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David E. Stanley

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David E. Stanley was born in Newport News, Virginia in 1955. Three years later, his parents divorced, setting the stage for an extraordinary event. In 1960, Dee Stanley married Vernon Presley, Elvis Presley's widowed father. David was just four years old, 20 years younger than his new stepbrother, when he moved into the Graceland Mansion. At the age... read full bio

David Kwong

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David Kwong is a magician, producer, speaker, and crossword puzzle writer for the New York Times. Kwong also writes puzzles for the LA Times and is the consultant for television series and films such as “Now You See Me”, “Blindspot”, “The Magnificent Seven”, “The Immigrant”, “The Imitation Game”, and more. He has given insight into illusion and puzzles through many... read full bio

Frances Bean Cobain

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Frances Bean Cobain is an American visual artist, model and musician who is best known for being the only child of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. Cobain was born in Los Angeles, California, and she had a rough upbringing due to her father passing away when she was two years old and her mother overdosing on painkillers and being taken... read full bio

Frank Simes

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Frank Simes is a Grammy nominated and platinum record awarded musician, guitarist, songwriter, composer, producer, and speaker. He started learning how to play guitar at the age of 10 and started a band at the age of 14 with fellow musical artists Mickie Yoshino and Steve Fox. Shortly after he moved to Los Angeles to study music in school and... read full bio

Gemma Baker

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Gemma Baker’s plan was to be a comedian on Saturday Night Live. After pursuing an acting career in New York City and in Los Angeles, Baker realized her true talents lied in writing. Working day in and day out to balance her family life and job, Baker had initially found it hard to sustain her writing career. She was given... read full bio

Gok Wan

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Gok Wan is a British fashion consultant, author, television presenter and DJ who is best known for his work as a host for series which include “How to Look Good Naked” and “Say Yes to the Dress Lancashire.” Wan was born in Leicester, Leicestershire, England, and grew up in Whetstone. Later in life, Wan decided he wanted to be an... read full bio

James Trenton

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James Trenton, also known as Poorman, is a radio show host. Throughout Los Angeles, Poorman has hosted number one radio shows on a variety of stations, hosted television shows, reported events (recorded and live), and has also appeared in films. Poorman began his career as an author topping the Los Angeles Times Critics List. Upon meeting Rick Carroll, the program... read full bio

Jay Glazer

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Jay Glazer is an American sportswriter and is known as the top insider on the NFL for Fox Sports. Currently, Glazer has been the NFL Insider for FOX NFL Sunday and has been known for breaking stories year round. Apart from his work in football, Glazer has been a host for Bellator on the Paramount Network. He has started a... read full bio

Jessica Chobot

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Jessica Chobot is a presenter, host, gamer, actress and writer. Jessica gained notoriety in 2005 for a picture published by Kotaku of her licking a Sony PSP. She has hosted several shows for IGN (Imagine Games Network): Weekly Wood, IGN Daily Fix. Jessica wrote for “Daylight” a survival horror video game by Zombie Studios. Also, co-writing a... read full bio

Jon Lovett

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Jon Lovett is an American screenwriter, speechwriter, and producer. He spent some time writing speeches and jokes for President Barack Obama as well as Hillary Clinton, which inspired him to co-create the television series, “1600 Penn”. During his time writing for President Obama, Lovett helped him write his annual remarks for the White House Correspondents Dinner. Lovett was also a... read full bio

Jonathan Miller

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Trained as a physician in the late 1950s, Jonathan Miller first came to prominence in the 1960s with his role in the BBC comedy sketch showBeyond the Fringe with fellow writers and performers Peter Cook, Dudley Moore and Alan Bennett. Despite having seen few operas and not knowing how to read music, he began stage-directing them in the 1970s and... read full bio

Jonathan Van Ness

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Jonathan Van Ness is an American hairdresser, television personality, and podcaster. He is best known for the web series “Gay of Thrones”, and for playing himself as the grooming expert on the Netflix series “Queer Eye”. During his time studying in high school, Van Ness was the first male cheerleader to perform at Quincy Senior High School. He went on... read full bio

Juliet Funt

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Juliet Funt is the CEO of WhiteSpace at Work, a training and consulting firm that helps organizations, their leaders and employees flip the norms of business in order to reclaim their creativity, productivity and engagement. With thought-provoking content and immediately actionable tools, she has become a nationally recognized expert in coping with the Age of Overload in which we all... read full bio

Kara DioGuardi

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While you may know her as the American Idol judge who sits between Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres, Kara's songs have appeared on more than 150 million albums, and she remains one of the industry's most sought after songwriters and producers. Kara is a Grammy nominated hitmaker and has been awarded 15 BMI Awards for co-writing the most performed songs... read full bio

Ken Jennings

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Having made over 70 appearances on Jeopardy, Jennings has become known as the master Jeopardy player for his amazing memory, unparalleled buzzer technique, and the fact that he has approached a record near $2.5 million in winningswhich is still climbing. A Seattle native who grew up in South Korea, Jennings watched Jeopardy regularly on the US Armed Forces TV network,... read full bio

Mark Eddie

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Mark Eddie is a Los Angeles based comedian/singer/songwriter who fuses rock music & stand-up comedy. A seasoned guitarist & vocalist, Eddie plays & sings his heart out in every performance while giving his audience a glimpse behind the music and the musicians viewpoint on everything from pop culture to parenting.... read full bio

Mark Twain Today

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Mark Twain, as impersonated by Carl Martens, not only follows in the footsteps of the iconic Hal Holbrook but augments his presence on stage by bringing into focus his experiences from "the beyond" associating with famous individuals who no longer inhabit this planet. All the wit and wisdom continue to permeate his performances, along with some musical talents that... read full bio

Mark Wright

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Mark Wright is the new Extra correspondent. He will host alongside Mario Lopez, Tanika Ray, Renee Bargh, and AJ Calloway. Known best as one of the stars of The Only Way Is Essex, The Royals, Murder in Successville, Lock Stock_, and Im a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! NOW!. Wright has collected millions of followers on social media. He... read full bio

Matt Iseman

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Although he always loved being the center of attention, Matt Iseman started down a very different road. After graduating with honors from Princeton University and the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, he returned home to the University of Colorado for his residency in Internal Medicine. Then, in a move that shocked patients and parents alike, he quit his job... read full bio

Matt Ruby

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Matt Ruby is a comedian and entrepreneur. His comedy spans topics from relationships to politics, and he has appeared on The Comedy Show Show, MTVs Girl Code, featured in The Huffington Post, NY Magazine, ComedySmack, and performed at festivals like SXSW, SF Comedy Contest, Boston Comedy Festival, and more. On the business front, Ruby created the application Vooza, a video... read full bio

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