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Frankie J

Book Frankie J for your next event.

Frankie J is a Mexican American pop singer. He has had several hits in the US, including Dont Wanna Try and Obsession. His album The One debuted at #3 on the Billboard album charts. Frankie J. comes from a musical background. Frankie J grew up listening to both traditional Latin music as well as R&B. He started writing his own... read full bio


Book Amaral for your next event.

Amaral is a group from Spain, selling millions of albums worldwide. The duo consists of Eva Amaral and Juan Aguirre. Eva Amaral started out as a drummer in another group until she set out with Aguirre to perform her own material. They then moved to Madrid and signed a major deal with EMI. Amaral's musical style is often called pop... read full bio

Ill Nino

Book Ill Nino for your next event.

Ill Nio is an American Latin Metal band formed in New Jersey in early 2000. The group currently consists of lead vocalist Cristian Machado, drummer Dave Chavarri, bassist Lazaro Laz" Pina, lead guitarist Ahrue Luster, guitarist Diego Verduzco, and percussionist Oscar Santiago. They are currently signed to Victory Records globally and AFM Records exclusively in UK & Europe. Ill Nio... read full bio

Airto & Flora Purim

Book Airto & Flora Purim for your next event.

Airto & Flora Purim are a unique Jazz fusion duo. This duo has created many memorable songs both together and apart. Flora Purim is a Brazilian jazz singer known mainly for her work in jazz fusion. She achieved her fame on Chick Corea’s 1972 album, Return to Forever and recorded with various artists through that decade, including Stanley Clarke,... read full bio

Arturo O'Farrill & The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra

Book Arturo O'Farrill & The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra for your next event.

Arturo O'Farrill is a jazz musician, the son of Latin jazz musician, arranger and bandleader Chico O'Farrill, and current pianist, composer, and director for the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra. He is best known for his contributions to contemporary Latin Jazz, (more specifically Afro-Cuban jazz,) having received one Grammy Award and two Grammy nominations for his work in the genre, though... read full bio

Huey Dunbar

Book Huey Dunbar for your next event.

Formerly the lead singer of Dark Latin Groove (DLG), Huey Dunbar is now a Latin music solo artist. Dunbar was born in New York to a Puerto Rican mother and Jamaican father. Both his Puerto Rican and Jamaican roots have had a big influence on his tropical style of music, which is a fusion of salsa, reggae, and hip-hip/R&B. Dunbar... read full bio

Ocho Ojos

Book Ocho Ojos for your next event.

Ocho Ojos is a one of a kind up-and-coming band that is labeled as psychedelic cumbia. The band consists of members Cesar Flores on guitar, Danny Torres on the synthesizer, and James Gastelum on bass. Some of their most popular songs include, Cumbia De Este Valle, Culebra, and Xibalba. Ocho Ojos shows are known to get people up and dancing... read full bio

Gloria's Miami Sound

Book Gloria's Miami Sound for your next event.

Gloria’s Miami Sound is the number 1 Gloria Estefan tribute show. The group is formed from some of the best musicians in New York and is led by Rayella Cruz. The group wants you to get up and do the conga and performs songs such as “Coming Out of the Dark” and “Oye Mi Conto”. The group brings elements of... read full bio

Dian Diaz

Book Dian Diaz for your next event.

Dian Diaz is a Las Vegas local singer who was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Diaz started singing when she was only 9 years old and later grained fame after touring with Luis Miguel on his world tour. Other artists that Diaz has shared the stage with includes Earth Wind and Fire, Bono, Jean Luc-Pointi, Chuck Mangione, and more. She... read full bio

Andrew Chute

Book Andrew Chute for your next event.

Andrew Chute is an American multi-instrumental musician who blends together genres such as latin, jazz, classical and flamenco. Some instruments that Chute plays includes the mandolin, banjo and ukulele. Chute has previously worked in a house band for cruise ships before setting base in Las Vegas. Since moving to Vegas, Chute has performed all over the strip and in Broadway... read full bio

Ricardo Griego

Book Ricardo Griego for your next event.

