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Book Ame for your next event.

Ame is a DJ duo that consists of prodcers Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer. The duo have been working together for over 15 years and over this time have learned the art of staying relevant in todays electronic genre. Together they have released several albums and some of their most popular songs include, Rej, Where We At, Den Ratta, Chicago,... read full bio

Amnesia Scanner

Book Amnesia Scanner for your next event.

Amnesia Scanner is an electronic music duo from Berlin. Their sounds are exciting, but have been described as uncomfortable by Pitchfork Magazine. Amnesia Scanner began as a mysterious European producer, but is now a popular act. They call themselves Xperienz Designers, as they create unique experiences for their audiences around the world. The group is affiliated with Berlins Janus Collective,... read full bio


Book An-Ten-Nae for your next event.

An-Ten-Nae is a popular DJ from San Francisco. He has a unique type of music, labeled acid crunk, which is known for giving pure bass sounds. An-Ten-Nae is best known for his Acid Crunk compilations, which has had over a million downloads to date. His Acid Crunk Vol. 2 became a best seller in Dubstep. He has been featured in... read full bio


Book AN21 for your next event.

"AN21’s rise to immediate attention has invariably been the product of countless creative revelations. Bold enough to don his studio dexterity to the likes of Ellie Goulding and Gorillaz, his own sophisticated club stylings to the masses. Where 2010 proved his essential starting point in his career, 2011 certainly saw his enigmatic studio output taken to a whole new level... read full bio

Ana Sia

Book Ana Sia for your next event.

Ana Sias DJ crate is a ticker for the hottest sounds of tomorrow. One of the west coasts most celebrated DJs, this SF Bay Area-based tastemaker is known for not only energizing the dance floor, but consistently breaking new sounds from all over the world. Having championed some of the most beloved music festivals in the US, Canada and abroad,... read full bio

Anabel Englund

Book Anabel Englund for your next event.

Anabel Englund is an American singer-songwriter and model from New York City. She is best known for her work with the musical group Hot Natured and for her work with producer Marc Kinchen. Englund was born in New York City and raised in Los Angeles. She started her career as a performer at a Christian youth group she attended when... read full bio


Book Anamanaguchi for your next event.

The birth of Anamanaguchi must have taken place in the middle of mankind's greatest sugar high. Oh, there could have been 'shrooms there too, but we're betting that it had more to do with loads and loads of pure cane sugar, swallowed in liquid, cubed, granulated or processed form, in copious amounts. It was Jolt soda, cake, ice cream, candy... read full bio

Andrea Oliva

Book Andrea Oliva for your next event.

The 12-track LP illustrates both Andreas willingness and ability to explore conceptual themes within his own, carefully constructed house and techno framework. Centered around the promise of a new age" and produced with a mix of both live and software-based instrumentation, 4313 firmly treads its own, unchartered path through the electronic wilderness - a testament to Olivas continued desire to... read full bio

Andreilien (Heyoka)

Book Andreilien (Heyoka) for your next event.

Andrei Olenev, better known as Andreilien and previously known as HEYOKA, first gained popularity in San Francisco for his underground glitch and bass music. A few years went by and Andrei was touring all over North America and kept growing more fans as his music would evolve. Its been said that listening to Andrei is hearing something out of the... read full bio

Andrew Rayel

Book Andrew Rayel for your next event.

Andrew Rayel began producing his own music, and developing his style, when he was only thirteen years old. His music career took off just a few years later, signing with Armada Music, co-founded by Armin van Buuren. “Aether” was voted “Tune of the Week” on Van Buuren’s radio program, A State of Trance, and Rayel performed at many “A State... read full bio


Book AndrewAndrew for your next event.

AndrewAndrew is a musical duo that consists of Andrew and Andrew, they are most popular for being one of the first DJs to use the iPod and iPad to let their crowd control the music. Apart from DJing, the duo are also fashion designers and often review theater in Paper Magazine. They have released their own fashion line, which was... read full bio

Andy Caldwell

Book Andy Caldwell for your next event.

Los Angeles-based Andy Caldwell wears many guises: Songwriter, producer, classically trained pianist and trumpeter, remixer, DJ and label owner (of the recently re-launched Uno Recordings). The journey of his 14-year and counting recording career has brought many accolades and honors, from writing Grammy nominated songs and sharing stages with legends like James Brown to making the tunes of choice for... read full bio


Book Angerfist for your next event.

Danny Masseling, better known as Angerfirst, is a Dutch producer and DJ. Best known for wearing a hockey mask, Angerfirst has released six albums and also known for other names including, The Supreme Team, Masters Elite, and Roland & Sherman. He has been included in DJ Mags Top 100 DJ edition several times and has the title of Highest Hard.... read full bio


Book Annie for your next event.

Annie is a dynamic new presence in the world of music, an artist not afraid to cross boundaries, but destined to push them down with a sweet smile and a electro-fuelled kiss. Another artist to come out of the musical melting pot that is Bergen (her close-knit hometown in Norway, which she shares with the likes of Royksopp & Kings... read full bio

Anthony Raneri

Book Anthony Raneri for your next event.

A native of Queens, New York, Anthony Raneri got on the music radar of punk fans in the early 2000s as the lead singer and guitarist of the band Bayside. The group -- who had chosen their name as a nod to the neighborhood of their youth -- formed in 2000 and excelled in making moody and emotional pop-punk that... read full bio

Aphex Twin

Book Aphex Twin for your next event.

Aphex Twin is the ongoing project of Richard D. James, a brilliant modern composer of electronic music, sound, and noise. In the beginning of his career, James received critical acclaim from the likes of Allmusic, Rolling Stone, and Pitchfork Media. As his career took off, James released several EPs. His music can be described as unconventional and experimental, as it... read full bio

Book for your next event.

Allan Pineda Lindo, also known as, is a Filipino-American rapper, singer, and record producer who is best known for being a member of The Black Eyed Peas. Growing up in the Philippines, Lindo helped his family farm and he was eventually matched with a sponsor through The Pearl S. Buck Foundation. He was originally sent to the U.S. through... read full bio


Book Apster for your next event.

Abdesamad Ben Abdelaouid, better known as his stage name, Apster, is a dance and electric DJ from the Netherlands that has remixed for artists like Laidback Luke, Hardwell, the Bingo Players, LMFAO, Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, and many more. Apster has traveled around the world performing and has gained over 20 thousand followers on his Soundcloud which he releases his music... read full bio

Ara Koufax

Book Ara Koufax for your next event.

Luke Neher and Sam Gill make up the electronic music duo Ara Koufax. The two began creating music in high school. Since, they have performed around the world on tour and at various festivals. From Australia to Asia to Europe, the group has astounded a variety of audiences. In addition, they have commissioned projects for Melbourne Music Week and the... read full bio


Book Aristofreeks for your next event.

The Aristofreeks is the name of the funky beast that comprises of DMX mixing championship finalist Max Martire (Space/Amnesia Ibiza/Warner Music) and the internationally renowned producer Shanti Matkin alias Matt King. Both combine exceptional musical skills with a musical background that ensures their aim to reinject modern house music into Disco classics plus producing new tunes that maintain the Disco... read full bio

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