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Book Hembree for your next event.

Hembree is an alternative rock band comprised of members Isaac Flynn, Garrett Childers, and Eric Davis. With Flynn taking lead as songwriter and singer, Hembree performs authentic alternative rock to audiences around the nation. Having appeared on National Public Radios Slingshot and featured at SXSW festival for their official showcase, this band is on the rise to stardom. They have... read full bio

Humming House

Book Humming House for your next event.

"Humming House is a band comprised of Justin Wade Tam, Bobby Chase, Joshua Wolak, and Benjamin Jones. The group performs compelling, honest, and intimate songs. Their song delivery draws in audiences of all kinds, and connects with them. The band utilized a variety of instruments to play their tracks, combining acoustic and electronic instruments. Humming House draws influence from Paul... read full bio

Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin Stones

Book Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin Stones for your next event.

"Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin Stones are a rock and roll band fueled by South Caroline spirit. Fronted by Hannah Wicklund herself, a powerful guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter, the band has developed into a modern, sublime group. Wicklund formed the band at the age of eight, and since, she has been jamming with audiences around the nation. The group’s sounds... read full bio

Hilary Kole

Book Hilary Kole for your next event.

Hilary Kole has not only made a name for herself in the jazz scene, but also in the concert hall and symphony performance categories. She has performed in famed venues such as Town Hall, Birdland, Blue Note, Iridium, the Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, and more. The talented performer is inspired by a multitude of different artists, from Cole Porter to... read full bio

Heidi Schwartz

Book Heidi Schwartz for your next event.

Heidi Schwartz is an artist from Dayton, Ohio. While growing up, she liked to play with color and while growing older she found herself within art. Creating a drawing or painting was how Schwartz gathered her thoughts and made sense of her emotions. She later moved to Nashville to become a singer and started taking classes at Belmont University’s commercial... read full bio

Harrison Burton

Book Harrison Burton for your next event.

Harrison Burton, who started racing at the age of 5, started his career with something to prove. After all, his record-breaking streak speaks for itself. In 2014, Harrison was the youngest Division I winner in NASCAR Whelen All-American Series history. When he was merely 15 years old, he placed third in his very first ARCA Racing Series. Harrison also owns... read full bio


Book Hether for your next event.

Hether is actually Paul Castelluzzo, a San Diego native who grew up playing blues music and listening to a wide range of music: Beach Boys, T. Rex, The Beatles, Velvet Underground, etc. Paul -- a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter – wrote and recording his very own debut EP “Hether Who” Just one year later, Hether released his debut studio album... read full bio


Book HRVY for your next event.

Harvey Leigh Cantwell, who goes by the stage name Hrvy, is an English singer-songwriter and television personality. Hrvy was one of six presenters on the show Friday Download during its Series 7 and Series 9 runs. He also appeared on an episode of Got What It Takes In 2020, he competed on the Strictly Come Dancing competition show. As a... read full bio


Book Haywyre for your next event.

Martin Sebastian Vogt is an American musician who goes by the stage name Haywyre. He is a Grammy nominated electronic music producer, pianist, and performer. Fans of Haywyre know him for his habit of combining different elements of classical, jazz and funk into other various genres of EDM and electronic music. He also has his very own unique style of... read full bio


Book Hakkz for your next event.

Hakkz is a very popular English-based and Dagenham born rapper and producer. Recently, he’s become something of a legend in the U.K. hip hop scene, especially with the release of “Jayda Wayda”. His lyrics are razor sharp and the delivery of his rhymes is amazing. He bounces around bass heavy productions and EDM hits. Hakkz’ genre can be sort of... read full bio

Hundred Handed

Book Hundred Handed for your next event.

Hundred Handed is an American duo of pop indie musicians that have been compared to the likes of AJR, DNCE, and Half the Animal. The duo was originally formed by Jordan McGraw (on vocals, guitar, and keyboard), Drew Langan on drums, and Matt Black on bass. They dropped their debut EP back in 2015, an album that featured songs like... read full bio


Book Hovvdy for your next event.

Hovvdy is an indie pop du from Austin, Texas. They released their first single album “Stay Warm” back in 2016, which consisted of three songs: “Treat”, “Phase”, “Color”. They released their first full length album “Taster” in 2017. Hovvdy takes inspiration from lo-fi and slocore bands from the 1990s (i.e. Duster, Pavement, and Yo La Tengo). They chipped away at... read full bio


Book HOKO for your next event.

Hoko is known for their particular brand of pop lyricism and exciting dance-rock sounds. The band hails from New York and they debuted their very first album “Heathen” in 2020, the same year the band first got together. Their sound has been described as “big” and “textured,” “inviting yet challenging.” It’s clear in their sound that they’re inspired by the... read full bio


Book Ho99o9 for your next event.

Ho99o9, which is strangely pronounced “horror,” is a punk rap group that hails from Newark, New Jersey that consists of theOGM, Eaddy, and Brandon Pertzborn. The band has been around since 2012 and in the last 10 years, Rolling Stones has included them in their 10 New Artists You Need to Know and The Guardian called them New Band of... read full bio

Heléna Star

Book Heléna Star for your next event.

Heléna Star is one of the newest and most exciting DJ’s and presenters coming out of the U.K. in recent years. Her style lies with house and techno and she takes influences from the raw energy of the genres roots. Heléna also adopts their soulful and bubbling baselines from electronic music around the world. What makes her stand out is... read full bio

Hot Rod Circuit

Book Hot Rod Circuit for your next event.

Hot Rod Circuit is a masterfully created creature that combines unmistakable melodies with jagged guitars in a kind of musical assault. The band, which is originally from Auburn, Alabama, was founded and soon gained popularity by playing in neighborhood bars and sharing the stage with acts like The Get Up Kids, Jawbox, and Poster Children. Originally going under the moniker Antidote,... read full bio

Harper Grace

Book Harper Grace for your next event.

As a singer-songwriter, Harper Grace is known for creating heartfelt songs that are inspired by a variety of people from her early life. She is a native of the energetic metropolis of Dallas, Texas, and was nurtured in her artistic endeavors by a steadfastly encouraging family. Her goals first appeared to be headed in the direction of gymnastics, but fate... read full bio


Book Hoodboi for your next event.

Hoodboi, also known as DJ Hoodboi, is a Los Angeles-based DJ who has released extended plays entitled Christmas in Jersey and Palm Reader. He has appeared on the single “Breathe” and the EP No. 14, both by artist Soleima.... read full bio

Holiday Rock Orchestra

Book Holiday Rock Orchestra for your next event.

Holiday Rock Orchestra is a band of rock musicians and singer who put together a unique holiday show that puts a rock-style twist on the timeless holiday classics. The show is completely custom and the full band is backed by an orchestra as well as a 16-40 person choir. Holiday Rock Orchestra works year-round to deliver this Christmas concert experience... read full bio

Holy Goof

Book Holy Goof for your next event.

Holy Goof is an English DJ and producer who has emerged as one of the UK’s best DJs in the most recent years. His music is a mixture of bass-house with everything from bassline to grime. Holy Goof has sold out shows in London and Nottingham and has performed at Printworks, Detonate, Boomtowm, and festivals all over Glastonbury. Holy Goof... read full bio

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