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Alfredo Rodriguez

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Alfredo Rodriguez is a Havana native with an incredible gift of composing and performing latin jazz. He grew up in a very musical family with his dad being a TV host and famous singer. That’s how Alfredo got his passion for music, starting out as somewhat of a child prodigy. He studied classical piano at the Conservatorio Amadeo Roldán, as... read full bio

Alicia Villarreal

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Alicia Villarreal started her career as lead singer of Grupo Límite, releasing six albums with the band. Villarreal decided to start her solo career with the launch of a ranchera-style album. Seeing huge success with the album, she continued to perform with that style of music. Her third solo album, ‘Orgullo De Mujer’, received a Grammy nomination for Best Mexican/Mexican-American... read full bio

Alvaro Diaz

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Rapper from Puerto Rico named Alvaro Diaz combines intricate Spanish-language raps with extremely inventive sounds in his music, which has elements of both contemporary club music and classic hip-hop. Hato Rey, his first studio album, was a tribute to his San Juan neighborhood; it featured a variety of musical styles that encompassed reggaeton, plena, bomba, soul and funk. San Juan Grand... read full bio

Alvaro Soler

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Alvaro Soler is a Spanish-German singer-songwriter from Barcelona, Spain, who is best known for his hit singles “El Mismo Sol,” “La Cintura,” and “Sofia.” Soler was born in Barcelona, Spain, to a German father and Spanish-Belgian mother. He grew up in Spain before moving to Japan where he lived for 7 years. During his time in Japan, Soler began learning... read full bio

Amaia Montero

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Amaia Montero Saldías is a Spanish singer and song writer. She was the vocalist of the group La Oreja de Van Gogh, who obtained great hits and has earned fame at the Iberoamerican level. While attending University, she met the rest of the members of the band, but when the band became famous she had switched majors, and was... read full bio

Amara La Negra

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Amara La Negra is an entrepreneur, actor, performer, dancer, spokesperson, and model that was recently the breakout star of “Love & Hip Hop: Miami”. Growing up, Amara loved singing, dancing, and acting and at only 4 years old she won a role on the show “Sabado Gigante”. Shortly after, Amara learned to love the body she was in and decided... read full bio


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Amaral is a group from Spain, selling millions of albums worldwide. The duo consists of Eva Amaral and Juan Aguirre. Eva Amaral started out as a drummer in another group until she set out with Aguirre to perform her own material. They then moved to Madrid and signed a major deal with EMI. Amaral's musical style is often called pop... read full bio


Book Ami for your next event.

Romanian musician Andreea Moldovan, better known by her stage name Ami, is a rising star. Ami, a Romanian native from Baia Mare, was exposed to music at a young age. This accomplished violinist and singer studied at Bucharest's National University of Music, where she honed her skills to what they are now. Ami competed in the X-Factor Romania's inaugural season.... read full bio

Amore Muere

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Mabe Fratti, Gibrana Cervantes, Concepción Huerta and Camille Mandoki, members of the experimental group Amor Muere from Mexico City, released their highly anticipated debut album, A time to love, a time to die, on the newly independent and rebranded experimental label, Scrawl. Amor Muere is the result of an exceptional cooperation between four well-known artists, each of whom has a storied career in... read full bio

Ana Moura

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Ana Moura, a Grammy-winning and number-one vocalist, is the most popular and successful fadista to emerge in the twenty-first century. Her albums have continuously done well in the marketplace and her international concert tours often sell out. On the Tejo River, north of Lisbon, in the ancient city of Santarem, she was born. Moura was raised in a family where fado... read full bio

Ana Torroja

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The solo career of Ana Torroja always been characterized by the search for the concern of not sticking to what has been done, by the need to surprise. ""There has to be something you know I'll enjoy, have fun, let me hope,"" she says. ""I do not like the obvious, I need to have a point of originality. I like... read full bio

Andrea Echeverri

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Andrea Echeverri is a singer in the Columbian group Aterciopelados. She also plays the guitar and cowrites the songs for the group. Her first solo album focused on her alternative feminist rock style. . The pierced and tattooed Echeverri stunned her conservative country by singing a song about her unwillingness to ruin her silhouette by having children her... read full bio

Andres Calamaro

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Andres Calamaro is an Argentine musician, songwriter and producer. He gained fame in Spain and throughout Latin America with his former band Los Rodriguez. Calamaro was born in Buenos Aires and when he was 17 years old he started his first band, the Elmer Band. He was later asked to play keyboards in the band Los Abuelos de la Nada... read full bio

Andres Cepeda

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Andres Cepeda is a Colombian singer-songwriter and musician from Bogota, Colombia. Cepeda can play instruments such as the guitar and keyboards and started studying piano at only 5 years old. He first composed his own song at 12 years old and later studied at Colegio San Carlos and then at Colegio Emilio Valenzuela. He later started his career as the... read full bio

Andrew Chute

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Andrew Chute is an American multi-instrumental musician who blends together genres such as latin, jazz, classical and flamenco. Some instruments that Chute plays includes the mandolin, banjo and ukulele. Chute has previously worked in a house band for cruise ships before setting base in Las Vegas. Since moving to Vegas, Chute has performed all over the strip and in Broadway... read full bio

Andy Kershaw

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Andy Kershaw is a pioneer and evangelist who has broadcast on BBC Radios 1 and 3 for more than three decades, delivering music from all over the world to UK listeners. His 7.5 ton record collection, which he acquired as a consequence of traveling to 97 different countries in search of fresh and exciting sounds, is the product of his fascination... read full bio

Angel Salazar

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Angel Salazar is comedian and actor of Cuban descent. He is known internationally for his catch phrase Sheck it out" in between jokes. Angel has appeared on many HBO Comedy specials and even made an appearance on Last Comic Standing. Angels act consists of risqu humor, audience involvement, street-smart ethnic wisecracks and has even been known to bring out... read full bio

Angela Aguilar

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Angela Aguilar is a Mexican-American singer who gained recognition after performing the Mexican folk song “La Llorona” at the 19th Annual Latin Grammy Awards. Aguilar is the daughter of Pepe Aguilar and she has released two albums, “Nueva Tradicion” alongside her brother Leonardo and her debut solo album, “Primero Soy Mexicana”. Her debut album was nominated for a Grammy Award... read full bio


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Angelina, a recording artist with Upstairs Records, was igniting dance floors with her bilingual dance compositions long before Latin pop made its way into mainstream America. Angelina's debut record, a true innovator in the development of dance music, propelled bilingual dance music to new heights. The mega hit "Release Me" rocketed to an astonishing number 7 on Billboards Monitor, opening... read full bio


Book Anitta for your next event.

Larissa de Macedo Machado, better known as Anitta, is a multi-talented artist who has taken the music world by storm. She is a singer, actress, songwriter, dancer, and record producer who has been making waves in the industry since her first major single "Show das Poderosas" topped the Brasil Hot 100 Airplay chart. This success led to a contract with... read full bio

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