Ricardo Griego is a guitarist and composer who performs with both electric and classical guitars. He performs classical music, flamenco, latin and rock. Griego has been apart of groups such as Francis X, Sangre Sabia, and has performed with soloists such as Randy Castillo, Michele Greene, Valentina Vargas, Phil Soussan and Alfonso Johnson. He has also performed with the Cologne... read full bio

C. Tangana

Book C. Tangana for your next event.

C. Tangana (Antón Álvarez Alfaro) really fuses a ton of genres together: from Latin to RnB to hip hop to pop to Reggaeton to bolero to tropical, C. Tangana is one versatile act. That’s the magic of C. Tangana. RnB superstar Miguel caught wind of this immense talent and the two of them collaborated on the Spanish version of “Criminal”.... read full bio

Bella Dose

Book Bella Dose for your next event.

Bella Dose is a bilingual latin pop group consisting of four very talented singers, dancers, and songwriters: Brianna, Jenni, Thais, and Melany. All members were born in the U.S., from Florida and California. Brianna always had an interest in music, dance, makeup, and celebrity pop culture. She expressed to her mother that she wanted to be a professional singer and... read full bio

Carmen DeLeon

Book Carmen DeLeon for your next event.

Carmen DeLeon is a singer whose songs have garnered over 28 million international plays across online streaming platforms. She’s also topped Billboard charts and Idolator as an artist you should definitely watch. Carmen’s song “Pasado” (a collaboration with Colombian duo Cali Y El Dandee) was on the Billboard’s chart for best Latin music releases. The Venezuela singer released her very... read full bio


Book Ami for your next event.

Romanian musician Andreea Moldovan, better known by her stage name Ami, is a rising star. Ami, a Romanian native from Baia Mare, was exposed to music at a young age. This accomplished violinist and singer studied at Bucharest's National University of Music, where she honed her skills to what they are now. Ami competed in the X-Factor Romania's inaugural season.... read full bio

Slow Joy

Book Slow Joy for your next event.

Esteban Flores has a solo project called Slow Joy. Slow Joy's rough, forceful guitars underline the highly personal and melancholy lyrics that combine elements of grunge, emo and shoegaze. After a therapist suggested Flores use music as a way to express his sorrow, the project got rolling. The multi-instrumentalist started writing and performing songs under the stage name Slow Joy as he returned... read full bio

Cherry Chola

Book Cherry Chola for your next event.

With her electronica and reggaeton blend, Cherry Chola, an emerging star in the Australian music industry, is enthralling listeners. Cherry Chola is a genre pioneer who draws influence from her Venezuelan roots. Her music incorporates vivid rhythms and Spanish voices to create an appealing fusion of addictive sounds and ear-catching melodies. The music of Cherry Chola encourages dancing as it celebrates... read full bio

Jaci Velasquez

Book Jaci Velasquez for your next event.

Jaci Velasquez is an American Contemporary Christian and pop singer. Her first name is pronounced as Jackie. Velasquez grew up attending church and her parents were singers. When she was ten years old, her parents sold their Houston home and dedicated themselves to touring the United States with their Christian music. It was while on the road that she... read full bio

Debi Nova

Book Debi Nova for your next event.

A massive star plus six Grammy nominated projects, and a No. 1 dance single—singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Debi. Nova's thoughtful lyrics play out amidst a richly textured backdrop of acoustic and electric guitars, piano, Wurlitzer, percussion, strings, and inventive electronic programming. She has six Grammy nominated projects, including nods for her songwriting and/or vocalist work with Mendes, Black Eyed Peas,... read full bio

Flor de Toloache

Book Flor de Toloache for your next event.

Flor de Toloache is an edgy and versatile mariachi group. Beginning as a trio, the collaboration between harp, violin, and fiol, Flor de Toloache has since expanded to be a full mariachi ensemble. The members of the ensemble join together from across the world, hailing from countries like Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Australia, Colombia, Germany, Italy, and more. The group... read full bio

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