event.

Emily Earle is an up-and-coming country-pop singer-songwriter from Colorado Springs, Colorado who is now based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Earle has graduated from the Berklee College of Music and began her musical career playing on subway platforms in between trains at Rockefeller Station in New York City. While performing there, she caught the attention of a television producer who asked... read full bio


Book Embody for your next event.

"Embody is a London-based producer and electronic music DJ. He is known for his tropical and deep house electronic music style. Upon releasing his tracks on the Internet, Embody garnered over four million plays in only six months. His tracks later landed on the United Kingdom’s BBC Radio 1, launching Embody into the spotlight. Embody’s sound is flexible and moves... read full bio

Electric Mantis

Book Electric Mantis for your next event.

"Wyatt Pearson, otherwise known as Electric Mantis, is an electronic music producer from Los Angeles, California. At a young age, Pearson developed an interest in music. Inspired by his father’s participation in a local band, Pearson pursued music for his entire life. In elementary school, Pearson taught himself a variety of instruments as well as the basic technological producing platform,... read full bio


Book Embrz for your next event.

"Jack Casey, known professionally as Embrz, is an electronic music artist from Dublin, Ireland. At the age of ten, Casey picked up the guitar. By the time he entered high school, he was writing his own original music and performing in bands. Upon discovering electronic dance music, Casey was enthralled. He decided to immerse himself into progressive electronic dance music,... read full bio


Book Enamour for your next event.

Enamour is one of the hottest names in progressive house and tech house out there, a real artist on the rise. As a DJ, he’s produced many amazing hits and played many different venues. He’s a Washing D.C. native who might be the biggest electronic musician from his hometown. He quickly gained attention in D.C. with his open format DJ-ing.... read full bio

Ed Blake

Book Ed Blake for your next event.

Ed Blake has been successful in making other people laugh for a long time. He sees things from a far different perspective than most people do. Ed, who has been greatly influenced by the greats of comedy, is aware that there are a variety of approaches to humor, and he rejects the notion that he should be confined to any... read full bio

Ella Langley

Book Ella Langley for your next event.

When you attend an Ella Langley performance, you instantly connect. She captures her audience from the very first note thanks to her distinctive fusion of country and rock, her effortless confidence and her constant enthusiasm for having fun. Her music is gentle around the edges while yet reflecting her direct, tell-it-like-it-is nature. Ella rapidly gained a following and was accepted as... read full bio

Electric Angels

Book Electric Angels for your next event.

The Electric Angels are an all-girl electric string trio, with DJ and Tracks playing classic and contemporary pop and rock songs, with the hippest dance and electronic tracks mixed live. Created out of the the demand for a hybrid of classical and rock, the Electric Angels use the instruments of a standard string quartet in very unconventional ways. With all-electric... read full bio


Book Eisley for your next event.

The DuPree siblings created Eisley, an indie alternative band, when the youngest sibling, Stacy, was eight years old. Stacy wrote Eisleys first song, and a year later, the siblings were performing at coffee house and rock venues. Eventually, they racked up a repertoire of over 100 shows and landed on Coldplays Rush of Blood tour, where they gained national recognition.... read full bio

Ernesto Zedillo

Book Ernesto Zedillo for your next event.

Ernesto Zedillo is a Mexican economist, politician and former President of Mexico. He is currently Director of the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, Professor in the Field of International Economics and Politics, Professor of International and Area Studies, and Professor Adjunct of Forestry and Environmental Studies at Yale University. Prior to running for the presidency, Mr. Zedillo worked... read full bio

Eboni K. Williams

Book Eboni K. Williams for your next event.

Eboni K. Williams is an attorney and television host. Prior to co-hosting Fox News Fox News Specialists, Williams was the co-host of a talk show on WABC Radio in New York City. Williams has also appeared on Hannity, The OReilly Factor, and other television news shows. Apart from her television personality work, Williams has clerked for the Louisiana Secretary of... read full bio

Evelyn Champagne King

Book Evelyn Champagne King for your next event.

Evelyn Champagne King has enjoyed her success over the past 25 years. Her name demands respect within the industry, one that has remained prominent in the R&B, Club and Pop arenas. Rolling out of the 70's into the 80's Evelyn without fail comes to the scene ready with the ground breaking single I Don't Know If It's Right followed by... read full bio

Eddie Brill

Book Eddie Brill for your next event.

Eddie Brill is a well-respected and very funny stand-up comedian here in the USA and abroad. He has been a regular on the comedy scene in England now going on three decades. Eddie has also worked regularly in Australia, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, France, Holland and Hong Kong. For the past thirteen years and counting, Eddies has worked on the Late... read full bio

Eldon Huff

Book Eldon Huff for your next event.

Eldon Huff is a fresh take on the kind of music you wish was still being made, a musical melting pot of soul, blues, country, and rock. He incorporates the music that has timelessly resonated with audiences throughout the generations, but puts his own mix to it. His songs are honest, inspired, and true to his heart. Poetically standing... read full bio

Edward Leigh

Book Edward Leigh for your next event.

Edward Leigh is a politician. He served as Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee. Leigh was knighted in the Honors for public and political service. He speaks regularly in the House, mainly on civil liberties, constitutional, ecclesiastical and economic matters. Leigh is a strong supporter of Margaret Thatcher. Leigh served as a Minister in Government. Edward Leigh served as Chairman... read full bio

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